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Shop Amor Milagre’s Bookshop on Amazon

Leona's Homecoming Novel Amor Milagre Book Release 20

Shop the Amor Milagre Bookshop on Amazon

Amor Milagre hardback books are now available to purchase on Amazon.

The entire collection is available and growing each season at

I will first release all new original books on my company bookshop at  This is where the audiobooks and custom inscriptions are available. (Contact me to provide your note and name information.) Then, I will release the hardback books on Amazon.  If you would like an order of books combined with audiobooks, artwork, stationery, custom gifts, and more from my collections, please shop  (Amazon Pay is an option at checkout.)  All orders from either site will be directly shipped from me to ensure quality.  All books are signed and dated by myself.  I will be releasing a few new books this year so please check back to enjoy these fresh first editions.

I wish you a lovely summer of peace and gentleness in Nature.  My seasonal books of loving characters are excited to befriend you.

Novels, Novelettes, Children’s Books:  Inclusive, Loving, and Inspired by Nature

A Gentle Life Collection

Happy Reading!  Love, Amor Milagre


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Peaceful Holiday Gift Sale

Amor Milagre Sweet November 21 Bookshop

Happy Holiday Sale!

Give the gift of healing and peace this holiday season by being purely and lovingly you!

Shop Amor Milagre for unique gifts that are ethically made with positive energy and inspiration for a healthy, gentle life!

Original Books, Art, Stationery, Design, Nature Photography, and more!

Save 15% at Checkout with Code: PEACE



Music of the Moment:  Our Homemade Holiday Songs



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“Antonia’s Bakery” Children’s Book

Amor Milagre Antonia's Bakery children's book Book Release 2

Children’s Book:  Antonia’s Bakery

Antonia is clever, curious, and sweet.  She builds a loving home in the peaceful Town of Pink Love.  Antonia’s Bakery provides fresh local garden organic plant-based food for her community.  Sharing nature’s organic goodness with new friends is pure magic.  Antonia’s fresh start brings hope and inspiration to readers of all ages.  Design life for you!  Check back for the release of the second book in this series to read on as her story unfolds.

A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, inclusive, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go.  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You. xo ~ Amor Milagre

 Antonia’s Elephant Tales #1.  Choose printed hardback, digital audiobook, or add both to read and listen together.



Antonia’s Bakery is a sweet nature-loving children’s book about healthy new beginnings,

organic plant-based foods, friendship, and a loving community.



Music of the Moment:  ‘S Wonderful, João Gilberto



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Happy Holiday Sale!

Amor Milagre Happy Holiday Sale! Golden & Earthen Art Paintings Ethical Gift Shop
The Enchanted Tree Children’s Book Illustrations: Golden & Earthen Paintings

Tis the season to give extra love, empathy, wishes, and magic!

  The holiday season is upon us, and we are very happy to begin our annual holiday sale!  This year, our hearts have grown even bigger, and we’re ready for a sweet, peaceful holiday.  Handmade with love by this hope-filled empath, I continue to grow a garden of unique gifts for you and your Dear Ones to explore.  Amor Milagre’s magical books and art collections are a loving way to connect with the Self and the light of love everywhere.  All growing collections are included in this sale, even the newest pieces and collections!  For custom and personalized gifts, please provide your messages.  Sending you loving energy and wishes for a Happy Holiday! xo ~ Amor Milagre

Explore the Collections

Happy Holiday SALE!

Enjoy 30% Off All Collections at Checkout with Code: HOLIDAY

Sale Ends New Year’s Day 2021


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Winter Garden: Birch Bark & Ice Crystals

Amor Milagre Birch Bark & Ice Crystals Snowy Winter Garden Nature Photography Organic Lifestyle romantic ethical gifts art prints

Glorious, fluffy, sparkling snow falls as intricate tree lace on our paws and everything that grows!  This morning, we happily play in these delicate crystals.  How endlessly inspiring Nature’s beautifully unique darlings are…just like you!  Happy Winter Nature Explorations!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Snowman & Trees Winter Garden Nature Photography Organic Lifestyle romantic ethical gifts art prints

Coming Up:  More from this New Winter Garden Series, and in 2020 I’ll release my photography collections!

December Holiday Sale!

Happy Gift-Giving!  Save 20% Storewide on All Products with Checkout Code: CELEBRATE

(Now through January 1st 2020)


Music of the Moment:  The winter wind in the trees and the light dusting of snow that falls on our eyelashes…

Shop Amor Milagre



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Happy Autumn Sale! Shop Ethical Loving Unique Holiday Gifts for All

Amor Milagre Autumn Sale Shop Ethical Loving Unique Holiday Gifts for All Gift Giving Ethical Romantic Gift Collections Illustrated Alphabet Letter L golden leaf

Happy Autumn Sale!

Save 15% Storewide on All Products with Checkout Code: FALL19 (Now through Nov. 30th)

This is my favourite season!  It is also my favourite time to stock up on holiday gifts to inspire a lovely, relaxing holiday.  I’ve enjoyed my shopping, and now I can have fun in other ways like: cooking, decorating, painting, and rustling through leafy seas.  Here is a helpful sale for you to find unique, personalized gifts for your Dear Ones.  All collections are ethically handmade with positive energy and the greatest care.  For books, message your inscription details.  For custom orders, message your ideas.  For you, I hope your Autumn and Winter are dear and loving!  I love being a part of your gift giving surprises!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Music of the Moment:  This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), Natalie Cole




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Bedtime Stories, A Gentle Life Book Collection

Amor Milagre Bedtime Stories A Gentle Life Book Collection all ages & genders Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Organic Baby & Child

All ages love a sweet bedtime story.  Magical pages inspire dreamy adventures in the starry nights and plans for the day’s light. Explore A Gentle Life Book Collection, ethically handmade with Love and positivity.  New books for all ages and genders will be added to this collection this year, in 2020, and beyond.  Happy Reading!  xoxo ~Amor Milagre

Coming Up:

New: A Novel Series for All Ages, Children’s Books, Self-Health Books, and More!

Music of the Moment:  Stellar, Dirty Three (Whatever you Love, You Are)



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La Mer, Oceanic Ethical Art & Design Collection 2021

Amor Milagre La Mer Ocean Inspired Collection Winter Nursery Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Design Organic Baby & Child Woman Mermaid seaweed Summer Autumn sea

La Mer

Once upon an ocean, there was air to breathe and love for all…

An Original Oceanic Collection by Amor Milagre

Ethically Handmade Art, Photography, Stationery, Organic Apparel, Books, and More for All Ages!

Coming 2021 (Delayed a year until 2021)

A Gentle Life Collection

Amor Milagre La Mer Ocean Inspired Collection Winter Nursery Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Design Organic Baby & Child Woman Mermaid sand seashell sea

Amor Milagre La Mer Ocean Inspired Collection Summer Autumn Winter Nursery Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Organic Baby & Child Woman Mermaid

Music of the Moment:  La Mer, Charles Trenet



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10 Things I’ve Loved Since Childhood, The Imagination of the Senses

Amor Milagre 10 Things I've Loved Since Childhood, The Imagination of the Senses 2019 Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Baby & Child childhood memories

Whether you’re a parent or a child at heart, remembering your favourite childhood memories is beneficial for a happy, healthy lifestyle at any age.  How did it feel to fly down the street on your bicycle, wind on your face, and freedom in your heart?  Here are just 10 things I’ve Loved since childhood.  No matter what else was going on, Nature was my reverie for funny ideas and soothing rhythms.  Speaking to your Inner Self and Inner Child helps you have fun every day.  This practice also helps you to teach your children how to have good, simple fun, anywhere at any time.  What do you like to do in your imagination of the senses?  Happy Spring!

  1.  Swinging with my curly hair down in the breeze.
  2. Walking up a hill, climbing a tree, and watching the sunset’s beautiful colours each night.
  3. Carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating on Halloween.
  4. Swimming in the ocean in light rain.
  5. Drawing pictures of anything.
  6. Running barefoot in the grass when it’s lightly raining in the summer.
  7. Making up stories and silly games outside in Nature with a friend from down the street.
  8. Dancing with the fireflies in the magical summer evenings.
  9. Designing my ideal town of kindness with chalk on the driveway, and then wheeling around on the tiny roads.
  10. Eating watermelon and tomatoes in the garden.

Of course there are some more, but these were sitting in my eyes.  Everything I Loved then, still lives in my mind now, so it’s easy to have innocent, real fun because I’ve been practicing it since then.  Remember, there is no age that you can reach that says you’re not allowed to laugh and play.  So laugh, so play, have a lovely time today!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre


Coming Up:  More silly, fun BOOKS for all ages!

Music of the Moment:  Hey Sandy, Polaris (Theme song to The Adventures of Pete and Pete)