‘Amor Milagre’ means Miracle Love.  There is a universal light that shines when real love ignites infinitely.  Real love is always miraculous.  “Live in the Light!”  Surround yourself with what you Love!

Artist, Designer, Organic Cook & Gardener, Author & Illustrator of Amor Milagre Books, Creator & Teacher of the Amor Milagre ‘Class’ Series, Fashion & Stylist Tips, Lifestyle & Home Design, and more!  We are a Family of Miracle Love.

For Authentic Romantics!  We strive to make beautiful, healthy products to help you enjoy and share your miraculous life!  We provide many product and custom options to inspire the powerful freedom of your choice.  We are a U.S. company and make everything ourselves.  Our product line is designed to accommodate a range of price points and personal styles.  We believe in sustainability, celebrate individuality, and encourage the exploration of the imagination.  We use sustainable packaging and FSC certified paper for our product line.

Our websites are free of third-party ads to allow for a peaceful setting to wander and enjoy.  Our universal messages of love are the focus.

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Inspired by Nature and the Senses:  Artwork Originals + Prints, Stationery, Children’s + Recipe + Inspirational Books, Organic Apparel and Fabric, Organic non-GMO Recipes, Organic Gardening, Life + Style Inspiration, and More!

Custom Design Services are now available online as well as locally.  Need help choosing color and design for your space?  We are well versed in these design areas:  artwork, stationery, product, paint color, interior, exterior, home, garden, fashion, personal style, shoe, graphics, logo, business card, sign, toys, book illustrations, story, cover, layout, and more!  Please message us with your project with the contact form below.

Classes & Clubs:  Visit our Class page to view descriptions, view upcoming events, and to register for our Classes & Clubs for:  Baby/Child & Parent, Teens, and Adults.  Freeport, Maine.  (Online classes coming 2018.)


In Our Shop:

Artwork & Stationery

(Watercolor and Oil Paintings, Drawings, Photography)

Send a letter to a loved one.  Mix and match to create your own stationery collection and artwork gallery from our Originals and Prints.  We offer a variety of accommodating options for sizes and price points.  Have fun using our lovingly designed stationery sets.  Design your own customized stationery.  We also have other customizable items such as name/word art prints and shortly we’ll have the option for custom name/word natural rubber stamps.  Choose fresh artwork imagery for a space in your home, nursery + child’s room, or office.  Our products are the perfect gift for your friends, family, children, and yourself!

Organic Cotton Apparel

~Soft Toddler Tees with Original Illustrations:  Hand Designed, Silkscreened, and Cured.

~ Baby, Children, Women, Men, and Maternity Apparel (Upcoming new collection as we sold out of our hand-made collection.)

~ Wrap Skirts and Fabric:  Hand Carved Block Printed (Women and Girls Sizes for Skirts) (Upcoming New Series)


Children’s Books to inspire the imagination and to encourage the celebration of individuality and a healthy life.  Organic non-GMO Cook Books, and Inspirational Lifestyle/Self Health Books.  Click here for more information about our Original Line of Books.  (FSC certified paper books and e-books.)


Lifestyle:  Delicious, Healthy, Fresh, Simple, Local, Organic, Plant-Based, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Less (Spelt) Flour-More Veggies, and for the most part Gluten-Free.  (Food Update 4/17:  Older recipes may have animal foods in recipes, but new recipes reflect our choice to change our diet to plant-based, vegan foods.)

We use organic, non-GMO, local, sustainable ingredients.  We apply self-taught, memory-driven, of peasant style cooking and baking to prepare dishes that provide a week of leftovers and ways to mix in with new meals.  This also lends more time for exploring and playing since we cook twice a week.  We grow as much food in the garden as we can, and we support local, organic, sustainable, and responsible food makers and growers.  The recipes are delicious, simple, affordable, are perfectly versatile for experimenting, and for you to put your own twist on the flavours.

We also incorporate the following into our recipe posts:  nutrition information and health benefits, a beautiful simple lifestyle, local places of inspiration, wellness exercises for yoga stretching and meditation, our Amor Milagre artwork, stationery, books, and new products, gardening, classic home and style tips, ideas for the continual development of a wise and lasting personal style, encouragement of healthy habits such as yoga breathing and journaling, and the listening to your inner voice of strength, peace, and love.  I always say, “Everything is Important and Connected.”  That is the name of one of our many upcoming books.

If you desire inspiration and help in choosing healthy foods for your life, please check out these items in our Shop:  Custom Shopping Lists, Still Life Artwork + Stationery of fresh foods, and our Positive Affirmation Sets and Educational Flash Cards to empower your daily choices to be positively nourishing for body, mind, heart, and soul!

Upcoming Products

Books:  Children’s Books, Cook Books, and Lifestyle/Self Books

Educational Language Flash Cards

Custom Handmade Chemotherapy & Cancer Organic Cotton Dolls

Stationery Sets

The Notebook Series

Positive Affirmation Sets

Watercolor Paper Notebooks

Natural Rubber Stamps:  Featuring our Original Artwork and Designs as well as stamps for your Custom Names/Words

Wrap Skirts and Fabric:  Hand Carved Block Printed Organic Cotton (Women and Girls Sizes for Skirts)

Handmade Wooden Gifts and Pyrography of a selection of our animal illustrations.  (Pyrography is the art of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point.)

and lots more!

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