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‘Amor Milagre’ means Miracle Love.  There is a universal light that shines when real love ignites infinitely.  Real love is always miraculous.  “Live in the Light!  Fill yourself up from love from within, and let it flow into everything you do!  Surround yourself with Love!” ~Amor Milagre

A few words to describe Amor Milagre:  Artist, designer, and inventor of products that create a positive chain reaction in the self & world.  Organic cook, baker, homemaker, and gardener.  Author, illustrator, and publisher of the original Amor Milagre Books.  Empath, synesthete, highly sensitive person, inclusive, and nature-lover.  Inventor and teacher of the original Amor Milagre Classes & Clubs.  Creator of The Amor Milagre Notebook Series.  A cozy family of Miracle Love who reside at Dove Cottage.  Home designer and builder.  Self, parent, mother, friend, wife, and homeschool teacher.

Included here are:  health, fashion and stylist tips, organic lifestyle and home design, simple seasonal pleasures for a romantic life, inspirational shares of music, positivity in the world, fun local spots, and more!

For Authentic Romantics!  We love to make beautiful, healthy products to help you enjoy and share your miraculous life and be purely yourself!  We provide many product and custom options to inspire the powerful freedom of your choice.  We are a U.S. company based in Maine, and we ship our products internationally.  We design & make everything ourselves.  Our original product lines are designed to accommodate a range of price points and personal styles.  We believe in sustainability, celebrate individuality, and encourage the exploration of the imagination.  We use sustainable packaging and FSC certified paper for our product lines.  Our company may be helpful for everyone, but it may be especially helpful for:  empaths, synesthetes, and highly sensitive people (HSP).

Our website is free of third-party ads to allow for a peaceful setting to wander and enjoy.  Our universal messages of love are the focus.

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Product Lines Inspired by Nature and the Senses:  Artwork Originals + Prints, Stationery, Photography, Children’s Books, Garden & Recipe Cookbooks, Inspirational Healthy Lifestyle & Interior Home Design Books, Fashion & Shoe Design Books, Organic Apparel, Baby Nursery – Children -Teen – Adult Gifts, Home & Office Décor & Products, Customizable Items & Gifts, Organic non-GMO Recipes, and more!

Custom Design Services:  Visit our Design page for details.

Amor Milagre Film:  Visit our Film page for details.

Amor Milagre Classes & Clubs:  Visit our Class page for details.  We include some videos we use as tools for our animals class here on our Animal Class youtube playlist so you can learn and follow along.

Amor Milagre Gardens & Farm:  Our Organic Edible Plant Garden Farm is Coming Soon!

The Amor Milagre Online Magazine:  Opening our doors in 2019!

Music:  We include Amor Milagre’s Original Music in our Films, which will soon include interviews with local musicians.  We include a ‘Song of the Moment’ with every post of our Organic Lifestyle & Recipe Journal, and we list the songs in our youtube playlist called Journal Music Song List.  This includes some songs we learn about in our Amor Milagre Classes & Clubs and in our homeschool Music Class.



In Our Shop:  

Amor Milagre Presents:  The Shop at Dove Cottage, a beautiful collection of nature-inspired art & design, using our Home & Garden design as the backdrop!

Coming Soon:  Register with Amor Milagre for special occasions such as:  Birthdays, Baby showers, Weddings & Bridal Showers, Holidays, for your Wishlist, and more!


Artwork & Stationery

Paintings (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil)  Drawings (Pastel, ink, pencil, charcoal)  Photography  (Color, Black & White) Art Prints  (Various Sizes and Paper Types)  Stationery (Sets & Individual Items)  Customizable Options

Send a letter to a loved one.  Mix and match to create your own stationery collection and artwork gallery from our Original Artwork and Art Prints.  We offer a variety of accommodating options for sizes and price points.  Have fun using our lovingly designed stationery sets.  Design your own customized stationery.  We also have other customizable items such as name/word art prints.  Choose fresh artwork imagery for a space in your home, nursery + child’s room, or office.  Our products are the perfect gift for your friends, family, children, and yourself!

Papers & Canvases are FSC certified and made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials.


Organic Cotton Apparel

Soft Toddler Tees with Original Illustrations:  Hand:  Designed, Silkscreened (with non-toxic eco-friendly ink), and Cured.  Ready to Ship.  Sizes:  2T, 4T.

Apparel for Baby, Children, Women, Maternity, and Men (Upcoming new collection as we sold out of our first hand-made collection.)

Wrap Skirts:  Hand Carved Block Printed (Women and Girls Sizes, Upcoming New Series)



View our Book page for more details about our Original Line of Books.

Children’s Books, Garden & Recipe Cookbooks (Organic, non-GMO, Vegan), Fashion & Shoe Design Books, and Inspirational Healthy Lifestyle & Interior Home Design Books.

For All Ages!  These books inspire the imagination, encourage the celebration of individuality, and give information for a healthy life of love.  Especially helpful for:  empaths, synesthetes, and highly sensitive persons.

Paper books & Audiobooks:  The paper books are FSC Certified, 100% Post Consumer Recycled, Ethical, Legal Papers & Green, using Non-Toxic Ink.



This exciting new original series is coming soon!



View our recipes and organic lifestyle journal here.  The Amor Milagre Cookbooks will be releasing in upcoming seasons.

Lifestyle:  Delicious, Healthy, Garden Fresh, Simple, Local, Organic, Plant-Based, Vegan, Sugar-Free, and for the most part Gluten-Free.

We grow organic, non-GMO, vegan, sustainable, fresh food in our no-dig organic garden.  We apply self-taught, memory-driven peasant style cooking and baking to prepare dishes.  We grow as much food in the garden as we can, preserving it, and eating fresh in warm months.  We support local, organic, sustainable, and responsible food makers and growers.  Our recipes are delicious, simple, affordable, are perfectly versatile for experimenting, leftovers, and for you to put your own twist on the flavours.

We also incorporate the following into our recipe posts:  Nutrition information and health benefits.  A beautiful simple lifestyle.  Local places of inspiration.  Wellness exercises for yoga stretching and meditation.  Our Amor Milagre artwork, stationery, books, and new products.  No-dig organic gardening.  Classic, timeless home and style tips.  Ideas for the continual development of a wise and lasting personal style.  Encouragement of healthy habits such as yoga breathing, journaling, and the listening to your inner voice, building strength, peace, and love within.


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