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  1. Your new shop is looking great! I can’t wait to see more of your collections. I’ve been thinking about options for a makeover of my daughter’s bedroom now that it’s more than a “nursery”! Also, both of my kids have been asking about whether we can all do one of your classes together next summer. Maybe one of your group classes will work out well for our schedule. If not, we will definitely see about setting up a private class for the 4 of us!

    1. Dear Paul, Thank you for your kind words. Yes to all of those lovely ideas! You may message any ideas for your beautiful girl’s room, and I will reply soon with a design concept. I have many classes planned that would suit your ideal class set up for your family. Maine is serene and I think my ‘exploring art in nature’ class would be really fun for you all. Looking forward to hearing from you! Most Sincerely, ~Amor

  2. OOOOh! So happy about all your new things. You’ve been on my favorite bookmarks list for ages. Love all your new posts, films, and artwork. I always feel so snug when I tuck in for my evening routine, to check your site, and watch a movie. Will you do a post about your new favs for books and movies, please?!!!

    1. Yes, I could do that! Thank you so much for your sweetness and sincerity! We do love to be cozy! ~Amor

  3. Your new shop is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I ordered some garden letters. I’ll check every day. I always love buying your originals before anyone snags them. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. The kids really want to see your new books. XOXOXOXO –Harriet

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I can’t wait to release the books. Very soon!

  4. Oh yes…will the new shop still have originals? Thnx!!

    1. Thank you, Lila! Yes, I have lots of new originals, art prints, and also this winter I’ll add in stationery, too. There are custom options as well if you’d like something specific for your art gallery. Thank you! ~Amor

    2. Hi Lila, here is our new teaser for our shop! ~Amor https://amormilagre.com/film/

  5. Lovin the new posts! Thrilled to see your new shop! XOXO Lila

  6. New Recipe Posts Coming Soon! The Grand Opening of our Art & Design Shop will be opening soon, too! ~Amor

  7. We’ve been getting many questions about custom films, stationery, art prints, private art lessons, and original artwork. Yes, our new shop still includes these. Thank you! ~Amor

  8. Hi, Thank you for the painting. We put it in a bronze frame and it looks great in our dining room. Went to get the other one, but your shop is closed. Is it still available? Looking forward to the re-opening. Thanks, Albert.

    1. Yes, wonderful! I can send you an invoice today. Working on the shop right now. 🙂 Thanks! ~Amor

  9. I love your artwork. Can’t wait to see your new shop! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO –Amy

  10. The Amor Milagre SHOP is getting a make-over and will be reopened again shortly. Check back soon to explore our new SHOP and all of our new product lines and series! ~Amor

  11. Amor Milagre, I love your website and cannot wait to see your new, well, everything! We subscribed to your recipe blog and wonder if we could order a custom letter painting? The garden ones in your shop are beautifully done. We’d like it to be very big for our son’s room.

    1. So lovely, thank you! Yes, I would love to do this custom order for your family. These large paintings have an amazing feel, yet are still delicate, not overpowering, and keep the balance of the room’s design. I’ll email the information to you today. Thank you! ~Amor

  12. Hi. Do you illustrate other writers’ books? I see you write, illustrate, and publish your own books. Just hoping you could do watercolor paintings for a story I wrote. I find your artwork fresh and unique. Thank you 🙂

    1. Dear Emily, Thank you most sincerely for your kind words. Yes, you can send your information to me through the contact form and I’ll email you back with instructions on how to submit your text. Once reviewed, we can talk about the details. Thank you very much! ~Amor Milagre

  13. Hi, Can you do custom party invitations? I’d like cards with a drawing of my friend on them. I can send a picture to get her likeness. Thank you! -Ambrose

    1. Absolutely! I’ve done many custom orders like this. It creates a very exciting and fun party mood. It’s so special for the person you’re having the party for, and they’ll love that you thought of them so dearly & creatively. You can use our contact form to email the picture or mail it to our address. Let me know if you’d like an ink drawing or a watercolour painting, and if there is any theme you’d like the person to have. Thank you, Ambrose! ~Amor

      1. Thank you, Amor. Watercolor painting of my friend would be great. Can you depict her in a karate pose and clothes? She’s an instructor. Black belt, red hair, and funny wording would be great. I’ll email some pics. Looking forward to seeing the cards. Would like 3 dozen. Thanks. -A

      2. Yes, sounds wonderful! I’ll ship those out shortly. Love the imagery notes you provided. I’ll give an extra one to her as a keepsake to remember the lovely party. If you want, you could have the guests sign it with little messages. Thank you, Amor.

      3. Thank you for the cards. Everyone said they were great and my friend was bowled over with the signed card from everyone. Thanks for being so thoughtful. I will definitely be ordering more custom cards and things from you soon. ~Ambrose

      4. Aw, that’s wonderful! You’re most welcome! It was a fun order to paint! ~Amor

  14. Thank you for the personalized mermaid stationery. My daughter writes letters to everyone we know with her name cards. She asks every day when your mermaid book comes out. Have a good week. –Andy

    1. You are most welcome. She is a shining, bright star. So sweet and lovely. I’m happy to design stationery for her any day. So happy she enjoys letter writing, too! It’s amazing for children of all ages. My mermaid book will be a winter release. It’s really wonderful to hear that she’s excited about it! Thanks again, ~Amor

  15. Gracias companero vegano! Looks good. Like your style.

    1. Thank you kindly. Stay tuned for more styling tips and fashion artwork in my shop and in the recipe posts! Gracias! ~Amor

  16. Looking forward to reading your new books!

    1. Thank you most sincerely and kindly! I’m working on a few new series in addition to the books in my upcoming books list. I’m very excited to share them with you! I’ll be selling the original artwork and prints of the illustrations in my shop after the books are released. New characters are so delicious! ~Amor

  17. Your posts are so inspiring to me. Can’t wait to see the new ones! XOXO Kate

    1. Thank you, Kate! The posts will be more regular again in a month or so. Finishing up big projects here. I am excited to share the new posts with you! They are all previews of information and ideas that can found in my upcoming books. They’re for all ages! ~Amor

  18. I am so pleased with my painting. It’s stunning! Great customer service and fast shipping. Thanks again, Sarah.

    1. So happy it is what you wanted! It was fun to make. Thanks again Sarah!

  19. Beautiful photos and the food looks great!

  20. My granddaughter was thrilled with her gift! Beautiful! Thanks, Amor.

    1. Oh, lovely! She is so beautiful! I trust she had a wonderful birthday with you there! Thank you! ~Amor

  21. My custom order is amazing. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Lou! Hope it helps your new business thrive! ~Amor

  22. You did a gorgeous job on our wedding invitations! We can’t thank you enough. ~Alice

    1. Congrats again you two! Beautiful photos of such a lovely event! Best wishes! ~Amor

  23. Thanks for doing our music video! Cool effects and we really dig the band interview at the end. Everyone loves it and it looks great on our band site. We’ve boosted sales of our single, too! Let’s do another one for the next album. Let us know when you have time. I’ll send you the new tracks so you can get ideas. Awesome job! Best, Adam.

    1. How wonderful! I have some ideas for the new songs. I emailed you times to schedule the new film, probably late summer. We’ve been wrapping up projects here. Thanks and looking forward to it! ~Amor

  24. Beautiful images. I’ll be trying out some of these recipes for sure.

    1. That’s great! We try to make versatile recipes so you can put your own spin & flavours on them. Thank you, ~Amor

  25. Dear Amor, Thank you for your painting class. Perfection and just what I was looking for and more. See you next week! ~Cindy

    1. It was a great pleasure to advise you, Cindy. You progressed quickly due to your openness to learn. I’m so looking forward to seeing your new painting series in the gallery this fall! I’ll be adding new classes this winter and the private classes are always available. Cheers! ~Amor

  26. We love the paintings!!!!!!! Brilliant!

    1. Thank you! Thrilled you are enjoying them! The new oil paintings you asked about will be dry to ship in a few weeks. ~Amor

  27. Your shopping list helps me so much. Thnx!

    1. So happy it works with you! We use it weekly, too! Thank you, ~Amor

  28. I really enjoyed myself at your classes. SO excited for the next one! Your mermaid painting is stunning!!!!!! Can you show me how to get that watercolor effect? XOXO ~O

    1. Thank you most sincerely, Ophelia. Yes, you will be able to do that technique quite easily, but patience, as it takes many layers. I can show you next time. It’s very fun! See you soon, ~Amor

  29. Amor, Thank you for the level of detail in my custom order. It’s perfect.

    1. You are most welcome. It was a fun painting to express. ~Amor

  30. The prints and cards are beautiful. Just what we wanted. Thanks again!

  31. We dig your ‘music of the moment’! Such eclectic taste. Happy spring!

    1. Thank you! I love music that touches my soul. Any suggestions, give us a list! Thanks, ~Amor

  32. Gorgeous artwork!

  33. Thanks for the super soft organic tees! Beautiful designs. Very cool.

  34. Inspired by your new post, I took my sons to the local nursery, and they loved it! Thanks, Amor. We’re trying some lettuce seeds today as yours look so pretty. Gorgeous easter bunnies. I’d like a print of the yellow one for my living room. Could you email me when available?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I can email you this week when the bunnies have hopped over into my shop. So happy your family liked the plants and nursery. Just magical! Thanks again, ~Amor

  35. Loving the new post! Beautiful flowers. We’ll try the bunny cookies. XOXO

  36. Wonderful children’s books!

  37. Oh,the mermaid print is gorgeous. Wish we had space for the original. Just beautiful! The book will be amazing, I know. Thank youuuuu. XOXO

  38. The art prints are perfect for our space. Thank you!

  39. The kids want to take every class!

  40. Beautiful artwork, Amor. The new book looks darling. XOXO –Z

  41. I love the chicken paintings. They look great in my kitchen. Thanks again Amor!

    1. Oh, how wonderful! Your most welcome. I’ll email you when this chicken appears in my upcoming children’s book. Thanks again, ~Amor

  42. Ciao! Molto bello!

  43. Très charmant!

  44. Your fashion shoe prints look gorgeous in my dressing room. Wish I had them on my shelves! Thanks again, Amor. I will place your shoe book on my coffee table in my living room and one in my office too when it comes out. Utterly unique designs. Best, ~R

  45. The leopard is stunning. Looks great in our dining room. Might have to get some leopard stationery with our last name on it too. Thanks, Amor.

  46. Dear Amor, Thank you for the attention to detail with our custom order. Truly professional design, fast shipping, and a joyful experience working with you. We have some more projects in mind. I will email you soon. Thanks again, ~Marcel

  47. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  48. Do you ship outside USA?

    1. Worldwide shipping will be available later this month. Many of our customers are international so we will be opening shipping options up to them again shortly. Thank you for asking, Ben. We can always do a special order for you if you’d like to order sooner. ~Amor

  49. Beautiful paintings!

  50. Excited for our summer class!

  51. I adore our Valentine’s cards, Amor. Thanks for making them so lovely for us. The kids are handing them out next week at school. They were very excited about their animals.

  52. Your classes look marvelous! Wish I lived closer! The online classes sound great. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  53. Hello, We’ll be visiting this autumn and would love to take some classes. We signed up for private lessons. Looking forward to when the beach days painting class is open. Sounds picturesque. ~V

  54. So excited to see the class list! We signed up for a few now and in the fall. We’re sorry to miss the summer classes as we’re going on vacation. See you soon, Amor!

  55. Could you tell me more about how you changed over to an organic lifestyle? I’m trying it now. Some days not sure where to start.

    1. Yan, that is wonderful that you are transitioning over to organic! You will truly feel the difference in many ways. Yes, I’d love to share info for this. I’m working on a Q & A post about this that I’ll release in the next week. In the meantime, making lists for your most used items can help you begin your research in order to buy/grow sustainable options. Buy only fresh organic foods until you catch up on your research. It can be very overwhelming. We were in shock about the info we found out. We’re always researching and keeping up on new info and healthier options. At first it can be difficult, but as you go along it’s inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for asking! I’ll post more soon. Happy weekend. 🙂

    2. Also, if you don’t buy anything in a package, besides glass jars (for return deposits), that is a good way to start. Look at the ingredients, avoid anything with added sugar and preservatives. “Just the greens” and bring your own reusable bags to the store.

  56. Very pretty party post. I adore parsnips too. 🙂

  57. Terrific travel photography! Food looks great!

  58. What a magnificent mermaid! I will get some prints for my family’s various birthdays. Just in time for spring. Dig the colors. She is a stunner! A mermaid book would suit my granddaughter just fine. I’ll be watching for it.

  59. Oh I adore the mermaid. I bought a bunch of stationery and prints for friends. Can you customize a card set for my neice for her Valentine’s Day gift? She loves mermaids and dolphins. Thanks, Amor!

    1. Thank you most sincerely! Yes, all of our stationery, art prints, and custom original artwork can be customized with names, words, or phrases. We allow the customer to use their power of choice to create their own art gallery and stationery collection. It’s all about helping you surround yourself with what you love. One positive choice influences another. We love that our artwork travels in the mail. It is such an amazing thing for artwork to see all of those beautiful towns and cities, people and animals, lakes and oceans, trees and flowers, and to touch the hearts of your loved ones is a dream come true for us. Thank you, Analiese. Message us the name with exact spelling and we will ship that right out to you tomorrow. Stay Warm, ~Amor Milagre

  60. Your cheese puff recipe was praised and devoured at my birthday party. Thanks, Amor! New posts are gorgeous too.

    1. Wow! How wonderful! We just love them. You can try them with all kinds of herbs and other flavours. Endless yumminess! Thank you, Esme. We send our best wishes for your amazing Birthday!!!

      PS Since you asked earlier about birthday cards, I’ll be adding to our shop: holiday, event, birthday, and more kinds of greeting cards this season.

  61. I love your dress of the week!

    1. Thank you, India! More to come!

  62. Stunning Mermaid, Amor!

    1. Thank you, Teddy! We’re very excited to share her upcoming book with you all!

  63. Hi Amor. The mermaid painting is gorgeous! We ordered a bunch of cards and a print. So excited to put her over my tub. Can’t wait to see the mermaid book! Will there be more mermaids? We want to make a gallery in the bathroom.

    1. Yes, there will be more illustrations for this mermaid book which includes more mermaids! Thank you Beatrix and family!

  64. Beautiful stationery. I found you on Pinterest. I’m following your recipes now. Breathtaking artwork. Interested in the fashion class. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you very much! So happy to meet you. More info on the fashion class soon! Happy New Year to you too!

  65. The cheese puffs are on my to try list for this weekend. They do sound simply irresistible. Thank you, Darling!

  66. Happy New Year Amor and family! We love our new painting. Thank you!

  67. We are enjoying the artwork and cards. Thank you, Amor. Just beautiful!

  68. Hi,
    I really enjoy learning about food and health through your site. Just found your pinterest. Thank you. More posts please!

  69. Hi, Could you make custom valentines for me? Thank you!

    1. Yes, we’d love to. I’ll email the details to you now. Happy New Year!

  70. Merry Christmas, Amor!

    1. Darling, Happy New Year!

  71. Happy Christmas, Amor! Thank you for your excellent style tips. Everyone was raving over my holiday dress. Wishing you a Happy New Year! ~Eva

  72. Could you paint a custom garden letter for my son? Letter F. Fire truck theme? Thank you.

    1. Oh yes. I see it already. I’ll send you the custom order form. Thanks Serge! Looking forward to painting it! I’ll draw out my notes now so it’s ready.

  73. hi sweetie, love your new site! miss you!!!!!!


    1. You’re most welcome. So happy that it suits your space. It was a great pleasure to paint it for you! ~A

  75. My uncle thought the portrait was funny and dashing. Thank you. Great eye for detail. Quick shipping. Your logo is beautiful. Your design, I’m sure. Happy Holidays!

    1. This was such a fun custom order! So happy it made a splash! Thank you for your kind words. Happy Holidays to you both. ~A

  76. PS Love the stocking stuffers! Thank you!

  77. Perfect card set! Thanks for customizing it for me, Amor. They’re just perfect for our Hanukkah cards.

    1. You are most welcome, Rebecca. This drawing was a ball to design. Thank you and Happy Hanukkah!

  78. Great holiday post, Amor! I’ll be thinking of these ideas. Cheers!

    1. Yes, fantastic advice. Looking forward to reading your new book!

  79. Gorgeous stationery!

  80. We’d like to interview your company for our magazine. We’re all about the handmade. Please let us know if you can do an interview and when. Thanks, Amor.

    1. How lovely! Thank you, Michael. Yes, we’d be very happy to do a written interview if we can preview the final copy before publication. You can mail/email the information to us. We’ll return our answers to you by Feb. 2017 at the latest. Thank you! ~Amor Milagre

      1. Excellent. I’ll send it right over. Thank you.

  81. Yummy recipes. The stationery is just what I always wanted. Thank you!!!!!

  82. Great packaging. Fas shipping. Beautiful paintings.

  83. My creativity flooded out after your amazing art classes. Thank you. We cannot wait to take more.

  84. How magical you are, Amor! Love the new post.

  85. Terrific customer service, quick shipping, and a charming greeting card set. Thank you.

  86. We have been getting a few questions about guest submissions. Thank you for your questions. Coincidentally we’ve been planning an art and literary magazine. Artists, writers, and filmmakers will be invited in 2017 to submit voluntary pieces. All ages can submit. All guest submissions will be credited to the creator. The magazine will post a combination of work each month. The magazine is about positivity, good news, sustainability, helpful information, beautiful work, inspiring storytelling, and people building an amazing world for everyone and the universe. Guidelines and submission information will be released and posted on this website in 2017 with a link to the new website for our upcoming magazine. “Live in the Light!” ~Amor Milagre

  87. Hi! Our son is learning everything about his jungle friends. Could you paint some more custom ones for us to add to his room? He has specific animal paintings on his Christmas list. Thank you for providing something else for him to get excited about. He also wants to know when the animal book is coming out?

    1. How wonderful! We are so happy that his new friends have captured his interest. I’d love to paint more animals for him. I’ll email the custom form to you shortly so you can list the animals. Our animal book is coming out in 2017. Perhaps it would be a good birthday gift. We also have jungle animal stationery if he ever needs ‘thank you’s’ or enjoys writing to family and friends. Thanks L! PS He might like to listen to an jungle animal sounds cd as he researches and/or playing with costumes and make believe stories. He might write his own stories. Your library may have lots of fun ideas for him to explore.

  88. Beautiful photography!

  89. My custom stationery is perfect for me. I match my dress to my mood and now my stationery too. Great working with you, Amor.

  90. Hi Amor,
    Will you be teaching the shoe design course again in 2017? I’d like to sign up.
    Thank you,

    1. Yes, I’ll be including the shoe design class for 2017. I put you on the pre-sign ups list for it. I’ll post all class lists and descriptions this winter. Thanks Ant! We look forward to seeing your amazing new designs. Happy Holidays!

  91. Gorgeous designs, Amor.

  92. Fast shipping and a beautiful painting of the ocean.

  93. Amor, you were right! Once I opened up and let go, I could make the kind of paintings I’ve been trying so hard to do. It helped so many areas of my life. The recipes help me lose weight and feel healthy. I have more energy to paint. Thank you. The shopping list helps me get just what I need in the store. Good idea!

  94. My girls thank you for their garden names. They are so pretty.

  95. My brave Amor, I see your strength in my apple painting every day when I’m baking in my new kitchen. We made your mini pumpkin tarts for our house warming party and they were a big hit!

  96. Do you sell original oil paintings? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for asking. Yes we do! We have the option in the shop to select the category: Available Original Artwork. (You can also get art prints and stationery of all artwork even the ones where the original has sold.) We will be adding a lot more oil and watercolor paintings into the shop soon as we replenish daily. There are many land/seascapes, abstracts, still life, and others available in oil paint on canvas. I can email the images to you tomorrow and you can choose even before they appear in the shop so you don’t have to wait until then. We also do custom oil paintings. They take a little while to ship so they can dry first. (Watercolour paintings and drawings ship the same day they are finished.) Thank you! ~Amor

  97. Can I order a custom watercolor in a larger size for our nursery wall?

    1. Thank you! Yes, we can definitely do a larger size painting for you! I will email the details to you in a few minutes.

  98. Love, Love, Love! Just saw your store. I guess it is all in your name, Amor.

  99. The baby recipes are very good. Thank you. I was running out of ideas and my baby loves yours.

  100. Dear Amor,
    We were so happy to hear about your upcoming books from a mutual friend. The healthy life one sounds as though it will be very helpful for many people as well as specifically for us. Happy Holidays to the Amor Milagre family!

    Congratulations on your reopening! We really enjoy adding to our custom gallery from the new pieces in your shop. Great idea! Our new puppy will need her own portrait. I know you can capture her joyful spirit and sweet ears. The kids love her!

    Our best,
    The Griffins

    1. Hello! It is amazing to hear about the new addition to your family. So sweet! Yes, we can do that portrait! We’re super excited about our new books too. They’re so much fun to make and share. Thank you most sincerely, Amor.

  101. And………… BOO! Happy Halloween again! OOOOOOh, I miss your inventive costumes and all of the delicious treats you make! So many great Halloween memories…

  102. The mermaid book sounds beautiful, Amor! I want to be the first to buy it! The kids are excited too. 🙂

  103. We love your books! Excited for the new ones!

  104. I like your post about fall. Cool music list. Nico is definitely fall. Cheers!

  105. My son and I are both excited for your new club classes! Sound so fun!!!

  106. How fast is shipping… to say…Florida?

    1. Thank you for asking. It would usually take 2-6 days to receive the package from the time you place the order.

      Everything is made to order, (except the tees are ready now.) We have that information here: http://amormilagre.bigcartel.com/orders. It depends on your order, but usually we process orders very quickly, around 1-3 days. The USPS website says: First Class or Priority takes 1-3 days, and retail ground which we seldom use 2-8 days. https://www.usps.com/ship/welcome.htm

      1. Great! Thank you, Amor.

  107. Are you still teaching the art classes at the art museum? We’d like to sign up for Spring. We need a fresh perspective from our work for the New Year. You’re always so inspiring. Buona sera, M&M

    1. Ciao! We hope you are well! We are teaching locally now because we moved and the museums here are a bit far. We’ll have class descriptions and sign ups for you to browse this winter. There will be new classes and the ones you took before. There is always the option for a private class so you can design the class to suit your goals, but I know how inspiring you find it to meet new artists. It will be so lovely to see you both! Thank you! ~Amor

  108. Congratulations on your new website and shop! We enjoy your posts very much, Amor.

    1. Thank you, Lucy. That is very kind of you. ~Amor

  109. Amor,
    I just found your blog from pinterest. Love the recipes and shop! I added your site to my regular sites to check. Just beautiful!

    1. Thank you! We’d enjoy hearing any other fav sites you have too.

  110. The giraffe print looks great in our nursery. Can you do giraffe thank you cards? I want to use them for my shower gifts. Thanks Amor! Can we order a name print Esme with the leaves and flowers?

    1. Oh yes, we can do the thank you’s and the Illustrated Garden Name. What a beautiful name! I love that song too! Thank you, Stephania. I’ll email the details to you this evening.

  111. The custom large abstract looks gorgeous in our office space! Thanks again, Amor!

  112. The chemo dolls are so lovely. I want to custom order one for cousin. Thanks, Amor!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we can do a custom order. I’ll email the details to you!

  113. It was very special working with you. Buona fortuna per il vostro nuovo progetto!

  114. The elephants are so sweet.

  115. Are custom affirmation sets available yet? They sound great.

    1. Yes they are! We can email you the details. Thank you. Pretty soon the custom and other affirmation sets will show in our shop. There are different ones for all kinds of purposes and goals. The custom ones are a wonderful way to transform a specific habit or remind yourself of your dream life that you can start living right now! You can place them around your house, car, office, etc… or use like flash cards. They are perfect for kids as well. We’ll very soon have all of the details for you to fill out. ~Amor

  116. The violin stationery is so fun to use! Thank you.

  117. Beautiful painting. Thank you.

  118. Looking forward to the language flash cards! Doing more traveling next few years and this looks fun!

  119. Can you gift wrap?

    1. Sure thing! We do recycled paper and a wax seal to close the paper. We also write a card to your gift recipient from you with any message you like. We can ship the gift to you or to your gift recipient. Thanks Nancy!

  120. Aww, these animals are so darling. I’m ordering some cards for my granddaughter.

  121. What kind of classes are you having next year? Any cooking classes?

    1. Hi,
      We’ll be having various art classes for different ages from young child to adult. They include a variety of subjects. Possibly some organic cooking and personal style classes too. Those may be custom online classes as well for non-locals. I’ll be posting sign-ups and more specific class descriptions for all classes this winter. Thank you for asking!

  122. Hi Amor,
    I felt so confident after your personal style class. My wedding day was so fun and I love my dress! I feel more comfortable in clothes that fit me well and I feel great! Work events are less stressful too. Everyone keeps asking me what’s new! 🙂 xoxo, Amy

    1. Hi Amy,
      You are so beautiful in every way! Your wedding photographs are amazing. The candid shots really show how happy everyone is. Quite the party! So fun how your puppy was a part of the ceremony. If you have any questions, we’re here! Hugs! ~Amor

  123. I’m happy to see my teapot painting every morning. Thanks Amor!

  124. Ma chère Amor,
    Merci beaucoup!

  125. We appreciate the detail you put into our order. It really makes the space have that feeling we intended to have last year. Thanks for the design help. My friends always comment on how much they love this room now. Soothing and elegant.

    1. Your very welcome! Your home is so beautiful and your family is so lovely! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! ~Amor

  126. Beautiful painting! Fast shipping and great customer service. Elizabeth, Harry, and Milo

  127. The custom logo you did for my bakery is so special. Just what we wanted. -V

  128. The garden letters are magic. So chic!

  129. Our little rocker wears his microphone tee all the time. Cool graphics 🙂

  130. Yes, I can email them to you!

  131. Your recipes and photography are beautiful!

  132. cool tapir and zonkey

  133. It was so fun designing my writing paper with you. I use it every day since my husband went overseas. Fantastic! I’m thinking about my next paper order. Rosalind P.

  134. We’re happy to leave a comment. Thanks for the update. The laundry tags and shopping list you made for us are great! They really help our week. Good idea! The kids love having their funny nicknames on the bins. Angie
    PS The kids say “Thank you, Amor!”

  135. Hello, My friend really appreciated the card you made for her. She starts chemo soon. She’s interested in the dolls you make. Thanks again, Rob.

  136. My kids love the butterfly and bird tees. They fly around the house all day. Thanks Amor.

  137. My baby loves her new dress! This organic cotton is so soft. Thanks! ~Lucy

  138. I love my zebra stationery! I find myself inviting people over more often and writing them thank you’s after the parties. Super cute!

  139. How many original animals do you have left? I need 3 more for my nursery. Thank you, ~Elspeth

    1. (Wow, glad I put this comment section in today!) We have dozens of original animals and adding more of our classic collection into the shop regularly. I’ll be painting a new batch this winter as well. Are there any specific animals you’re looking for? We can do custom ones for any that sold or prints of any that we’ve done as well. The watercolor paper prints look amazing next to the originals. Thank you!

  140. Hi Amor,
    I just received the original ocean painting that I ordered. Not only was the shipping fast and of a cool quality, (dig the wax seal), but the painting is even more beautiful than in the pic online. Thank you! This really transforms our bedroom into a calm resort. My boyfriend loves it. Can we do a similar one for our master bath? -Matt

    1. Wonderful! So happy he likes it! Sure thing. I’ll email you for sizes and colors.

  141. Can your animal painting prints can be made into fabrics? I need to redo my chair covers. Really love your leopard print in my dining room and want chairs to match. Thank you for the fast shipping! PS We made some of your recipes and they worked out very well. Thanks for having healthy options. We are on low salt diets. My niece likes your baby food ones too. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! We’re not doing fabrics this season, but I can email you when we are having that option again. Our design services are now available online so I can help you find fabric for your chair covers if you like. We’ll also be adding some new animal paintings this winter if you’d like to add to your gallery. We’ll have more baby food recipes coming up this week for your niece. Happy Halloween!

  142. I am enjoying your new website and recipes. My kids look forward to reading your new books! When are they releasing? Any chance by Christmas? My sons love their room and the collection of artwork you made for us!!!!!!!! When can we sign up for classes again? Everyone here is still practicing. We even did a huge painting all together. Really fun memories. Thank you.

    1. Thank you most sincerely! Our release date for new books is Spring 2017. We’ll have an update on this site for library book readings and signings. So happy they like their artwork gallery! Thank you for the photo! You did a beautiful job framing/hanging the collection. New art classes are scheduled for Spring-Summer ’17. We’ll have sign ups ready for you this winter. Lots of new things planned. See you then!

  143. Hi Amor,
    Love your books! Can’t wait for the new ones! Can I order custom botanical illustrations for my living room? I’m thinking large scale botanicals. Could you do about 9? We’re renovating and I want a plant life theme. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we can do that! I’ll email you about details.