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  1. Hi, Could you paint a portrait of my friend for her birthday? Thanks, Mira

    1. Yes, I’d love to, thank you! Here is the custom portrait option in our shop! https://amormilagre.com/product/custom-portrait/

  2. Thank you for dropping by and giving my father the valentine card. He loved it! He keeps showing it to everyone. So nice of you! Hope to see you again sometime. Also,your website is very nice. I’ll have to stop by your shop for my father’s birthday gift. Happy belated valentine’s day!

    1. Of course! He was so lovely, and he has some very funny stories. We’ll be around probably in the Spring. Thank you dearly! ~Amor

  3. Hi, I received my order today. What a great surprise! The fashion sketches are gorgeous! So unique and elegant. They really dress up my walk in. Thanks so much! Just what I was hoping for. Let’s do more for the bedrooms. I really like your shoe designs. Let’s do super colorful ones. Are those birds? No they are shoes! My friends will want some too. Maybe for bdays? I’d like one very large botanical abstract for my entry way in shades of green. Something fresh. We have a party coming up in the summer. Would everything be ready by then? Marvelous job on this order. I want the first copy of your shoe design book for my coffee table, please! xxx ~C

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I can do all of that. 🙂 Sounds wonderful. It’s a beautiful space, and you’ll be all set up for your lovely party! Belle of the ball with birthday gifts in tow. You’re so fun and lovely. I love working with you! And yes, you’ll have the first shoe book copy. Your collections are so inspiring. The entry will be so amazing with all those beautiful plants! Lots of ideas unfolding…off to sketch now! xoxo ~Amor

  4. Dear Amor, My custom easter order is so adorable. The kids will love these bunnies and seeing their names. Thank you so much. These are truly special gifts that I think they’ll remember from their childhood. Happy almost spring! –Em

    1. Oh it was my pleasure. I love spring, Easter, and bunnies of course! Happy Spring!!! xoxo ~Amor

  5. Amor, I cannot wait until you post your gardens! If they are anything like your interiors, they will be stunning.

    1. Thank you! We’re so excited about the gardens. Planning them out every night for ages now.

  6. The art prints are really cute. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Oh great! So happy you like them. The ones you chose work so well as a wall gallery! I’ll soon be adding in some others I think you’d like. Cheers! ~Amor

  7. Happy love day tomorrow. Awwww, your new post is so nice. We’re very inspired to help after reading it. Hugs, Casey and the kiddos.

  8. Hey girl! Long time no see. Miss you tons! I’m back in town. Can I take some private lessons again? I have a new project idea and I need help from my muse! Hopin you have a fun valentine’s day! Much love and kisses, B

    1. Yes, of course! xoxo ~Amor

  9. My painting is perfect. Thank you so much and happy valentines day!

    1. So glad you like it! It was very interesting to work on this for you. Thanks for the pictures. The wall colour looks beautiful, too! ~Amor

  10. Thank you for visiting us and for the valentines! Everyone is visiting each other to see what valentines each person has. It was a very special visit. Thank you, and come back any time!

    1. Thank you, we enjoyed it very much. We’ll cook up some Easter/Spring cards soon. Everyone is so sweet and lovely. Thanks again! ~Amor Milagre

  11. Thank you for including the sweet valentine with my order! The children’s drawing made my day!

    1. We’re so happy you liked it and got it before Valentine’s Day! ~Amor

  12. Cool website. Want to see more about your farm!

  13. Hi, just received my order and my husband will love this for his Valentine’s Day gift. It’ll really shakes up our usual cards and candy. Thanks for your unique ideas and help with this gift. I really appreciate it. –Valerie H.

    1. Wonderful! Thanks again! ~Amor

  14. Can we join your crayon club? We saw flyers and it looks really fun. Our kids are 3, 7, and 11. Thanks!

    1. Yes, of course! We’ll send the info to you! How exciting! ~Amor

  15. Hi Amor, As always, we thoroughly enjoyed opening our order. Crazy beautiful artwork! We have some birthdays coming up, so we’ll visit your shop again for new pieces, and hopefully books for the kiddies!? XOXO –The Filmores

    1. Oh lovely! Yes, books are coming very soon, but not as soon as I’d like, haha…waiting on a paper order. 🙂 I’ll do a post about our grand opening for our bookshop! ~Amor

  16. My wife loves her portrait. Thank you again.

    1. She is so beautiful inside and out. I very much enjoyed painting it for you both. ~Amor

  17. Amazing artwork and photography! Can’t wait to see you books.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, books will be released very soon!

  18. Lovin my paintings!!!!!

    1. Lovely! They were so fun to make. It was a great idea! ~Amor

  19. Hi Amor, I hung up my new painting. It’s the perfect reminder! Thank you. It was a joy to work on this idea with you.

    1. That’s great! We use artwork the same way here. It really works! Thank you! ~Amor

  20. Thank you for my custom gift box. It’s all as amazing to keep as it was to open. Warm regards, Mia & John

    1. Your very welcome! It was really fun to make for you! ~Amor

  21. Your art is so interesting and beautiful.

  22. Dear Amor Milagre, I need design help to transform my white box office into something calming and tranquil. I want my patients to feel comfortable and serene like your website, designs, and artwork. Please let me know when you are available to discuss design details and possible business card designs. Thank you. Regards, Corey

    1. Thank you! Yes, I would love to design this space for you and your patients, as well as business cards. I’ll email the details to you, and you can send me pictures & measurements of the space. This is just what I love to do, so I have some ideas for you. Most sincerely, ~Amor

  23. Hi, I see you live in Maine. Would you be willing to teach private art lessons for me and my son? We’d like to learn to paint the snow. Lots coming today in our area. We take pictures, but it’d be more fun to make up a winter scene. Happy New Year, Lisa

    1. Oh yes, the beautiful snow! I can email the details to you, and if we live too far apart, we can do private lessons from home. In person is best, though. Happy New Year! ~Amor

  24. Thank you! I received my order today. The animals are wonderful. I’ll send a picture of the nursery once they’re all framed and hung up. Great working with you on my project. ~Trisha

    1. Wonderful! Thank you for the photos, an amazing room! So beautiful! This room will definitely help lend daily inspiration for you! ~Amor

  25. Merry Christmas, Amor & Family!!! XOXOXO

    1. Thank you! You too! Happy New Year! ~Amor

  26. Beautiful letter art!

  27. I like everything in your shop and your holiday box gift post. Could you make up a surprise box of items from your shop for me? I’m alone for the holidays and would love to open a gift that I’d love but is still a surprise. You mentioned an idea like this in the post. I thought it was perfect for me. I’d also like to do that for my friends’ birthdays, too. They’re mostly in the spring and fall. Thank you and happy holidays, Charlene.

    1. Yes, Charlene! We have this surprise custom gift box option in our shop now! Here is the link! I would love to assemble a holiday box for you. You can message us with any details that you would like to be included. Thank you most sincerely, ~Amor

  28. Thank you for the artwork. Your book characters are so detailed and cute. My kids will love these!

    1. Thank you very much! Our new books will release soon! Cheers! ~Amor

  29. Loving my new custom prints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The custom gifts just came. Your packaging is so pretty. 🙂 The gifts were just what I wanted. They certainly cheered up some very sweet patients of mine! Thank you, Amor!

    1. So happy to hear they are enjoying them! Much love! ~Amor

  31. The dancer pastel is stunning. The colors are perfect for my guest bedroom. I think I’ll get a few prints for friends, too. Thank you, Cecily

  32. Cool graphic tees. Very soft! Thank you!!!! Our kids will love these presents! Take care, Amanda

  33. Fast shipping and beautiful quality. Thank you again for my custom order. It looks so pretty in our dining room.

  34. Gorgeous colors, Amor! I ordered a bunch of prints to give as gifts. My friends will love the detail on the garden letters. Merry Christmas, Everly.

  35. The boots and shoe designs are just what I wanted. Thank you! –Michael

  36. Your designs for the kid’s tee shirts are so charming. I ordered a few for my grandchildren. Thank you! Dawn

  37. Beautiful artwork! Happy holidays!