Children's Books

Amor Milagre books are fun for all ages!

These inclusive and peaceful stories include helpful, gentle inspiration for setting boundaries, sorting emotions, and designing your routine to suit your unique needs and dreams.

‘A Day with Sage’ is a good book to start with for developing a healthy inner voice. ‘Antonia’s Bakery’ helps you design your dreams and shows how they can come true. ‘Sage in Winter’ inspires the beauty, fun, and gratitude of simple pleasures and helping others by inspiring real Love. ‘The Fox in the Garden’ story tells about how sharing is the best ingredient for growing a Loving garden and family. ‘Sage’s Soft Summer’ gently illustrates how to enjoy living in the moment, while making healthy, happy memories to inspire more of the same. The ‘Colette & Pipette’ stories teach parents and children how to lovingly help one another so that everyone has what they need, leaving room for more fun!

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Many more original series and books are coming up!

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Showing all 6 results