“Sage’s Year in Nature” Children’s Book


A sweet nature-loving children’s book about growing healthy seasonal memories and routines, organic plant-based foods from the garden, and parent & child harmony.

“What do we do all year?” Sage asks Mamma one morning over breakfast.  Snapshots and poems from each month are shared to inspire all to get out and explore Nature’s beautiful and peaceful seasons, senses, and delights!

Helpful Homeschool & Pandemic Stay Home Ideas for a safe, healthy, natural lifestyle.  Live in the moment & keep the season!

The story begins with Sage as a 5 year old and ends with her turning six.  Find out her birthday month!  Read along with the other books in this original series as she grows in love.  Enjoy the fresh, beautiful watercolour illustrations for a cozy feeling each time you snuggle up to read.

A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go.  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You.

The Chronicles of Sage Rose Sorrel #5.  Choose printed hardback (2 sizes), digital audiobook, or add both to read and listen together.


Sage’s Year in Nature

by Amor Milagre

Original Children’s Book Series:  The Chronicles of Sage Rose Sorrel #5

Gentle Organic Garden, Family, & Life Inspiration for: Empaths, Synesthetes, Highly Sensitive People, and All!


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Printed Book:

Choose Pocket Size and/or Small Square Size

  • Hardback Mini Pocket Size 7.125″ × 4.5″ × .25″  FSC Certified.  Colour Interior & Cover. ISBN 978-1-955339-08-7
  • Hardback Small Square Size 7.75″  FSC Certified.  Colour Interior & Cover.  ISBN 978-1-955339-18-6
  • Unique easy to read font & layout style for all ages, especially for new readers.
  • Printed Book:  Watercolour painting illustrations.  40 Pages.
  • Text Language:  English (More languages coming soon.)
  • All books are signed by the author.  For custom inscriptions written by the author, please send your personalized message here.
  • There is a beautifully dedicated space, designed for you to write your own inscription, to show your Love for Dear Ones.


  • 3 Chapters:  15 minutes, 14 seconds in English.
  • Calmly narrated by the author, Amor Milagre.
  • ISBN 978-1-955339-09-4
  • .zip file format digital download is available after purchase as a link in both the order confirmation page and the order confirmation email.  This .zip file can then be opened to access the .mp3 files for each of the 3 audio tracks.
  • *Disclaimer:  Audiobooks are to be used by the purchaser only and not shared with others.


This is an original children’s book by Amor Milagre.  All Rights Reserved © 2021-2022 Amor Milagre.  Audiobooks are to be used by the purchaser only and not shared with others.  More information here.

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