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Grand Reopening Spring 2018

Encouraging the Imagination Celebrating Individuality for Children of All Ages!


Children’s Books

Organic Vegan Recipe & Garden Cookbooks

Inspirational Lifestyle & Self-Health Books

Interior Home Design Books

Fashion & Shoe Design Books


All books are made to order and handmade with Love by Amor Milagre. 

From the spark of the initial story idea to the sending off of these gifts to you, every book is lovingly invented by one gentle person, Amor Milagre.

The original book illustrations are hand drawn and painted on certified watercolor paper, which is firstly hand measured and cut.

Original artwork and art prints of the book illustrations are exclusively available to purchase here in The Shop at Dove Cottage.

Writing, illustrations, book layout, publication, and assembly are all mindfully done by Amor Milagre.

All books are signed by the author.  For custom inscriptions, please send your personalized message here. 


For more information, visit our Formats & Responsible Materials Page.

To listen to the growing Song List for our children’s books, click here!