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A Gentle Life Book Collection

Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life

Ethical Responsibly Handmade Books

Encouraging the Imagination Celebrating Individuality for Children of All Ages!

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Book Releases

Leona’s Nonna Loving Novel, January 12, 2020

Sage’s Soft Summer Children’s Book, February 25, 2019

The Fox in the Garden Children’s Book, February 24, 2019

A Day with Sage Children’s Book, July 13, 2018

Sage in Winter Children’s Book, June 25, 2018

Antonia’s Bakery Children’s Book, May 10th, 2018

Many more books are coming soon!

Amor Milagre Presents Leona's Nonna 1st Summer Festival The Love Letter Diaries #1 ethical book series ocean front cover

Amor Milagre books include helpful, gentle inspiration for setting boundaries, sorting emotions, and designing your routine to suit your unique needs and dreams.

Children’s Books: ‘A Day with Sage’ is a good book to start with for developing a healthy inner voice.  ‘Antonia’s Bakery’ helps you design your dreams and shows how they can come true.  ‘Sage in Winter’ inspires the beauty, fun, and gratitude of simple pleasures and helping others by inspiring real Love.  ‘The Fox in the Garden’ story tells about how sharing is the best ingredient for growing a Loving garden and family.  ‘Sage’s Soft Summer’ gently illustrates how to enjoy living in the moment, while making healthy, happy memories to inspire more of the same.

All books are made to order and handmade with Love by Amor Milagre. 

  • From the spark of the initial story idea to the sending off of these gifts to you, every book is lovingly invented by one gentle person, Amor Milagre.
  • The original book illustrations are hand drawn and painted on recycled FSC Certified watercolour paper, which is firstly hand measured and cut.
  • Original artwork and art prints of the book illustrations are exclusively available to purchase here in the Shop.
  • Writing, illustrations, book layout, publication, and assembly are all mindfully done by Amor Milagre.
  • All books are signed by the author.  For custom inscriptions, please send your personalized message here.
  • Gentle care of Amor Milagre Books helps them last for ages, to pass on to dear ones, and respects the materials they were made from.  Sustainability doesn’t end with the making of the book, the customer has power in this, too.  Take care of what and who you Love.

 Our products are perfect for unique gift giving for all ages and spaces, with quick shipping for optimal gift giving.

Amor Milagre Presents The Ethical Bookshop A Day with Sage handmade original children's books

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Amor Milagre Presents The Ethical Bookshop A Day with Sage handmade original children's books

I designed my book collection to be healthy and beautiful inside and out to complement your heart and home.

Take my books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You!

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Purchase the growing book collection with each new release to grow along with the characters. Enjoy each new adventure!