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A Gentle Life Collection:  Ethical Responsibly Handmade Books

Encouraging the Imagination Celebrating Individuality for Children of All Ages!

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New Book Releases

A Day with Sage Children’s Book, July 13, 2018

Sage in Winter Children’s Book, June 25, 2018

Antonia’s Bakery Children’s Book, May 10th, 2018

Many more books are coming soon!

Amor Milagre Presents The Ethical Bookshop A Day with Sage handmade original children's books

A Gentle Life Book Collection

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Amor Milagre Presents The Ethical Bookshop A Day with Sage handmade original children's books

Amor Milagre books include helpful, gentle inspiration for setting boundaries, sorting emotions, and designing your routine to suit your unique needs and dreams. ‘A Day with Sage’ is a good book to start with for developing a healthy inner voice, ‘Antonia’s Bakery’ helps you design your dreams and shows how they can come true, and ‘Sage in Winter’ inspires the beauty, fun, and gratitude of simple pleasures and helping others by inspiring real Love.

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Take my books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You!

I designed my book collection to be healthy and beautiful inside and out to complement your heart and home.