“Antonia’s Bakery” Original Children’s Book

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NEW BOOK!  Antonia is clever, curious, and sweet.  She builds a loving home in the peaceful Town of Pink Love.  Sharing nature’s organic goodness with new friends is pure magic! Antonia’s Elephant Tales #1.

Antonia’s Bakery provides fresh local garden organic plant-based food for all her new friends.  (Vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO food & recipes).  Sustainable, ethical, non-toxic, organic children’s books.  A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace!

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Antonia’s Bakery

by Amor Milagre

Original Children’s Book Series:  Antonia’s Elephant Tales #1

Gentle Organic Life Inspiration for: Empaths, Synesthetes, Highly Sensitive People, and All!

This story is 28 pages full of gently hand-painted watercolour illustrations.

The organic ribbon bookmark colour for this series is a sweet coral pink.

Text Language:  English (More languages coming soon!)

All books are signed by the author.  For custom inscriptions written by the author, please send your personalized message here.

There is a beautifully dedicated space, designed for you to write your own inscription, to show your Love for Dear Ones.

View this book’s release blog post here!


For more about our original story characters & books, visit our Book Page here!

Original artwork, art prints, and stationery for this item are coming soon to The Shop at Dove Cottage!


Amor Milagre The Bookshop: Encouraging the Imagination & Celebrating Individuality for Children of All Ages!


Responsibly Handmade Paper Books

Printed on FSC Certified and approved sustainably harvested and processed paper, 100% post consumer recycled, ethical, legal papers using zero waste printing & non-toxic ink.  Amor Milagre uses only matte paper for pages and covers, choosing not to use toxic gloss film coatings.  Thread binding and ribbon bookmarks are certified organic cotton.  The ribbons are coloured with an organic, natural, non-toxic, vegetable dye and colour-coordinated for each book series.

All books are made to order and handmade with Love by Amor Milagre.  From the spark of the initial story idea to the sending off of these gifts to you, every book is lovingly invented by one gentle person, Amor Milagre.  The original book illustrations are hand drawn and painted on certified watercolor paper, which is firstly hand measured and cut.  Original artwork and art prints of the book illustrations are exclusively available to purchase here in The Shop at Dove Cottage.  Writing, illustrations, book layout, publication, and assembly are all mindfully done by Amor Milagre.


More Upcoming Formats: 

Digital / CD Audiobooks

Braille Books

Translated Texts for People of Many Languages to Enjoy Amor Milagre Books


Sustainably Handmade & Affordably Priced

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A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace!


An original children’s book by Amor Milagre.  All Rights Reserved © Amor Milagre®.

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