Leona’s 1st Year Book Set, The Love Letter Diaries #1-4

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Unfold mysteries of past, present, and future lives and loves through the empathic souls of this town of friends.  This ethically handmade book set allows the reader to explore a full year of Leona’s beautifully sensitive world.  Each season is a delight and a chance for planting and growing seeds of positive change for all.  Each festival is full of delicious foods and exciting events where each person’s gifts are celebrated.  I have written these books in love and gratitude in the hope that these pages will blend peacefully into my readers’ lives.  This novel set is a wonderful gift for the Self and Dear Ones to explore your own passions, while appreciating each season of nature’s gifts.  Read each of these four books in order for a sense of how simple pleasures and small acts of kindness can add up to connective positive changes that benefit all for ages.  Check back for the release of the second year book set!  Xo ~Amor Milagre


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Leona’s 1st Year Book Set

1st Four Novels of Seasonal Festivals: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Original Novel Series:  The Love Letter Diaries #1-4

View each book page for more details:

Leona’s Nonna, 1st Summer Festival, The Love Letter Diaries #1

Leona’s Wish 1st Autumn Festival, The Love Letter Diaries #2

Leona’s Baby, 1st Winter Festival, The Love Letter Diaries #3

Leona’s Miracle, 1st Spring Festival, The Love Letter Diaries #4

by Amor Milagre


Loving Life Inspiration for: Empaths, Sensitive People, and All!

Books for all ages from 0-100000+

*View information about how these books are made and for upcoming formats, please visit this page:  Ethical Book Formats & Responsible Materials

*View information about my original story characters and health benefits for each book, visit our Book Page here!

*Coming Up:  View original artwork, art prints, and stationery for this item in the Shop.

  • For all ages & genders.
  • 4 books, 12 Chapters in each book, FSC Certified Uncoated Paper (non-toxic)
  • Unique easy to read font & layout style.
  • The certified organic cotton ribbon bookmark colour for this series is a sweet pale dove grey, using natural vegan organic vegetable dyes.
  • All books are signed by the author.  For custom inscriptions written by the author, please send your personalized message here.
  • There is a beautifully dedicated space, designed for you to write your own inscription, to show your Love for Dear Ones.


This is an original book series by Amor Milagre.  All Rights Reserved © 2019 Amor Milagre.  More information here.

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