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There is No Excuse for Child Abuse or Abuse of Anyone

Amor Milagre No Excuse for Child Abuse A Gentle Life Book Collection all ages & genders Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Organic Baby & Child amormilagre.comWe are all babies…just of different ages.  There is no excuse for child abuse, and since we are all children, there is no excuse for abuse of anyone, no matter their age.  If you were abused, you cannot continue the damage on your children, Self, or others.  You must heal yourself, and know yourself, and not put yourself in situations where you could harm someone.  Seek help and help yourself.  Examine your thoughts.  It takes you to choose to unlearn the negatives and learn what you want to know:  Love.  Heal with Love.  Love is already and always within you.  Feel you are Love, for you are whole.

Abuse is a pollution that spreads quickly and roots deeply.  Abuse is not OK, and there is no excuse.  Beware of false apologies/promises.  Abuse takes many shapes, and the boundaries are easily crossed once one kind of abuse has been acted upon.  Violence makes more violence, and this solves nothing.  Problems can be resolved with calm, loving communication.  Love can change our world from ‘violent’ to ‘peaceful’.  We must change the chain reactions we spread to be positive ones, for everywhere we go we take our energy.  Let our energy be healthy and positive to inspire others to feel loved and loving inwards and outwards.  Dissolve fear and don’t project your fears on others, especially not in the form of abuse, and not on children.

Everyone deserves respect and safety.  Healing may take time, but if you change your attitude to being loving and patient with yourself, you’ll learn how to be loving and patient with others.  No one can heal abusive people for them, but abusive people can heal themselves (away from those they hurt).  It is their responsibility to heal themselves and replace harmfulness with helpfulness.  Protect people who are being harmed in any way.

If one person is harmed, it negatively affects the history of All in the Universe.  Even one negative thought ripples out and hurts everyone.  There is more to this world than people sense.  We all need to move in the direction of Love, all the time, and then everyone will be what they need.

If someone harms you, do not believe their negative words about you.  You are a beautiful soul and loved by the Universe.  We each have our own power to think about ourselves how we like.  Don’t harm yourself or others because others harm you.  Pain may be familiar, but it’s not healthy or comforting.  Knowing what pain is like is not your fault, but you can overcome it, and choose good health for yourself in everything you do and think.  Love is the way to heal from pain.  Find positive ways to replace harmful habits with healthy ones.  Your thoughts and body are sacred for you to care for.  We have a choice to believe we are loved and wonderful, no matter who is around us.  If others have a problem, it is their problem to resolve on their own (away from those they were hurting), and the people being hurt are not the source.  People have no right to lash out at others because they are hurting.  Parents need to take healthy, loving care of their children with endless patience.  Children need to know that their world is safe and their bodies and beings are respected.  Everything is new for them in this life.  Let’s allow their worlds to be beautiful, healthy, and loving.  Their world is theirs to explore, and they need healthy guides for learning positive ways to care for themselves.

People of all ages need to feel free to ask for help, without the fear of something equally harmful or worse happening to them in the process.  Let the world change from spending money on violence to designing a reliable world-wide system for abuse survivors to be truly helped whenever needed.  This system can educate all to prevent abuse, too.  It can be added into every annual school curriculum as a whole class, for all genders.  A class with no tests, other than Life.  A class to raise awareness about abuse and bullies, self care, how to prevent and protect, how to heal, how to seek help, how to help others, and how to not abuse others or the Self.  Abuse happens everywhere, every day.  Most people don’t ask for help.  Who can they ask?  Who can they trust?  Children are mostly home, so how can anyone know to help?  Do they know what ‘abuse’ is?  Just because ‘it’s the way it is” and the life they know doesn’t mean it’s healthy or the way life could be.  Where is a system that truly helps?  Awareness is key.  Help people when you see they need it.  How could we know where to ask for help?  Of all the things our world needs, this helpful system would be extremely beneficial to the whole-health of all.  Reporting abuse is very important because it is so common and destructive.  With the current systems, when a survivor bravely reports abuse, what really happens?  Do they get the help they need?  Reporting abuse is important to make an awareness of how common this issue is, to protect individuals and future survivors, and to help ourselves stand up to violence in peaceful ways.  What could be truly helpful for them?  Who is there to listen and teach them about how wonderful they are?  The world needs patience and Love to help.  The world needs to refocus funds and jobs to be in the direction of helping because there are so many people in need of help.

We can choose goodness for ourselves, starting with our thoughts.  Thoughts turn into actions, so be mindful to layer Love into all of your thoughts.  You deserve to feel that you are Love.  Your soul, mind, body, heart, and energy are pure Love.  Be Love!  Be purely you!  Live in the Light!

Children are everything good!  Each person is unique and has their own needs, so be patient and change your perspective to help them if you don’t see solutions to your questions.  They look to you for help.  Do not harm children in any way.  This universal message is important to remember always in everything we do and say.  No one has the right to harm.  Everyone can live peacefully and respectfully in Love for All.

Remember:  Is this helpful or harmful?  Am I helping or harming?  Be helpful for yourself, everyone, and everything.  Positivity is powerful and healing.

I send healing Love out to All.  xoxo ~Amor Milagre

Music of the Moment:  Fiona’s Lullaby, Composed by Mason Daring, Performed by Eileen Loughnane, The Secret of Roan Inish,  Film by John Sayles



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Sound Pollution: Quiet the Machines of Humans. Connect to a Sense of Nature.

Amor Milagre Sound Pollution Quiet Humans A Sense of Nature Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Design Organic Baby & Child Woman

Humans make and use loud polluting machines that are impairing all of our health and the energy of the universe and beyond.  Quiet now, unplug, stop, balance, listen, and prevent more of what has already damaged so many, so much, even at this moment.  Hearing and vibration, sound waves and clarity of thought, brain and balance, think about the connections.  The connections are universal and infinite.  Not only the air we breathe is polluted, but the air we are experiencing on every level is coated in poison.  How can humans make good decisions if their bodies are not in balance on the most basic levels of peace in their environment?  Human systems are only increasing in high sound levels, but you can start with you.  What levels of sound are you putting out each moment?  How do you speak or express?  How are you polluting?  What do you have power of?  How can you change your ways to be healthier?  Walk, cycle, shop local, report sound levels every time, be aware, and make positive changes. 

How do you use electronics and motorized machines?  Silence them and respect your environment.  Anything electrical puts out a constant frequency.  Reduce the amount of processing we have to do in order to have simple daily routines.  How easily do you feel flustered and unbalanced?  How are you sleeping?  What frequencies disturb your sleep cycles?  Which kitchen appliances do you have, and how are they affecting your health?  Nature can be loud enough with thunder and crickets, so let’s not add unending layers of unnatural noise on top of her passing rhythms.  Turn off computers and devices to reduce energy being taken from you and everyone around you.  What is natural and what is not?  Surround yourself in Nature, and let others do the same for themselves.

If you pollute the universe, you are directly polluting yourself.  Your soul’s memory remembers everything, so it is in everyone’s best interest to take care of themselves and everything around them.

Plants (food) are also damaged by sound pollution.  Build sustainably and test sound levels and frequencies before coming up with new ‘safety standards’.  Base the standards to be even more sensitive than the most sensitive people’s needs.  Base them on the most inner level and effects on the body.  Why is ‘everyone’ sick?  ‘Everyone’ pollutes, and then they expect someone else to fix the issue, feeling they are personally removed or excused from responsibility.  But…Everyone needs to be aware and work together to make positive changes.  Look at the universe without veils or excuses.  What is real?  Connect to everything.  What is really happening out there and right here to each person’s whole health?  Our nervous systems are delicate and are greatly altered by machine vibration.  You take in energy around you, and everything is around you, so let’s allow everything to be in harmony, including us.  The human body is a natural machine, and without Nature, the machine cannot run as intended.  We are not complete without the universe, as we are a part of it.  Connect to be your true Self.

Shift the job focus of scientists from developing more drugs to allowing for simple, natural preventative measures with true studies to back up why pollution needs to change positively and be restored back to Nature.  Stop polluting water so that the water clean up systems aren’t needed/ loud / using energy.  Where do the toxins go?  Do you want to swim in the same water where a boat is directly polluting?  Plant gardens and stop loudly paving over our resources with toxic man-made chemicals.  How much has been lost?  Bring back and encourage the bees, insects, and animals left, to a place of flowers and natural sounds and rhythms.  Ground down to the Earth’s naturalness and connect not to the humans’ machines, but to the universe’s infinite system of connections.  There we will find the energy we have always wanted to connect with:  Love & Light.

Refuse to be in places and report places that are loud:  houses & neighbourhoods, the work place, restaurants, beaches, cities, transportation, celebrations, vehicles, construction, movie theaters, concerts, etc.  Measure sound levels and identify sources.  Issue complaints.  Find alternate solutions.  Hearing loss affects mostly everyone.  If you’re thinking, “That’s the way it is,” remember: it wasn’t how it was, or how it will have to be to continue living, so let’s change it.  Stop this constant struggle to retain our energy, so we may be free to be our True Selves, healthy, smiling, and loving.  One issue with health snowballs into the destruction of the machine, which affects all around it or depending on it, and ripples out into the Universe.  The positive changes for improving sound pollution will not be able to be labeled on a bottle or become a marketing trick fad.  The results will be audible…the sounds of the birds and bees…the sound of your Inner Voice, your Higher Self…guiding you to the goodness of real Love that you can have all of the time!  It’s within you all of the time.  You are Love!  Be Love, Be Purely You.

Humans, we were not meant to create, to compete with Nature, to take her over, or to try to outsmart her.  We are a part of Nature, not separate or superior.  Nothing humans make can compare to Nature.  Nature’s cycles and organic ways of recycling can inspire us.  We need to learn how to harmonize once again.  The sounds of man-made machines are not in harmony with Nature’s Choir.  Our voices are.  We can use our inventive gifts to design ways to heal from pollution and allow for new routines with full-circle health at the center.

Let’s live peacefully, gently, and respectfully.  Let’s make big changes by making small changes.  One change in attitude, harmful to helpful, equals the solution to every problem in the universe.  Pollution affects everyone and everything, and it is extremely painful for sensitive/aware people, and those with hyperacusis.  The Earth’s children are not being given a chance to be their natural, true, real Self.  They are injured from the start, and they don’t know the difference of how things could be positive for them.  By the time they may think of how to make changes, they are sick.  It is simple to prevent, but complex to heal.  Think about energy levels.  It takes more energy to undo negativity than to stay positive.  Depollute minds of negative teachings.  We have the power to change pollution, so let’s do it today and every day.  There are endless ways to heal from and prevent pollution.  Listen to Nature, for Nature is what we are and need.  Illness, miscommunication, and negativity will fall away if we connect to the sense of Nature.  Can you sense her?  Where is she, untouched by pollution?  Where is she?  Live in the Light!  Love, ~Amor Milagre  [This text is included in my A Gentle Life Book Collection]

Music of the Moment:  Instant Karma, John Lennon

An Accurate Children’s Book about Pollution:  The Wump World, by Bill Peet



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10 Helpful Tips For Healthy New Beginnings

Amor Milagre 10 Helpful Tips For Healthy New Beginnings Self Health Series 2019 Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Baby & Child

Whether you’re moving to a new home or job, switching schools, beginning college, in or out of a relationship, getting married, having a baby, or moving yourself into a more positive mindset, these tips may be helpful as you embrace your new adventures.  Find joy in custom designing a fresh healthy lifestyle, tailored just for you.  We’ve met so many new people this year and many more this month.  I’m posting these tips to answer some recent questions sent to my inbox and asked while on outtings as we prepare to move to our next adventure.  Every day, no matter your age, we begin again.  This happy thought entices new ideas and old pleasures to be brought in the Summer sunlight to play, laugh, and plan for longterm Love and blissful moments today.  (This text appears in my upcoming healthy lifestyle book).  Happy brave and glorious planning!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

  1.   Gentle, loving processing frees up your mind to new possibilities.  Plan and organize, but leave space in your days for healthy breathing which leads to new ideas.  The truth of Nature surfaces when you take a break to breathe and rest.
  2.   Researching and exploring new places of interest for today’s needs and wants is a journey all of her own.  Keep a funny journal of what you find along the way.
  3.   Think about the qualities of character traits you’d like to attract in new friends.  For example:  kind, compassionate, patient.  What loving traits do you want to have for your own character?
  4.   Keep on the lookout for fun, healthy activities you can safely do on your own and with the community.  Trying new positive things may lead to unexpected smiles.  Unpack and make your new home your own.  If not moving and want a new home feeling, minimal changes like fresh paint and new colours for accent pieces can transform the mood of a room.
  5.   If in school or college, which classes can you choose or focus on?  What brings you joy?  What clubs, extra classes, or events can you attend to learn something new?  Research what would help you with your interests.  Which study abroad programs or internships could be healthy choices for you?  Which jobs are healthy options that will aid you in the future, if even for quicker motor skills or schedule planning diligence?  Plan for yourself, even if the curriculum wasn’t designed for you.  Ask if you can design your schedule.  They may be impressed with your inventiveness and allow you to substitute or add extra classes you want to learn more about.  What can you learn on your own, and how can you share this wonder with others?  Everything you learn helps you learn something else.  Don’t let people pressure you or make decisions for you.  It’s your life.  It takes time to find what you love in this varied and expansive series of made up jobs.  Everyone has natural gifts.  These gifts may or may not be involved with your passions.  You are allowed to enjoy many things, have a few different jobs at once, or several various aspects within one career.  One thing leads to another, and you can choose what you do and in which direction to move next.  Life is ever-evolving and we cannot be labeled or boxed into one word, department, title, or major.  We are made up of infinite words and feelings without words.  Let’s always be learning…for there is always something new and exciting to learn!
  6.   Asking polite, brief questions is a great way to find things that interest you.  If in a new country, learn the customs for proper greetings when asking questions of new people.  Often times, your dreams are not posted on a bulletin board in town, on campus, or online.  You may have to start something new that may attract healthy like-minded people.
  7.   If places, people, or programs don’t add positivity to your life, you have the power to choose something else.  Begin healthy patterns and habits, careful to not repeat negative ones.  Say no to all kinds of abuse.  Reporting abuse is important to protect yourself and others after you.  It’s tricky, so you need to stay safe and healthy.  The people you report it to may not actually help you, but your voice is heard and this can help you heal.  The recorded case could help to stop it if it happens again to someone else or make awareness to prevent it.  Abuse is much too common and needs more awareness to make positive changes for everyone.  Believe in your Self and be smart.  Do what you need for yourself to be healthy and feel safe, healing as you go.  Most abusive people pretend to believe that they are not hurting anyone.  Remove yourself from manipulative situations and don’t waste time trying to “make sense” of abuse.  Abuse doesn’t “make sense” because it’s destructive and because the senses are designed to keep you safe and healthy.  Love is not destructive.  Resolve issues kindly, without gossip, and hear both sides with compassion.  Have a laugh with someone, and not at someone.  There are so many fun, kind ways to live.  What is yours today?
  8.   What do you need and want?  What don’t you need or want?  Write it out, and you may be surprised what appears on the paper.  Update as you go and reread old lists to stay true to reoccurring needs and feelings.
  9.   Steady your pace and customize your natural, healthy routine.  Manage priorities in organized, realistic ways to reduce stress.  Set boundaries, goals, and work time limits.  There is no rush, no matter where you are or who you’re around.  Choose this moment to live in.  Plan wisely and develop positive, creative flexibility when changes are needed.  Use a healthy perspective and neutral accurate language to keep yourself real in dramatic situations.  Being efficient is faster than the stressful panic of false urgency.  Keep calm, work, and then go home.  Try to do what you love, so you’re truly living wherever you are.  If you can’t do what you love, or don’t know your passions yet, working to help others at a company that doesn’t harm anyone or anything is also a great option.  The clock won’t tick as loudly if you enjoy your work.  Your days will flow sweetly and you’ll end up with work you love and a schedule that lets the wind dance in your hair.
  10.   Always stay true to your Inner Self, in the moment, and process each day, so you may be open, clear, and aware to choose goodness for yourself as you go.


It’s a new day!  What would you just Love to do?

You are strong and delicate, take the greatest care in being Purely You.


A special note to all of the younger people I’ve recently met who are looking for Summer internships and jobs:  Congratulations on your graduation!  Thank you sincerely for asking me, but even though I don’t have employees and it’s just me here, I’m am here, so send me a message any time if needed.  I designed my process to suit our lifestyle and evolving routines, as my process really is just that I’m working all of the time, even when dreaming.  All of the pictures and stories are inspired from our life moments.  This is why I call Amor Milagre a company for Authentic Romantics.  I am real and so are my collections, sincere and loving.  Keep asking companies until you find a positive place to work that will help you with your goals. 

It’s good practice to ask, gaining confidence each time.  Remember when interviewing or working for people, that they are just people, regardless of titles and words.  They all eat, sleep, and want the same things:  to love and be loved, to create and share.  If they are frustrated with their personal life and try to take it out on you, that’s not your fault, and you don’t have to take it.  You can report it and ask to be transferred or have a meeting with HR saying there needs to more of a professional, respectful attitude.  People need to learn how to sort emotions in healthy ways and not hurt the world just because they are hurting.  So no need to be intimidated or nervous.  You can learn how to do a new job well by trying your best, being on time, asking respectful questions, taking self-helpful notes, and presenting your ideas.  Stand up for your work if someone tries to take credit for it. 

Research companies, ask to shadow for a day, and say why you want the job or why you don’t.  Is the working environment healthy, what are the hours, pay, and benefits?  Interviews can be double-sided.  Prepare questions to ask your potential employers.  It’s not just about you getting the job before someone else snaps it up, it’s also about if you want to work and spend time there.  What do they do?  Are they an ethical company?  Asking to see where you would work and meet the people you’d be working for before accepting the position and paying attention when you meet them can help you in the long run.  The way jobs are presented needs to change to be suitable for both the employers and the employees.  This can change if the workforce changes it.  Ask questions.  Why would an employee want to be a part of their company?  How will this be a positive experience for them, the makers, and the company’s consumer audience?  Be your unique Self and love that everyone is their unique Self.  Being unique connects us all together.  If you can’t find a place of employment that meets your goals and needs, you can make one.  What are your passions now?  See what they will lead to later on.  Ask for help if needed, keep asking until you find help, and help yourself by staying aware and independent.  Never forget or lose yourself, you are enough, you are Love. 

I am working on something positive that everyone can be included and involved in.  Keep checking back for the release of this fun new project…and in the meantime this journal, shop, and book collections are here to help you with your daily connection with your Self and the Universe.

You are all very beautiful souls! 

Love & Peace, ~Amor Milagre


Coming Up:  New Books & Summer Collections!  


Music of the Moment:  If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Cat Stevens

Kat Dennings, Charlie Bartlett Movie Soundtrack (Love & Peace to Anton Yelchin, a smiling soul.)



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Q & A Interview with Amor Milagre: Art Design Books School Work Health Vegan Garden Life Style

Amor Milagre Q&A Interview 2019 Purple Iris Flower Favourite Series Non-Toxic Health Spring Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Gift Shop Art Vegan Baby & Child Dewdrop

Thank you for all your lovely questions, comments, shares, and stories this past year.  I reply personally as messages come in, but I wanted to take a moment to answer a few of the repeating questions here. (All text is included in my current and upcoming books).  This post is a part of a new series called Q&A Interviews.  Thank you for asking and Happy Spring! XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Q:  What are your favorite recipes and foods?

A:  My favourite foods are simple and raw such as strawberries and tomatoes.  We love seasonally sun-ripened fruit and vegetables from our garden.  I write simple, fresh, delicious recipes, influenced by European, peasant-style, zero-waste cooking.  My favourite recipe right now would be our healthy green smoothie that we have every mid-morning.  I’m including the recipe in my upcoming vegan organic cookbook collection. We eat fresh organic food, mostly from our gardens; other food is from a natural, healthy, local organic shop featuring produce from local farms.  These foods help heal and prevent illness.  They taste naturally sweet and full of unique flavours.

Q:  What kind of camera do you use?  How do you get such clear pictures?

A:  I use a small, simple digital camera.  It’s not about the kind of camera you use, it’s more about how you see your world, and that perception translates into the closest camera version for screen and print.  Thank you for all your lovely comments about my photos!  I very much enjoy photography.  My senses love natural imagery as much as the sounds, touch, taste, scents, and energy of Nature.  I began by using an old manual camera, which I like the most.  The shutter click alone….lovely!  Until I can make a dark room again, I’ll use this little digital camera.  Make sure your lens is clean for clear pictures, and see it first with your senses and heart.  It’s more about you, and not your camera.

Q:  My kids love your books!!!  They get so silly!  We like trying out the games and ideas from your books.  As a mother, I find the routines helpful.  What were your favorite books when you were little?

A:  Thank you!  My goal is to encourage the imagination for children of all ages, 0-1000+.  As a little one, I loved the Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh, Ziggy, Beatrix Potter, Tasha Tudor, The Secret Garden, faerie stories, and tons more.  It’s fun to read all of the new books.  We adore the worlds of so many books, and now my books are recited here daily!  It’s a fun cycle to share your own world through children’s books.  We have lots of new favourite books now, too.  We request books from the library before adding them to our holiday wishlists.  Libraries are really important for every community and to house all the old and new books.  I now share our Favourite Book Reading Lists here on my organic lifestyle journal.

Q:  What are you favorite cities?  Do you teach classes when traveling?

A:  My favorite cities so far are:  Lucca, Positano, Perugia, Assisi, San Gimignano, (Tuscany, Amalfi, Umbria) in Italy, Rouen, Étretat, Le Havre in France, Bruges in Belgium, and quiet sleepy towns on the ocean with fresh food.  I would have loved to travel all over, but I was ill for a long time.  Hopefully, wherever we move next is my favourite!  In the future, we may teach classes while travelling, and that info will be posted here.  Thanks!

Q:  I love your style!!!  How did you come up with such a unique look?

A:  Thank you!  I try things.  I like styles from various ages.  I can’t help but be myself.  Being sensitive, I’m very aware of what speaks to me, what fits well, and is comfortable.  I sense how patterns, colours, and textures play with one another.  Each body is unique, and we all have our own world of evolving style.  Look within instead of copying others and your style will accumulate naturally.  I make most of my own clothing, which you’ll see in my upcoming organic collections here in my shop. I also try to only wear/use fabric and materials that are organic, sensitive, healthy, non-toxic, soft, durable, and ethical.  It’s important to know how a company’s process works in totality before buying from them.  Look for truly ‘transparent’ brands.  I list everything about my current and upcoming organic apparel collections on my site so customers can see exactly what the product is and that I made it with Love.  Fashion and style are different.  Style is you, fashion is them.  Style is constant/evolving, and fashion is fleeting/cyclical.  More information about sustainable, personally customized wardrobes is featured in my upcoming design style book collection. I’m always interested in learning about new cultures and attire.  Playing with design allows new ideas to form in my hands.  Just like in gardening, the hands and senses measure naturally and the most accurately when making something.

Q:  Your books are very helpful.  Where do you get your ideas?  Do you ever get writer’s block?

A:  My ideas come to me in a constant stream from all times and worlds/my senses.  I never have enough time/energy to record and produce them all.  Sadly, so many hilarious ideas are sleepily lost until hopefully found again in a different version.  No, I never get writer’s block, but I do have to take pauses and little breaks so I’m not so exhausted.  It’s the opposite issue, I have to stop myself from working all the time.  Our life is quite crowded with full days, but we’re simplifying, so I’ll release many more collections soon!  I encourage everyone to trust their own voice.  (It’s not a good idea to copy and or try to steal from others.  Only their unique perspective and experiences form their own words.  What are your words?  What do you think?)  If you feel blocked:  Release, let go, breathe, and change directions.  Go for a stroll or lay still and close your eyes.  Too much ‘go-go-going’ gets you nowhere.  Meditate on your breath and relieve the pressure.  Eat well.  Start fresh.  Let new thoughts in and balance…I sometimes teach a creative writing class.  I’ll post the info here.

Q:  Your messages are of love and peace.  Would you say you’re a pacifist?

A: Yes.  Clear communication is everything for a loving and peaceful life for all.

Q:  What kind of mediums do you work in?

A:  All kinds, mostly watercolour, pencil, charcoal.  More oil paintings are coming up, as we’re redoing the studio in future seasons.  I also enjoy sculpture, textiles & apparel, film, photography, cooking, book design, gardening, and lots more.  I hope to make a pottery studio later on and release a ceramics collection in my shop.  Watercolour bends with my mind.  It flows and it’s my favourite go-to for designing everything from interiors to apparel to book characters +…

Q:  What do you do for relaxation:

A:  Meditation, salt baths, walks outside, drawing, dancing, laughing, yoga stretching, journaling, writing, music, movies, reading as a family, and grounding in the garden and at the ocean in the fresh sea air.

Q:  When will the new apparel collections be available?

A:  2019 Summer and Autumn.  I’m very excited to release these organic handmade items into the shop.

Q:  What kinds of music do you like?  I look forward to your “music of the moment” blurb on each post.

A:  I Love many kinds of music, depending on mood, time of day, and what we’re doing.  I love gypsy violin, acoustic guitar, voices of many cultures, rock n roll, blues, jazz, holiday songs, choirs, old movie soundtracks, slow oceanic type songs, and anything that matches my energy level/frequency and feels a match of sound.  As a synesthete & empath, it’s important to soothe and release the senses with peaceful exterior stimuli, such as music, places, people, etc.  Singing is a way of relaxing and improving lung strength.  It’s also a form of meditation chanting and yoga breathing.  Moving your breath in sound is an amazing way to use your imagination and shape air.  Playing and listening to music are amazing ways to improve brain connections and memory.  Stay tuned for more mood music on these journal posts.  What songs are you listening to today?

Q:  You have a unique style of drawing and painting.  Where did you learn?  Where did you go to school?  How do I come up with my own style of art?

A:  Thank you.  I get this question quite often.  I didn’t ‘learn my style’ from anywhere specifically, it’s just my own evolving expression of my world inside and around me.  I did take a few anatomy drawing classes/design classes in school and college.  I felt it was limiting to the teacher’s preference of line style with no room for creativity there, even after ‘accomplishing’ traditional techniques.  I practice drawing all the time, and my eyes practice even when my hands aren’t drawing.  I did attend college at a ‘prestigious’ design school in NYC, but I feel anyone can learn anything without college or paying for classes.  I teach a unique children’s class (free & local), called The Crayon Club, to help everyone begin seeing through their own eyes and imagination with many other fun features.  A book for this is coming up so people everywhere can learn, too.  I also teach various types of private and group classes for all ages.  We have so much fun with our daily homeschool art class.  It’s just a part of life here, like lunch.  Art therapy for all is an amazing release and inspiration for the inner Self.  All you need is a will to learn, to request books at libraries, watch instructional videos or artist documentaries, hang out at galleries and museums, look at forms before drawing, and try out different healthy things to teach yourself, which is really what I have done.  Classes are limited to the teacher’s style, ego, and critique, so you really end up teaching yourself outside of the class.  It takes a lot of work and time to pay off college tuition.  Even if you have a full scholarship, your time is valuable.  I don’t agree with the way education is set up.  It needs a complete redesign.  ‘Education’ is really meant to be about the students and helping them design healthy lifestyles.  Everyone has special gifts and can use them in their professions, if desired.  If you choose school, make sure you take time in between/during the required curriculum to think about yourself and what you want.  We have choices in what jobs we choose, if we look for the choices.  You can even create your choices and invent customized options, like I do.  For artists, you can go to a school, or you could get a job and spend what money you have on a few pencils and paper, and save the rest for living expenses for living a healthy life.  Learn computer programs if you like, but learning to SEE first, even before drawing by hand or computer programs, is vital for a healthy vision and developing a creative flexibility in your mind.  Drawing is looking and feeling, and not much looking down at your paper, just referencing it.  There is a connection with your unique sense of perception.  Even if vision is not your primary sense, you can draw by connecting with the energy.  Draw apples, buildings, yourself in the mirror/by feeling your face, everything…then focus on your own messages and develop your own interests/style.  Most of my artwork is not in my shop yet, so remember not to limit a person’s ‘style’ to one look or what you’ve seen of their ‘portfolio’.  People can make things in different collections and ‘styles’.  Often, I teach art classes for all ages, including beginners and advanced artists who get stuck in a ‘style’, which just means stuck in life.  Be free!  Try new things for a healthy balance!

Q:  How old are you?  You sound young, but write like an older person.

A:   …   Ageless or really old, but not that old for humans in the way you’re asking about.  Old soul empaths write how they feel, what they sense…it might not always be what people understand at the present time.

Q:  Why are you a vegan?  I’m thinking about it, but it seems too limiting!

A:  For good health and peace for all, and if you research it well, you’ll see the choice is clear.  I talk a lot about this in my books and in these organic lifestyle journal posts.  I feel it’s a very important choice for respecting Nature and ourselves.  It’s not limiting to improve your health.  Like any transition, it takes a little bit to adjust, but it was all positive changes for me.  The vegan lifestyle feels healthy.  I was raised to not be vegan, so I am simply back to how I would naturally eat and live.  It’s so much easier and loving in many ways.  More on this is coming up!  Eating organic plants feels good, and there are so many options.  My cookbook collection is coming up to help with transitions and recipes!

Q:  What country are you in?  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Amor Milagre is a US based company that ships internationally.  Thanks!

Q:  You have such vision!  Why aren’t you in charge of a department in a design firm or corp?  Would you like to be? Contact me here….

A:  I’ve always seen things as they are and how beautiful they can be.  I make goals and help myself complete them.  I’ve always known that I wanted to have my own company at home.  I’m still not fully where I know I can be, but it takes so much time/health to get around other’s plans/barriers and environmentally-caused illness.  It also takes time and energy to recover from difficult maternity illnesses.  (My healthy happy parenting/children’s books encourage listening and helpful guidance to allow children to walk their unique path). During and after college, I briefly worked at large design companies (against my instincts/plan) and was offered a ‘bigger position’ of running design departments, but it was entirely wrong for me so I quit and tried to heal from illness while opening my own company.  Building the ‘something important’ that only I see, with no resources, is difficult, but to me, it’s my vocation.  I have to.  I want to.  I feel it will help.  ‘Start Small’ is one of my upcoming books, and this message is in all of my books and work.  Illness can take up so much of your life, but if allowed to choose a healthy natural lifestyle, illness fades and your work shines.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to come back to Nature and stop all types of abuse and pollution.

Working in a big company was limiting, uncreative, and the environment, unnecessary pressure, and lifestyle was ill-making.  Their practices, and the lack of healthy practices, were shocking to me.  (They didn’t even recycle).  This is why there are so many products on the shelves that don’t fit anyone, because they didn’t check anything before production.  They wasted so much, they copied bad designs, and the materials were not sustainable in the first place.  There are a lot of wasted materials and energy in production as well.  The makers are not in healthy places or paid fairly.  Communities near factories are polluted and create illness.  Life cycles are very important.  Who is reviewing the life cycles?

Having complete creative control, direction, and expression within my own company is healthy for my lifestyle…to live.  I control the materials, messages, environment, and my schedule.  Everything I make is unique and handmade.  Corporations, as I know them, are very unhealthy in their totality.  It’s frustrating because they have resources, but they are usually making the wrong choices.  A major change needs to happen for companies before it’s even worse off for the world.  I Love my company, and my customers appreciate a loving, healthy, evolving collection to adopt into their lives and homes.  We design our life to make sure our family’s health comes first.  So, no thank you for unhealthy corporation job offers.  I do consider custom design projects.  You can visit my design page, and message me with details and proposals.

Amor Milagre Q&A Interview 2019 Pink Dewdrop Flower Favourite Series Non-Toxic Health Spring Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Gift Shop Art Vegan Baby & Child

Q:  Where else can I see your collections?

A:   My collections are exclusively sold here at  Amor Milagre is just me.  One person, lovingly doing everything.  I chose to do this so I can make sure everything is sustainable, handmade, accurately priced, shipped quickly, and so I can provide healthy communication with my customers.  My company is designed to be a positive place and experience.  I may do things differently, but I inspire my viewers to see that as a positive for them and for Nature.  This also allows customers to be on the computer less and go out and enjoy Nature more!  Less online comparison hunting through websites and more passion and fun!  I post updates on this journal, so everything is easy to keep up with and enjoy.

Q:  I’d like to work at Amor Milagre, how do I apply?

A:  (Please see the answer above, too).  Possibly in the future, I may choose to have a shop building address with additional company features, but for now I’m exclusively an online shop.  Thank you very much for your interest.  For those asking, I recommend one of my classes to aid in enhancing your gifts and helping you in your self-exploration journey.  Several people who ask to apply, after a chat I hear, are artists who have lost their passion and confidence.  My books can be very helpful for this, too!  Starting over can be a very positive change!  I like helping others find their passions.  You are bright stars, shine your Light!  Thank you for wanting to be a part of Amor Milagre, and you can be, by being Purely You!  I do have an upcoming series that I’ll be accepting submissions for soon.  It’s all about promoting positive changes all over the world.  Check back on this journal for details.

Q:  What are your tips for picking interior paint colors?

A:  I have many!  It depends on the project, but for all paint:  Choose durable, well made, no-VOC paint from a healthy, green company.  My upcoming design books and design atelier services provide more info for interior design advice.  Make sure your colours soothe your unique senses and lifestyle.  I do like to compliment skin tones by choosing paint that is flattering.  The home is a wonderful place to think about all kinds of customizable and pleasing design ideas.  Please message me for design projects and questions.  My Colour Moods Fashion & Personal Style Series may be helpful for finding ‘your neutrals’ and favourite colours.

Q:  Will you be teaching organic vegan cooking classes again?

A:  I’d really like to.  We’ll see if I can fit them into my 2019-2020 schedule.  I think it’s very important to share what we figure out to help others in their healthy lifestyle evolution.  Thanks, they were fun!  It feels good to help.

Q:  Who are your favorite fashion designers:

A:  Luisa Beccaria is a favourite for aesthetic inspiration, and I haven’t found any favourites for sustainability yet.  Brands would need to become more consistent and ethical before I could recommend them.  They can also talk about their chosen ethical materials. Otherwise, how is the general public, who looks at designs for inspiration rather than actual purchasing options, to know what the collections are made of?  Growing up, I followed Dries van Noten’s collection each year for colour interests and men’s shoe designs, and also various looks/designer collections from each season.  There is not really one designer that I connect with each year, except sometimes Luisa.  I really liked Dior’s 2017 SS Couture Magical Garden Fashion Show & Collection.  (This was the first couture collection from Maria Grazia Chiuri, the house’s first women’s designer).  I like collections that are imaginative, natural, feminine, sweet, yet strong in the senses.  There are a few organic children’s designers we like, but they’re not consistent enough yet to reference.  Of course, I love my own organic collections, which will be releasing in upcoming seasons, for all ages.  The fit of most brand collections, for ready to wear clothing, needs so much more attention.  I want to inspire designers to produce less, and to produce infinitely better quality than the market reflects.  Timeless designs that fit well can proudly appear every year.  Trends could be seen in a more fun way, still made well, but less quantity and pose less risk to the classic wardrobe and wallet.  ‘Design’ needs a redesign.

Q:  Why don’t you post pictures of yourself?  We want to see you?  You frustrate me when you write about things and I can’t see you doing them. 🙂

A:  Fame by physical recognition is not desirable to me because it is not real.  My universal messages of Love are the focus.  Readers can connect with Amor Milagre’s messages in a pure way, without Earthly ‘teachings’ of what to connect to by appearance.  I support my family with my specifically designed ‘A Gentle Life Collections’ by helping others connect with their inner Self for a healthy life.  This is a good time to practice using your imagination!  We do not believe it is safe to post personal pictures online.  We encourage people to keep their privacy and to not put everything online.  For example:  Wait until your children are grown up to ask their permission to post their picture online.  Ask others in your photos and in the backgrounds for their permission, before posting.  Why do you need to post personal pictures online?  It’s simply not safe.  We encourage people to develop natural friendships in their daily life, to be confident by Loving their inner Self, to not seek exterior approval, and to LIVE offline.  There are so many wonderful things to do without computers, electricity, and clicking sounds.  Go Live!  See how wonderful it is!  Laugh and smile naturally, without taking selfies…  Go breathe, without a phone app telling you when…  Personal photo albums are fun to hold and share stories with Dear Ones.  Trade printed photos with a handwritten letter. Redesign the way you see the Self.  Love Being Purely You!

Q:  Your gardens are so pretty!  I want to start a garden, but don’t know where to start?  Advice please!

A:  A passion for plants is a great start.  You can start by thinking about:  What kind of plants you like.  How much space you want to use.  How to prepare it, whether it’s soil outside or pots on a balcony.  Colours and moods you desire and adore.  Bookmarking gardening books from the library and using a Pinterest folder for gardens are good ways to organize and review what you like.  Narrow your admirations down to a few to start with.  Create a simple structure and start with a few plants.  Seeds are a great way to start.  Planting bulbs with patience and Love in a natural planting arrangement is fun.  Edit as you go and learn.  Start with a few to learn how to care for each type of plant.  Perennials are helpful, beautiful, and economical.  How much time do you have before you want to see blooms?  Do you want organic edible plants?  Visit local gardens and conservatories for inspiration.  More info can be found in my books, these journal posts, my upcoming gardening books, and in the gardening section of your library.  Plant what you Love!  A garden is a friend who adores you and provides so many healthy benefits.  No garden is too small to enjoy!

Q:  What is your favorite vacation spot?

A:  Home on Sundays.  It’s quieter on this speck of Earth on Sundays, and we love pajamas.


Thank you, and I’ll pause the Q&A for now.  Most messages are answered personally.  I did receive quite a few questions about how to best frame my artwork collections.  I will be releasing some inspiring information about this soon!

It’s a new Season so time to rest, be cozy, explore, and enjoy simple Springtime pleasures.  Thanks and please check back for upcoming collection releases!  ~Amor Milagre


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