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Miniviews in the Garden

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  It’s snowing…


This morning’s Miniview answers a mix of some of your questions.  They were the one-of-a-kinds, so I’ve grouped them together here.  I will post another to answer one specific question soon.

Amor MilagreGarden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  Soft cheeks, so kissable.   Heavenly scented rose blooms…


Q:  You mention the word ‘hope’ a lot in your books.  How do you sustain hope during these uncertain times?

A:  Yes, I love the word hope.  To me, it means a possibility that we can choose and allow good energy to live, thrive, and spread.  Hope isn’t a mere wish or just an idea.  Hope indicates that peace is always there.  We just need to choose it.  Awareness and helpfulness are ways that hope blooms into a wonderful daily reality.  Dream it and help it come true.


Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  Can you reach me?


Q:  When will The Love Letter Diaries books be available in audio?  Love the books, but also want to listen in the car on the way to work.  So calming.  Can’t wait for the next volume!!!

A:  Thank you!  All of my books have the audio option so far, except the Leona books as they are the longest.  I am still editing those files, and I will have that series available as a digital download audio option this winter at the latest.  Thank you!  They are my favourites as well.

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  As the blueberries fade out, the blackberries ripen.  Everyone is young once.


Q:  Are you still making organic cotton clothes?  I’ve worn out that dress you made for me years ago.  The cream one with the embroidery on the hem.  We have some baby showers coming up and need more of those tiny outfits.  Are you doing custom clothing orders still?  I couldn’t find the option in your shop.

A:  Thanks!  Those were fun to make.  I have sold out of that collection of the little suits and dresses, but a few graphic toddler tees are still available.  I plan on releasing some new organic apparel collections after our atelier renovations are finished.  I do have magical nursery artwork, stationery, and sweet children’s books available.  They’re wonderful as gifts, and I can write a custom inscription, if you like.  Message me!  Thanks, Hannah.  I do remember that dress!

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  Party skirts sway in the breeze…


Q:  Who are the artists that work for you?  I like the varied styles, but I cannot find their names.  Can I order a custom size?  I’m interested in the person who does the pastels.

A:  Thank you, but it’s all done by me, Emmanuelle, aka Amor Milagre.  I am the original and authentic maker of my collections and I sign all of my artwork and books for each order.  Depending on my mood, and the medium, the pieces may look a little different.  I don’t believe an artist is limited to one look, style, or medium.  Charcoal drawings have a different energy than landscape oils.  You move differently with a special posture and time for each, but they all build on one another.  The same goes for books, music, sewing, home design, dance, and photographs.  I like to explore different forms of expression.  It’s just what comes out in that moment.  What does your soul need?  How?  They are all connected though, by me.  Yes, please message me for your specific custom sizes.  Over the years, I’ve made tiny to gigantic pieces.  I have many new pieces coming up!  Thank you.

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  A sea of fern waves…


Q:  How can I apply to work for your company?  I am an art teacher, and I’m interested in what you are doing.  Are you still holding classes?  If so, I’m interested.  I’m a bit rusty.

A:  Thank you, but at this time, it’s just me.  I have postponed all Amor Milagre classes and clubs until the pandemic is actually over.  I might do a collection of video classes later on that customers can purchase in my shop.   I was the only teacher when I held my classes, and I’m the only person in my company.  I do all of the different stages of work for my company.  I have plans for expanding my online shop to include a local New England shop later on.  I’ll email you then.

As for the rusty part:  Practice drawing every day.  Begin again…as if you didn’t know any techniques or any art history.  Use big, sweeping gestures to loosen up.  Relax your wrist.  Don’t think.  Feel it, use your senses and intuition, let go of all expectations, and express… Use nature as your forever model and meditate there.  (These are some of the things that I teach in my classes for all ages/levels.)

I encourage you to explore what you could offer in your own potential business.  You can also teach online, make process/demo videos, sell your art, and teach/volunteer locally.  Community centers and children/adults everywhere need good safe teachers.  Building up a community of inspiring teachers and thriving students is important.  Get involved in community projects…or start new ones.  Support the arts.  Thanks for your interest!

*This answer is also meant for any college students who asked if they could intern with me.  We’ve been self-isolating to stay healthy, sorry!  Hope you find that right fit for your credits.  I know it’s not always easy to find.  Stay safe!

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design.  Dancers point toes to the sky!


I will answer more of your thoughtful questions later on in another one of my Miniviews (Mini Interviews).

In the meantime…

*Express yourself, paint with plants, and adore all of yourself.  Love, ~ Amor Milagre



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A: Peace & Plants

Amor Milagre Apple Orchard #5.1 Nature Photography Art Prints

Q:  What is the answer?  A:  Peace and Plants

Peace is needed everywhere, within and out there to share, to be, and for all to live safely and freely.

Plants are needed to breathe, to heal, to protect, to house, to eat, to amaze, to balance, and to pollinate.

There is a serious lack of both.

Peace is felt by just being around plants.  Plants can thrive in a peaceful world.

Learn from nature.  There is a renewing cycle in the natural world.  It is harmonious, and it only works well when everything is included, but even so it adapts with clever solutions if there is something lacking.  I encourage everyone to examine all choices, thoughts, and ways of communicating.  Are you helping or harming?  Choose to help yourself and others.  Choose peace and plants.

Peace is a world full of plants, and plants give peace.

Grow Plants = Grow Peace

It is a good time for all to use/provide natural solutions to replace pollutive systems with sensitive earth-friendly ones, such as for heating, transportation, growing plants/food, and quiet non-toxic simple machines (including for the organic/non-GMO garden).  Ban sound pollution like leaf blowers and fireworks, which are particularly painful for people with hearing or sound-related neurological conditions such as hyperacusis.  Fireworks, and other loud sounds, are highly insensitive and cruel during this time when world tensions are high.  End violence of all scales.  There are so many people that need help.  Let everyone rest, sleep, and let babies nap.  Let everyone live in peace.  Children need peace for healthy development.  All children and people have the right to education and a safe world.  Everyone needs peace to heal.  Pollution of all kinds injures all ages with negative immediate and long-term health effects.  There is no time or energy for negativity and there is much to heal.  Get back to nature today.  Let the trees grow in the right spots so that they may thrive and age.  Grow healthy food and don’t wrap it in toxic materials.  Allow people and animals to recharge and connect quietly in nature.  Save your seeds and plant goodness for a positive tomorrow.

Nature and love are everything.  The world is real, so why does it not feel like it?  There is not much of nature left, and too many are taught to not communicate about reality.  This is dangerous and it perpetuates a negative cycle.  Mental health awareness and pollution awareness need to be addressed on all levels.  Children, and all people, need to learn how to:  understand emotional health, ask for help, help those who need it, heal themselves, and communicate lovingly and respectfully.  Peace is possible if we all choose it.  Unlearn negativity and Live Peace.


Love to All for Love is Everywhere

Let the world breathe…we have good things to do and share.

Love, an ancient empathic soul, ~ Amor Milagre


Music of the Moment:  A World of Heartbeats


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A Vegan World Heals All: Let Animals Be Wild & Free

Amor Milagre A Vegan World: Let Animals Be Wild & Free Atelier Design Art Mountain View

“Wild and free as one likes to be!” is one of the reoccurring quotes in my loving novels and helpful children’s books.  I say this to inspire all people to let all animals be wild in Nature, to not hurt, torture, kill, or eat animals, and to encourage all to grow and eat organic plant foods.  Veganism is the way for our world to heal peacefully.  It inspires more nurturing changes in every direction of living and being.  Loving language heals all who are:  struggling, suffering, unaware of the issues, and those who are made ill by their environment and the harmful choices of others.  Where is the planet for peaceful, loving, vegan, positive people to live?  We all need to make positive changes now, in order for all people to be healthy.  We need our children to have positive futures of good health, equality, and a safe feeling for their daily lives.  Long-term effects on each person’s heart, mind, body, senses, and soul need to be carefully planned for in peaceful, positive ways.  Let’s get creative!  Let’s be natural!  Let’s change things for the better!  What can each of us do today?  Here are just a few things:

  1.  Stop using, harming, containing, killing, and eating animals.  Free all animals from farms to pets.  Don’t pollute your body with violence.  Allow animals to live their natural lives in Nature as they were born to do.  Replace feelings of control with feelings of letting go, a peaceful release, with space for real natural love to enter your life and nourish your soul.
  2.  Plant seeds of positivity in your mind.  Plant seeds in your soil everywhere for your family and your local community to build a plant library and seed bank of sustainable food.  Eat and grow organic, non-GMO plant foods.  Gardening is a joy for the soul!  Nature whispers sage advice in every breath of the wind.  Fresh air heals and prevents illness.
  3.  Stop pollution of every kind and come back to A Gentle Life.  Relieve the world’s senses from harmful machines, and rest in Nature’s calming rhythms.
  4. Remove your ego, and become aware of what is real and true around you.  Companies need to redesign all systems to accommodate each person’s unique and optimal health.
  5. Make educated choices, beginning with the practice of educating yourself every day throughout your entire lifetime.  What are you stubborn about?  Who are you harming?  How can you replace harmful practices with helpful ones?  It’s easy if you try.  Give it a try today, tomorrow, and the next day!
  6. When you choose anything:  a product, a relationship, a lunch….what is it all about?  Be aware of your Self.  Before you begin something, remember how everything connects, and choose, aware of your choice, knowing that the effects of your choice are healthy for the world.
  7. Know your Self:  Journal, Meditate, ask your Self questions, listen with the heart, and give your Self what you need to thrive, while being peaceful and not harming anything or anyone else.  Listen to your family and friends.  What do they need?  Help all heal and live a beautiful, loving life together as one kind, compassionate world of friends.

Remember, if at any point you were not given what you needed, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t give your needs to your Self now.  It also doesn’t mean you can deprive others of their needs.  Begin loving chain reactions.  World:  Let’s change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts that lead to healing actions.  Covid-19 is one of the many serious and harmful problems that is literally plaguing and polluting our world.  Climate change needs to be addressed by every person’s choices.  It is all preventable through positive choices, made by each of us, and encouraged by peaceful community leaders.  Step up to help!  Use your beautiful unique voice to make positive changes with creative and natural solutions.  Feel and think of the life cycles in all you do and explore how the world feels your choices.


Companies:  Now, today, how can we make sure everyone has a paycheck while we self-isolate to prevent even more people from spreading the coronavirus?  Some jobs lend well to a work-from-home routine, but many people have to be physically there.  There is always something to do.  Give all workers work-from-home projects.  Perhaps, research and development about positive changes could be a good thing to pay your workers for!

News Reporters:  Today, remember:  It’s not about reporting first, it’s about reporting honestly and providing help for people.  We have enough stress in our own lives.  How can you help dissolve the world’s fears and give positive ideas and aid?  For every negative article, report 10 positive ones to outweigh the world’s attraction to negativity.  Reset the current state of energy vibration to feel good.

All People:  Always be mindful to be positive to your Self and All around you, especially during these challenging times.  DO NOT HARM ANYONE.  Keep children safe!!!  Help all who need it.

*If anyone is isolated with an abusive person, please ask for help.  I know this one is very tricky…too many unknowns, but it’s not ok for anyone to harm you.  Sending love and strength!

“Leaders”:  We need you to be peaceful, inventive, and positive for the world.  You can help your country, state, community, or company BEFORE waiting until it is suffering without help.  Don’t ignore issues.  Stop competing, copying, stealing, neglecting, and lying for it does nothing but add anger, confusion, and fear to all.  We need you to change.  We need leaders who love people no matter what.  We need leaders who love themselves.  We need peace, helpful programs, community building systems, and sustainable replacements for broken rules, regulations, and routines.  We need honesty, clarity, prevention, and protection.  We need safety and peace in our own lives.  We need constant, gapless healthcare.  We need positive change now and going forward.

THANK YOU: To all of the brave, loving people who are helping the world!


Choose positivity for your Self and All!  XO ~Amor Milagre


All Text appears in my upcoming books!

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Coming Up:

A new positive original loving novel and a new children’s book, adoring Nature,

inspiring you to preserve Nature by loving your Self and your local community.


For weekly updates and inspiration, please visit my instagram page.


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Everyone Can Learn to Be Sensitively Aware to Heal the World

Amor Milagre Presents Leona's Nonna 1st Summer Festival The Love Letter Diaries #1 ethical book series ocean front cover

Awareness of every minute detail, environment, emotion, thought, connection, and area of our world is desperately necessary by all because it will not only heal highly sensitive people and empaths, but it will heal all people, while preventing futures of negativity for all children. 

Once upon a time…I dreamed of what I love…and I made it my every day.

If you are having trouble being a sensitive person in this world that purposely harms sensitive people by willfully refusing to understand, appreciate, and accommodate them in every aspect of life, please read my books that are specifically designed to help you by supporting and boosting your loving sense of Self.  Aware people are a great asset to the universe.  There is infinite positive value in sensing everything as it is, and in being able to quickly surmise positive solutions to age old conflicts.  Audiobooks and braille books are coming up to include everyone in these loving messages.

Everyone and everything is Loving Light!  We are all sensitive, but many are not aware of it.  Come back to being your real Sensitive Self.

I love everyone and everything in this Universe, including those who are not aware of the wonderful beautiful sensitivity of their Self and All! 

Choose positivity for your Self and All!  XO ~Amor Milagre



Coming Up:  A new positive original children’s book, adoring Nature, inspiring you to preserve Nature by loving your Self.


I Love! Sweet Charity Valentine’s Day Sale

Save 25% on All Collections with Checkout Code:  LOVEALL


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Home Renovation Design Diaries & Tips: Yoga Painting

Amor Milagre Yoga Painting Home Renovation Diaries Designer Tips Ethical Gift Shop

 Flocks of W’s and V’s wrap up the walls of our new home at Rose Cottage.  Patch, sand, prime, paint, repeat.  Stretch and bend, over, under, on tiptoes, and balanced on ladders.  How tall are you, what is your reach, and how tall are the ceilings?  Which tools could help you ergonomically paint your darling home? 

I’ve received some questions about renovating.  Here are some painting tips.  Your best friend is practice, nothing fancy, but your home will look fancy!

  • Rollers & Extenders:  I find an extender useful with a roller for the middle to top in one position, then stretch to bend for the bottom.  With so much to do, the body needs care and caution.  For high ceilings, steady ladders and a good extender help your back.  This also helps to finish the job much faster and smoother.
  • Angled paint brushes are great for striking out ceilings, woodwork, and corners.  Go slow and steady.  You can always touch up ceilings later if a bristle flecks paint.
  • Use No VOC paint and open windows.  Towels under closed doors help other rooms stay unscented.
  • Tiny art brushes are great for narrow window grid trim.  Painting tape keeps trim and window glass clean.  Use the tape like a straight edge.  Pull it to bend, and press to seal.  This reminded me of my 2D foundation design class for colour theory.  We taped boards to layer shapes and colours with paint and matte medium.  Once you get the trick of it, by practicing, you’ll never scrape paint off glass again.
  • Stretch like in yoga.  Bend, balance, strengthen, but don’t breathe in the paint. 🙂
  • Reuse rollers and brushes by keeping in airtight bag during a project.  Wash when done with a colour, and let dry.  If painting many areas, a rotating routine helps by having several brushes and rollers to use.  Label colours on each bag and set with matching paint can.
  • *Don’t spray the paint as it’s unhealthy for your breathing air.
  • Playing music, for whichever mood you’re ready for, helps you sway with the brushstrokes.  Take your time to save time.
  • I like to paint the trim and doors the same as the wall for a serene aesthetic.
  • Taking breaks is good for muscles, drying times, and an energy boost.  Eating well and sleeping early helps complete renovations faster with less frustrating accidents.  I like to map out a painting routine for the week with room goals.  It helps keep track of what is done, and what is ready to do next.
  • Supportive shoes, ones you don’t mind getting a bit painty, lend strength and longevity to painting sessions.
  • Tarps help keep splatters off floors and walls.  Burlap ones rattle less than plastic ones when windows are open.
  • Temperature is important.  Is the humidity right?  Is it warm enough to paint?  Stir paint before using.
  • Check and clean up as you go.  Check for drips, and smooth out overlap marks.
  • Remove hardware when possible and reattached later.  Tape and cover permanent hardware to keep it unpainted and useful.
  • Use the right paint for each surface.  All your work is worth the energy if the paint stays nice and doesn’t chip due to the wrong paint choice.  Look at the labels.  Trim paint for wood trim.  Wall paint and often paint/primer all in one for walls.  Anything metal, plastic, or other, find the matching paint type.  Ask the shop for advice.
  • Check the paint colour on the chip to see if it was mixed properly before leaving the store.  Check the colour with a sample before ordering large gallon quantities.  Paint a spot on each wall to check how light and shadow change your colour.
  • Surface preparation is key for smooth walls.  Fill in cracks, holes, and dents.  Sand smooth and prime.  Check before painting.

When choosing paint colours, the natural light and room purpose are important to consider.  Look for healthy no-VOC paint options.  Find the family of colours you like, then choose one with enough earthiness for a soothing countenance.  Try it on every wall to see the shadows at all times of day.  What feels comforting to you?

Any more reno questions, I’ll be here painting, and I’ll get back to you once I wash my painty hands.  Happy Colours!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Coming Up:  A Custom Colour Service

New Home & Garden Renovation Design Diaries & Tips:  More from this new series is coming up!

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Q & A Miniview: Let Busy Hands Rest, Just ‘Be’ with Higher Self in Meditation

Amor Milagre Q & A Miniview 'Be' with Higher Self in Meditation Organic Lifestyle Mental Physical Emotional Health Tips

Thank you for all your lovely questions, comments, shares, and stories this past year.  In this Miniview (Mini Q & A Interview Series), I’ll answer one question at a time.

Q:  Many of you have asked about ways of meditating.  I was recently reminded of a way to explain it another way.  Here is a starter:

A:  Every day, each of us experience many things.  Meditating, even for ten minutes, can help sort out these experiences and the feelings and energy that connect with them.  Many people think they have to go, go go or do, do do in order to reach this ‘place’.  But, luckily, we have the ability to BE there at any time.  It is within us.  So, rest your body and rest your busy hands, because the quickest, most efficient, and healthiest way to connect with your Inner/Higher Self, your True Self, is this:  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe.  Let go and let your feelings, thoughts, and messages from the Universe wash over you.  This will help any issues you struggle with untangle and process without the ‘pressure of solving it’.  You don’t have to build something physical in order to build an understanding of your Self and the world around you.  Practice often, every day, with fresh air, and you can enter this health-boosting state more easily and openly in Real Love for your Self and All!  This is also a wonderful, natural way to relieve pain.  More soon…

I have included this in a new book, releasing in 2020. More Q & A’s are coming up!  Please message your questions here.  Happy Inner Connecting!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Say to your Self, “I am listening with a loving heart.”

Music of the Moment:  (Sing to Self) In My Life (I Love you More), The Beatles



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Q & A Miniview with Amor Milagre: A Scrumptious Trio

Amor Milagre Q & A Miniviews A Scrumptious Trio Ginger Root Organic Vegan Recipes Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Baby & Child food

Thank you for all your lovely questions, comments, shares, and stories this past year.  In this Miniview (Mini Q & A Interview Series), I’ll answer one question at a time.

Q:  What are your favorite food combinations for cooking family dinners?

A:  I have many, but for Winter, I really love organic ginger root, garlic, and shallots together…in everything!  It works gently in sauces, soups, appetizers, on vegetables, in dips, and with fruit to create a softness.  The scent fills the house with a warm, cozy cloud of sweet ginger.  Our bodies love it because it really helps boost the immune system and keep us healthy with all the germs about in town.  I like to sauté these three, minced, in olive oil, salt, and pepper, on low heat.  When tender, add in other things or add it on top of others.  We’ll be growing these in our new garden, here at Christmas Rose Cottage, this Spring -Summer -Autumn.  This healthy superfood grouping is soothing for the senses and for stomachs, little and big.  Ginger was very helpful for maternity illness.  I find natural foods so beautiful.  The garlic’s airy winged shells, the ginger’s aromatic colour, and my tearful shallotful eyes try to admire their lilac and russet hues fading into one another. 

I have included this trio in my new Cookbooks, releasing in 2020.  A new Film Series that involves some organic vegan recipe ‘How To’s’ is also on the menu.  More Q & A’s are coming up!  Please message your questions here.  Happy Holiday Cooking!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre


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Amor Milagre: Ambassador for Positive Change, Let’s Redesign to Allow a Healthy World for Sensitive People & All

Amor Milagre Ambassador for Positive Change, Safe World for Sensitive People, About Me Be the Light Charcoal Portrait Woman Profile Candle Hair Eternal Flame Love Greeting Card Live in the Light! Winter 2019 Ethical Handmade Gift Shop
‘Be the Light, Live in the Light’ Greeting Card Stationery Sets for this Artwork are Coming Soon!

Sensitivity is a Strength!  Sensitivity is Love!

I am an ambassador for positive change.  I am here to unveil that Awareness and Sensitivity are Love!  We are all born sensitive, but many lose their awareness of it.  Illness is a way it comes through, and clouding the awareness of our natural empathy will only cause more illness and suffering.  There is another way, dear human friends!  We can all listen to our Higher-Inner Self.  This is what it’s all about, connecting to our souls, and therefore connecting to everything and everyone that ever was, is, or will be.  This is where peace is.  Respect is there, too.  This is Love.  And…my Dear Ones, this is what we all are and need to be aware of.  So please read my blog posts here, and my books because I need to help us all get back to being extremely aware of…everything.  This is why I’m here, every time.  It was always this way, and as I continue to explore my Akashic Records in Meditation (more about this coming up), it seems to always be this way.  I am ‘The Teacher’, ‘The Advocate’, the humble sharer of information and messages from the timeless universe.  My new books are coming up, as fast I can make them and, of course, new blog posts and collections are lovingly being made here daily.

In the meantime, listen to your children, they know what love is and understand the awareness.  Let them teach you about Love and awareness.  Their wonder of the world is not only because they are new to it, it’s because they are aware of it and know it very well.  Teach them, of course, healthy humans ways, colours, numbers, words, but don’t forget that they are our teachers for the most important lessons for all lifetimes.  It’s in their smiles, their laughs, their LIGHT!  We are all born with the Light of Love.  It transcends all human words and we have it always.  Live in the Light! 

Amor Milagre Ambassador for Positive Change, Let’s Redesign to Allow a Healthy World for Sensitive People & All, sky clouds air Ethical Handmade Gift Shop

*A place to begin is to think of sensitivity as a gift, because it truly is.  Being sensitive helps guide you.  It helps you trust your instincts and your Inner Voice.  Have the greatest respect for children and everyone, especially highly sensitive people.  It’s incredibly difficult for us to even just be here, and then even more so when we add the daily routines and unhealthy people, places, tasks, and conversations.  Sensitive people are amazing at solving issues that are vitally important to solve.  If we are allowed a world that feels safe and healthy, our health will improve, and our other gifts can be positively appreciated in making wondrous and helpful systems, ideas, and gifts for all.  Everyone wants to feel good, so let’s allow sensitive people to be allowed that simple right.

What can we all do in our own circles, routines, and powers to make positive changes for sensitive people and all to feel their senses relax and focus more easily on the day’s goals and pleasures?  Think about all the things that affect your body, emotions, abilities, etc.  Think of lighting, sound, vibration, crowds, electricity, chemicals, air, routines, basic needs, voices, attitudes, volume, scents, air pressure, and everything that could feel uncomfortable, painful, or dangerous.  When speaking to sensitive people, what kind of words do you use, what tone of voice?  Do you know they are sensitive?  Are you aware?  Now think of these things around you as if they were intensified to an unbearable level that shakes and disturbs the delicate nervous system and all that holds your body together.  Now you might be thinking of how a sensitive person experiences the world.  Could you focus and complete a task quickly if you felt massive pain just being in an unhealthy setting?Amor Milagre Christmas Angel Tree Roses About Me Live in the Light! Winter Holiday Decor 2019 Ethical Handmade Gift Shop

For sensitive children, and parents of sensitive children, finding ways to communicate well is vital.  Children with speech challenges need to feel their voice is important, valued, and heard.  They need basic things and need to be able to ask for them each moment.  It’s incredibly frustrating to be unheard and in great need.  It’s a pain no one should experience.  Researching health conditions, ways of healing from trauma, and different ways of communicating is important to help those who live a more unusual life than others.  Their life has more layers because of the difference, and they have more gifts and strength because of it.  They very much need bridges of loving communications and a safe world to live in.  These very special people have so much grace and goodness to share with the world.  In sharing, they are able to feeling loving and contribute joy into the universe.  Their confidence will build and they will do many more great and healthy things for all people, including more sensitive people in need of help and love.

There is much to share and learn about how sensitive people feel in certain situations, places, and emotional environments.  There is also much for sensitive people to learn to keep their energy and stay healthy in a world that is not only unaware of their experiences, but too often condemns them and worsens their already difficult experiences.  Be kind and ask questions with loving communication.  Listening is learning.  Asking nicely, with an open heart, is being loving and sensitive back.  Have you heard anyone speak of the word ‘Sensitive’ as an analogy for ‘Love’?  Now you have because it is!  Being sensitive to others is being loving towards others.  Love is not something reserved for a few people in your life.  This Universal Love is for all people, things, plants, animals, and places.  It is for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and all everywhere.  Patience is needed when learning, so be patient, as learning about a Sensitive World is going to take imagination, until you understand.  It may sound extreme because, for us, it is.  The pain is so extreme and often sudden, a non-aware person might not feel it right away, but it would still affect them right away, only realizing it in another form later on.

Amor Milagre Ambassador for Positive Change, Let’s Redesign to Allow a Healthy World for Sensitive People & All, lake love Ethical Handmade Gift Shop

Much of which we feel is chronic, meaning the world is not changing its’ levels of pollution, and we have to endure it, sort it, combat it, heal it, and rebuild from it every day.  Think of it as if your whole world, your house, your job, your health, everything crashed every day, and you have to rebuild it all.  When ill, more levels of sensitivity can more easily layer on top of the already heightened ones.  Senses that were extremely aware were overstimulated too much, caused injury, or were abused can cause such conditions where the senses are blasted out.  For example, sound can be incredibly much louder (hyperacusis) which can cause partial deafness when there is no break from the ‘deafening’ wall of sound, the brain and eyes have challenging aura or blindness, walking can be too painful, or chemicals can affect skin much more quickly or more extremely.  Sensitive people are often misunderstood as their painful suffering can be mistaken for unrelated things in a quick moment, glanced at by an unaware person.  Inflicting sensitive people with experiences that are painful for them is abuse.  Become aware of your affect on people, and treat everyone uniquely.  There is no blanket way to treat everyone, expecting the same reaction.  Treat everyone with love, patience, and empathy, including your Self.

If you are sensitive, loving the Self, even if others do not, is very important.  Listen to you Self and do what you need to do to be healthy in peaceful ways.  When the world is painful for sensitive people, we often accrue illness that layers on new and very dangerous illnesses.  It makes us even more sensitive, which is still not a weakness, though it might look like it, but it is a great strength because it takes energy that we constantly have to keep rebuilding.  We have to keep adapting and become stronger because of the unhealthy things in the world.  It’s beyond exhausting, which is one of the illnesses -chronic exhaustion.

Amor Milagre Ambassador for Positive Change, Let’s Redesign to Allow a Healthy World for Highly Sensitive People & All Ethical Handmade Gift Shop

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll never use the word ‘sensitive’ as an insult, and if you hear someone doing so, you can now educate them and say:  “Sensitivity is a Strength!”  If you meet someone that says they are sensitive, you can say with a warm empathic smile, “That is so wonderful!  If there is anything you think we can do differently to help everyone’s senses keep their energy, please let me know.”

Everyone is sensitive about something, on different levels of awareness, and has various combinations of sensitivity.  We can come back to an understanding by raising awareness, having conversations, and remembering that all of us are sensitive people who need help with something.  Why not help everyone by making acceptance and inventive flexibility a standard way of making positive changes?  Things change all the time, and we adapt, so let’s change things for the better, to improve health for all with natural easy ways, such as fresh air and day light, a less cluttered, loud world.  See how easily the senses come back down to a healthy rhythm to balance the body and reduce illness.  This, in turn, allows us to solve issues and be more mindfully productive, making sustainable choices in all we do!

Everything is simple, but hardly anyone sees it like that.  All the planes merge in one space, but not many are aware.  More helpful tips for unlayering into awareness are coming up!  Remember, awareness is freedom!  It is understanding.  It is Love!

My company collections, especially the bookshop and blog posts, raise awareness for Love and Gentleness so that all kinds of sensitive people, (which includes all children), can live in this world and feel safe, peaceful, and healthy.  If we can change harmful, negative words, emotions, attitudes, and environments to be healthy ones for sensitive people, our gifts can shine and make massively positive connections and solutions for all.  We all live in the same world, but many of us highly sensitive, highly aware people are suffering health-wise, socially, in the work place, and just everywhere from noisy, bright restaurants to our own homes polluted by others’ stress, overwhelming environmental settings, and pollution of all kinds.  True sustainability is being mindful, respectful, and loving of people and places.  In our homeschool classes here, we teach and learn about all kinds of ways people live.  It’s not only about what people eat, wear, and the languages they speak.  There is a universal language that all people share across all countries and time.  It is awareness.  It is Love!

Children’s classrooms and library book reading sessions are great places to have a peaceful place that is soft for the senses.  Children may sometimes like to make sounds, but they surely do not like being surrounded by loud sounds.  They need to feel safe, and their body needs to be at rest, and not in distress.  Fresh air is beneficial to all, not just fresh air systems, but windows opened to let in natural air prevents illness.  Fresh air gives energy that can be used to learn wonderful things!  I’ll be posting more on this blog about what we all can do to be more aware and sensitive.

Amor Milagre Ambassador for Positive Change, Let’s Redesign to Allow a Healthy World for Sensitive People & All, lake mountain Ethical Handmade Gift Shop

Amor Milagre signifies Miracle Love.  There is a universal light that shines when real love ignites infinitely.  Real love is always miraculous.  “Live in the Light!  Fill yourself up with love from within, and let it flow into everything you do!  Surround yourself with Love!” ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre’s ‘A Gentle Life Collection’ may be helpful for everyone, especially for:  Empaths, Synesthetes, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Highly Intuitive People, Earth Angels, Light Workers, INFJ’s and all personality types, All Children, and Nature-Lovers.

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