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Home & Garden: Rainy Design Day

Amor Milagre Custom Kitchen Design
Amor Milagre Custom Kitchen Design

Designing the garden to be as soft, natural, and perennial as the interior is something that I love to do.  Outside, we have organic vegetable gardens, cottage flower mazes, and wildflower meadow borders.  It’s as easy as painting with plants.  Choose your colours, textures, seasons, and heights.  Replace lawns with perennial flowering plants.  Creeping thyme is a favourite bridge for plant gaps, and the pollinators love their dusty lilac flowers as much as we love to use it for cooking.  Plant your desired seeds and enjoy all of their stages.  Inside, cosy up by the window on a rainy day and sketch the blooms of the week.  Go out for a dewdrop stroll to explore watery worlds.  Arrange your teacups and dishes on wide heavy cream shelves, and lay down charcoal cacao floors to connect the inside to the garden.  Your flowers and curtains can reflect similar colours and patterns.  This encourages humanity to feel more a part of nature.  By connecting indoor and outdoor spaces with sensitive design, one finds themselves going out more naturally to benefit from the air, blooms, and roots.  Fawns love to wander in the meadows, too.

Meditate inclusivity, harmony, and peace.  Love, ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Custom Wildflower Meadow Garden Design
Amor Milagre Custom Wildflower Meadow Garden Design

More than ever, we need nature.  Natural landscaping is sustainable for all.

Plant self-seeders of goodness today!

Amor Milagre Gift Shop Stationery Hoppy Bunny Ink Notecards
Amor Milagre Gift Shop Stationery Hoppy Bunny Ink Notecards, Sustainable Cotton Papers


Today, I am working on these upcoming Loves for my Shop:

Pollinator-Loving Flower Seeds

Stationery Notecards & Sets -Featuring Art from my Original Book Illustrations

Affordable Mini Original Watercolour Paintings (Art Collectors get ready…) -Golden & Earthen Collection



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Mini Watercolour Paintings: Golden & Earthen

Mini Watercolour Paintings, Golden & Earthen, Abstract Nature-Inspired Originals by Amor Milagre
Mini Watercolour Paintings, Golden & Earthen, Abstract Nature-Inspired Originals by Amor Milagre


A New Art Collection Releases in a Few Weeks

These little jewels are affordable, sparkling, frame-ready 4″x6″ sweethearts.

Explore these colourful deckled-edge paintings to find one, or many, that suit your space!

Coming Soon

Golden energy to you!  Love, ~Amor Milagre


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Fine Art Flowers: Pastel & Watercolour Tulips

Tulip Series

Fine Art Flower Collection

Silky pink tulips are lovely, romantic, and cheerful for all ages and spaces.  Ever so softly, the petals were beginning to fall as I painted them.  This spring-inspired piece is a part of the Tulip Series and the Fine Art Flowers Collection.  Gorgeous anywhere, especially in a nursery.  I priced them to be very affordable for relaxed decorating.  Happy Spring!  Love, Amor Milagre


Choose:  Original Art Piece, Art Print 8X10″, and Greeting Cards

Shop This Series

A Gentle Life Collection by Amor Milagre



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Early Bird Holiday Autumn Sale!

Amor Milagre Children's Books Sage's Year in Nature, Apple Orchard Collection Nature Photography

I love making & buying gifts early so I can relax into the new season of fun traditions and nature’s adventures.  Autumn is slowly turning our garden to gold, and we begin our celebrations.

Most of my ethically made collection is handmade/printed to order and ready to ship right over to you.

The FSC Certified books are ordered in small batches as a part of a zero-waste process.  When stock runs low for the books during this time of year, it takes ~3 weeks to restock, so please try to order your books now to ensure enough time.  *Please email all personalized inscription messages (with correct spelling) at the time of your order.

To help out with your darling gift giving:

Save 15% off All Orders with Checkout Code: EARLYBIRD for Sweet Gifts in time for the Holidays!  Sale Ends 9-20-21

Shop for Unique, Peaceful Gifts:  A Gentle Life Collection

Keep the Season with my Empathic, Nature-Inspired:  Books, Art, Stationery, and Design! 


Music of the Moment:  Come On A My House, Della Reese


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La Mer & Healing Water Collection

Amor Milagre La Mer Ocean Water 4 Nature Photography Blue Waves


La Mer & Healing Water

Shop this ever-growing oceanic collection by Amor Milagre

A serene and peacefully romantic collection of art, nature photography, stationery, novels, and children’s books to inspire all to adore and respect the bodies of water around and inside us for a healthy, harmonious universe.

New ethically-made additions will wash ashore soon…

 Love & healing water to all of the highly sensitive, empaths, intuitives, and all!


*A few things we each can do to protect and help the ecosystems for land & water are:  Organic Non-GMO Peat-Free Gardening & Composting, Leave Natural Wildflower Wildlife Meadows, Veganism & Respect for all Animals, Stop Pollution with your Daily Choices and with your Votes, Don’t use Powerboats or Machines that use Fuel or cause pollution of any kind, Go Green and Plastic-Free, and when you see litter, pick it up and recycle.  Humans need help to get back to Nature and let the Earth be a safe home for all.  We all share this place, so let’s allow it to be an inclusive garden of life!  Think short & long term.  Everything in the world ripples out and directly affects everything else.  Learning awareness is key to healing all!  We are lucky because the answer is the most beautiful and fascinating wonder of our world…Nature.  Choose Life!   xo ~ Amor Milagre


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Happy Holiday Sale!

Amor Milagre Happy Holiday Sale! Golden & Earthen Art Paintings Ethical Gift Shop
The Enchanted Tree Children’s Book Illustrations: Golden & Earthen Paintings

Tis the season to give extra love, empathy, wishes, and magic!

  The holiday season is upon us, and we are very happy to begin our annual holiday sale!  This year, our hearts have grown even bigger, and we’re ready for a sweet, peaceful holiday.  Handmade with love by this hope-filled empath, I continue to grow a garden of unique gifts for you and your Dear Ones to explore.  Amor Milagre’s magical books and art collections are a loving way to connect with the Self and the light of love everywhere.  All growing collections are included in this sale, even the newest pieces and collections!  For custom and personalized gifts, please provide your messages.  Sending you loving energy and wishes for a Happy Holiday! xo ~ Amor Milagre

Explore the Collections

Happy Holiday SALE!

Enjoy 30% Off All Collections at Checkout with Code: HOLIDAY

Sale Ends New Year’s Day 2021


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Autumn’s Kiss

Amor Milagre Atelier Autumn Lover Organic Apparel Ethical Gift Shop

Autumn kisses the front door, here at Rose Cottage, and it blushes soft apricot pink.  Wishing winds breeze to remind hearts all over to be open and kind, and rushes snap in the woods, gently covered in her leafy comforter.  Stars are mine again, and I paint by lamplight, ready soon to release new stories to hold and to hear…always held dear, my Dear Ones.  Stay true to your unique wind and star, xo ~Amor MilagreAmor Milagre Atelier Autumn's Kiss Organic Apparel Ethical Gift Shop

New Upcoming Collections:

Autumn 2020-Winter 2021

Audiobooks for all of my Children’s Books & Loving Novels

La Mer, Sylph, more Golden & Earthen pieces, and other new Art Collections

2+ Children’s Books and 2 Loving Novels (The Love Letter Diaries #5, #6)

Organic Cotton Apparel

Seasonal Cookbooks

Self-Health Journals

Photography Collections

Stationery Collections

Oil Paintings, Watercolour Paintings, and Pastel Drawings

Unique Holiday Greeting Cards

Interior Design Books and Room Makeover Journal Posts

 I am pleased to share these fun and uplifting collections with you, especially during the upcoming seasons of festive joy.  The Love Letter Diaries novel series is dear to my heart, and I feel everyone can connect with this peace-loving world on a beautifully inspiring energy.  There will be two more books added to this collection soon, and many more are scribbled and sketched down.  These stories grow each season so you may enjoy the beauty of Nature with Leona and her loving town of friends!

(Weekly updates are on my instagram.)  Live in the Light of Love!  Stay safe, wear masks-gloves-face shields, wash hands and home, boost immune systems with healthy edible organic plant foods, and take every precaution to protect your darling Self, Dear Ones, and All!  The universe is connected.  Sending healing energy to All! 

A Gentle Life Collection

Explore the Shop!

Loving Ethically Handmade Gifts for All Ages!

Art, Books, Stationery, Apparel, Custom Gifts


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Golden & Earthen: The Enchanted Tree: New Children’s Book & Art Collection

Amor Milagre Shop Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Coming Autumn 2019 Black Ink Gold Dust

Rain drips from golden leaves outside my window.  Last night, I watched them dance in the windy night and I painted my first picture in our new home, at Rose Cottage.  Inky gold dust sang a lullaby, and a release of joy to be useful again burst from brushes and charcoal!  Another followed, and an entire story filled hungry pages.  A children’s book and artwork (originals, art prints, and stationery) for this fresh fall collection will breeze into the shop this week & more this Autumn.

Shop This New Collection! Golden & Earthen

Amor Milagre Shop Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Coming Autumn 2019 Fall Leaves

My collections appear in the shop, available to purchase, as they are made.  This allows my dear customers to snap up the original paintings, first prints, first greeting cards & stationery sets, and first book printings as I am working on the collections in real time.  They are new for me and for you!  The Enchanted Tree Collection will be the first in the Golden & Earthen Collection, new additions and a part of my Growing Collections.  This collection of artwork has backgrounds and imagery adorned in Earthen hues and glorious golden dust.  The soft colours feel beautiful for your interiors and senses. The golden pieces catch the light so you Live in the Light from morning to night.  The Figure Drawing Collection will grow and be added into Golden & Earthen, as well as other categories.  The collections are not only seasonal, but rather they grow as the years dance on and as positive memories are made here at Amor Milagre.  This year, many collections will be released, several who have been waiting patiently for us to move and unpack.  The Enchanted Tree is like these collections in the encouragement and Love for Nature and A Gentle Life!  It is lovely for all ages.  More Soon, XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Shop Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection, Painting Autumn 2019

The Enchanted Tree

Coming Soon to the Shop:  This Week & Autumn 2019

Ethical, Organic, Made-to-Order, Lovingly Handmade by 1 Person:  Amor Milagre.

Sustainable Packaging and Quick Shipping directly to you.

Responsibly Sourced Materials, Non-Toxic Materials and Natural Colours.

Amor Milagre Shop Golden Bird Nestled In Watercolour Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Autumn 2019

Amor Milagre Shop Golden Origin Tree Ancient Atelier Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art & Stationery Collection Autumn 2019

Amor Milagre Shop Golden Dance in the Wind Night Ink Painting Watercolour Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Autumn 2019

Amor Milagre Shop Golden Enchanted Tree at Midnight Ink Painting Watercolour Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Autumn 2019

Amor Milagre Shop Golden Origin Tree Ancient Atelier Brush Water Swirls Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art & Stationery Collection Autumn 2019

Live in the Light!

Music of the Moment:  The Old Gypsy, The Paganini Duo, Gustaw Szelski on violin, and Georg Mertens on guitar, in the Cathedral Chamber, part of the Lucas Cave at Jenolan Caves, world’s oldest Cave (340 million years).