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The Favourite Series: Winter Holiday Gift Guide for Children of All Ages 2019

Amor Milagre The Favourite Series Fun Holiday Gift Guide for Children of All Ages 2019 Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Art Baby & Child Parent Family decor

For fun learning in the day, and soft peaceful sleep at night, there are many gifts to give this holiday to help little ones thrive, play, and rest.  The best one is Love.  Here is a list of some children’s gifts that we appreciate.

This gift guide list is a part of my new ‘Favourite Series’ which I’ll add to each season.  The only books and gifts on the lists that I know for sure are ethically made are from my own handmade collections.  The items here are chosen by the young, and as a parent, I agree that these are helpful, fun, and beautiful.  This is the children’s list!  Happy Gift-Giving! XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre The Favourite Series Fun Holiday Gift Guide for Children of All Ages 2019 Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Art Baby & Child Parent Family

We love one or all of these:  (using healthy, cozy, non-toxic, sustainable materials)

  • ***Kindness, hugs, kisses, stories, songs, compassion, patience, peace, respect, conversation, listening…Love…
  • Safe fun experiences, exploring Nature in fresh air, holiday traditions new & old
  • Music Boxes & Snow Globes
  • Books, Audiobooks, encouraging positive healthy messages (Amor Milagre Books, library books, Children’s Reading Book List)
  • Puzzles (Smaller number amount for younger kids)
  • Soft organic sleep toys and pajamas
  • Sweet lamp with dimmer, cozy reading chair
  • Baby gear:  for home, travel, nursery room
  • Live plants & trees in durable decorative pots
  • Special boxes to keep treasures
  • Ornaments, handmade, non-toxic
  • Memory games
  • A Mini Hurdy Gurdy is a great stocking stuffer.  It’s a tiny music box that cranks specific a well known song, and the boxes are often decorated in beautiful famous paintings and holiday cheer.  Little hands love to play music wherever they go
  • Russian Nesting Doll
  • Stationery, personalized and winter-themed, thank you cards
  • Cooperative games
  • Souvenirs, handcrafted, from trips around the world
  • Library kit with date stamper and book cards
  • Wooden cars, train sets, blocks
  • Framed 1st Footprint & handprint with baby name, birthday, height, weight, and memorable notes about their birth.
  • Holiday clothes – soft, organic, non-toxic, natural vegetable colour dyes, good fit
  • Modeling clay, homemade play dough (recipe in our A Day with Sage Book)
  • Colouring supplies, craft materials, recycled FSC Certified blank paper sketchbooks
  • Instruments, mini pianos, ukulele, bongos, percussion, rain sticks, and more
  • Slippers, robes, coats, mittens, hats, scarves, leg warmers (soft organic boiled recycled wool and organic cotton, in soft matching colours)
  • Jewelry, family picture lockets, in sustainable materials, sweet simple designs to grow into
  • Paper dolls & magnetic dress up dolls
  • Bookshelves, desks, craft table, chairs (no MDF)
  • Bookends, canopies, mobiles, mirrors, lovely closet organization baskets & bins, & nursery room decor (beautiful for when older, too)
  • Bedding:  Sheet sets, knit blankets, quilts, comforters, curtains (vegan organic soft hypoallergenic)
  • Mini trampoline, slide, swings, sandbox
  • Kid’s garden tool set
  • Kid’s snow sleds, shovel, snow suit, snow boots, a carrot, some raisins, 2 sticks, a scarf, a hat
  • Gardening flower seeds & bulbs
  • Holiday music
  • Jingle Bells
  • Song books, sing along music
  • Reused items, made into new items
  • Sewing Kits, everyone can learn to sew, to take care of what they have
  • Fun and practical school supplies (we homeschool)  Felt board, chalk board, paint, easel, paper, brushes, crayons, pencils, workbooks, books
  • Tea set, puppets & stage theater, acting & dress up costumes, holiday reindeer /angel /elf ear headbands
  • Baby dolls, animals toys, toy clothes, toy cradle beds & bassinets, doll bottles & food
  • Rocking animals
  • Organic Cotton Apparel, cozy sweaters & socks (soft, neutral colours)
  • Dollhouses, dollhouse toys
  • Customized gifts:  Personalized names, letters, initials
  • Kits:  Learn to make new things like a pot holder loom, art kit, bead kit, lego building kit, or any kid-safe specialized skill-building kit.
  • Greeting Cards, handmade or bought (recycled FSC Certified) with sincere hand written messages waiting inside
  • Special holiday decor, figurines, ornaments
  • Seasonal Artwork, and picture frames, change with the seasons for a cozy homey feeling
  • A Gentle Life Collections – Amor Milagre
  • Hand-carved wooden animals
  •  Picture albums, empty or full of family with names labeled to teach children about their family members who live near and far
  • Trikes, bikes, scooters, helmets, wagons
  • Baby bassinet, swing, cradle, blankets, stroller, stroller blanket, snuggies, hat, onesies, teether, rattle, ball
  • Healthy foods in a basket, glass food contains with lids, fun themed lunch boxes and travelling drink cups with lids, teaching little ones how to cook & bake, inclusiveness
  •  Silly made up bedtime stories, and more hugs and kisses.

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