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Shop Handmade Organic Holiday Gifts

Amor Milagre Presents 2 Happy Gift Giving Holiday Sale 2018 Film Art Design Organic Apparel Christmas Tree Handmade dancing silly Sheep Ornaments Artwork Nursery Gifts Presents Artisan ethical sustainable organic cotton drawing
New! Organic ethical handmade silly dancing sheep tree ornaments, view in shop here!

The first snowfalls of the Winter season transform our world into a white forest of wonder.  We snuggle in with popcorn, cozy sweaters, games, and holiday music.  Pages fill with new friends, handmade organic ornaments twirl, and brushes dance washes of holiday hues, all waiting for you in The Shop at Dove Cottage.

Holidays and every day are about Love.  Being purely you sets you free to the Love you’ll feel for yourself, others, and Nature.  More self-health help and fun holiday stories can be found in my books.  Many more will be available to help soon.  We are all valuable, wonderful, and gifted in our own ways.  Be you every moment.  Happy Holidays and every day, ~Amor Milagre

View and Order your magical unique little Silly Dancing Sheep Ornament, Illustrated Garden Alphabet Letters, and lots more in The Shop at Dove Cottage by Amor Milagre.  Customize my handmade gifts for your Dear Ones!  View “Sage in Winter” for a lovely children’s book gift and fun holiday celebrations.

View the Silly Dancing Sheep Ornaments & Illustrated Garden Alphabet Letter Artwork.

Music of the Moment:  Walking in the Air, Singer:  Peter Auty, Written by: Howard Blake, The Snowman film soundtrack

So beautiful, mesmerizing, meditative, and peaceful…