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Big changes are happening here.  In essence, we’re moving!  In the seasons ahead, we’ll have new views and designs to include here.  When humans have made too many machines, highways, and sound pollution around your home, it’s time to move out to quiet land, and to rest in Nature.  Where is there any left?  We’re looking into it, and we will build including Nature, to avoid upsetting her loving system as much as we can.  We were just finishing up the building of our handmade organic home, our lovely Dove Cottage, when we were bombarded with, even more, unrelenting sound that will only grow.  The past years have been so loud and disturbing for nervous systems and every system we live.  Before we can settle in and rest from years of being on-the-go while building, another home needs to be born.  Little garden seeds to sew into the rich, warm Earth.  Special plants to bring along.  Fresh blossoms to behold.  New laughs to hold Dear.  Our days speak of our new Dove Cottage.

I’ll be posting some design How-tos as we set forth again, as well as the releases of my Organic Design Books.  My desk is layered in blueprints, new exciting floor layouts, and watercolour room sketch-ups.  Lists, lists, lists.  When you think you’re almost done building your ‘forever’ home, it’s exhausting and worrisome to do it again, but in many ways it’s refreshing to think about the healthy days and beautiful sleep-filled nights, under the stars, without any neighbouring lights, and the loving memories and sweet conversations.  Quiet, peace, restore, live.  We’re worn out, but happy to design the life we need, to give ourselves everything we can for good health from food to sleep.  Sensitive people and all people need the option of quiet to rest, heal, and sort, leaving space for new wonderful thoughts of Love & Peace.  For more, explore my books!

Atelier Amor Milagre design services will continue to be available, as well as The Shop at Dove Cottage.  Please send a message with your design project details and custom gift ideas.


 Music of the Moment:

Heart of the Country, Paul & Linda McCartney

My Blue Heaven, Version-The Smashing Pumpkins (Our family favourite and referenced in my book ‘A Day with Sage’.



Snow has fallen over every leaf and plane, and I am grateful for this quieting layer of snow faeries!

Peaceful Releases Coming Up Next:  New Gentle Life Ethical Books, Organic Product Collections, Sweet Holiday Gifts, and Film Series!  Stay tuned…