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Wild Rose Petal Bath

Amor Milagre Presents Wild Rose Petal Bath organic home, garden, healthy lifestyle

Evening kitchen dancing in misty tones.  Dusty cinnamon cranberries bake, scenting the air warmly.  A walk where the wild roses roam, gently gathering fallen petals, so naturally pleasing and delicate.  The word ‘sweet’ was named for you.  A bath runs away into the night stars.  Twirling and swirling, the petals ride on faerie water tides.  Sweet is this bath, and noses giggle with petals that stick.  Look at those rosy cheeks, oh one fell into the water!  Laughs and unwound senses breathe.  Pajama families dance and sing into dreams:  light, loving, and airy.  In the morning, float out in vast Nature in the calming beauty that we all are.  Ocean, lake, pond, river, pool, or puddle.  Water is life!  Keep it healthy for all, clean it up, and stay natural.  Water, Earth, Air.  Feel it.  Be natural, be bare, be true, be purely you!  Live in the light!  ~Amor Milagre

Wild rose petals soothe the body and mind, unwind headaches, and heal the skin.  The sweet scent is entirely beneficial for the soul.

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**We gathered fallen wild rose petals, with no toxic sprays/chemicals/unnatural soil, use non-GMO plant seeds/plants.

It’s lovely when your favourite sound-makers come back around with new songs to share, like a favourite season, fresh, alive, and completely reborn.  Nice to hear more positive energy in the soul voices and notes, too.  Our family loves to dance and sing, especially in the evenings, while cooking.  A very healthy routine, so fun and soothing before bed.  We dance and sing in dreamy layers of cloudy blankets.

Music of the Moment:  Let me get there, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions Featuring Kurt Vile