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Organic Stone Circle Garden

Amor Milagre Presents Stone Circle Garden organic home & garden sunflower

A simple circle of Nature’s stones and organic compost makes magic in your garden and soul.  Let the glorious rain wash and nurture perennial wildflower seeds to surprise next season’s bees, while organic herbs sprout in the meantime, for little ones to taste on misty morning walks.  Temporary or permanent, to grow in beauty, this easy-to-design garden is a delight for the senses outside and seen from inside the home, too.  A little film to match below.  ~Amor Milagre PS Gardening ideas are also woven into my original children’s books!

Amor Milagre Presents Stone Circle Garden Film, Organic Home & Garden from Amor Milagre: Ethical Gift Shop on Vimeo.

How To:  Place a stick or garden stake at the center of where you want your garden.  Tie a string around it, and figure out how large of a circumference you’d like your garden to be.  Measure the radius amount and wrap that length of the string to another stick.  Trace the circle on the ground in the dirt or mark with stones.  This is a quick, natural, non-toxic way to mark out a garden.  You can insert more sticks/stakes to vertically visualize your circle garden, connecting with string, or start laying stones down in a circle.  Add organic compost and plant seeds and plants.  Et voila!  Let the rain help your plants grow very strong.  Water new plants in, and later water if really needed, but Nature knows best and grows best with natural rain rhythms.  Use saved rainwater in barrels and homemade organic compost for best results and ethical gardening practices.  Enjoy your blooms and edible organic foods every year.  This makes a beautiful winter garden structure as well.  You can build up the stones as high or thick as you like.  Ours is temporary so it is simply laid out.  Use garden stones, because they already live there and look more natural with plants.

Nature’s colours, shapes, and textures are varied and are all the more beautiful for it, humans included.  A great lesson for designing or appreciating anything/anyone:  natural, healthy, and unique.  More organic Home & Garden how to’s are featured in my upcoming ethical, healthy, organic lifestyle books.


Music of the Moment:  Sunny, Marvin Gaye (Song written by Bobby Hebb)