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New Loving Books for Parent & Child Harmony

Amor Milagre Parent & Child Book Collection Ethically Handmade front

Parent & Child Books

Something positive for you, and something positive for Dear Ones!  Loving, peaceful, sensitive, empathic books for parent and child, adults, teens, children, and babies!  Amor Milagre’s ethically handmade books encourage the imagination for you to sense light, love, natural connections, and true beauty everywhere!

New children’s book series, Colette & Pipette, and new loving novel series, The Love Letter Diaries, about my darling inspirational Leona have now released in my shop!

 Each page of every book is filled with loving messages and helpful ideas for a peaceful daily life.

If we listen with the heart, we are in harmony as a family and with Nature.

Happy Listening! XO Amor Milagre

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You can find your harmonic family groove where everyone is heard and building positive days off of fulfilled basic needs.  Basic needs absolutely include emotional health because without feeling LOVE, health declines and destructive habits set firmly in, usually evolving into more dangerous and disconnected variations.  Give children every chance of staying purely themselves by listening and helping with what they need, and not always what you think is best for them, but what is truly best for them.  Children are always telling us who they are, so give the gift of peace and love by listening and embracing their wonderful, unique soul life force.  Lessen the waves of conflict that surge over us, those that teaching us repeated lessons of how to stand up for our true Selves.  Research your lifetimes in your Akashic Records through meditation to get to know your Soul.  Each lifetime can be stronger in our sense of the Self, but to do so, we must appreciate each person for who they are.  Life is not meant to be “that’s the way it is.”  Life is meant to GROW in light and Love, ever-changing to stay the Self, and ripple out healthy energy for all to connect in Love.

New Books are coming up!  Please see my note at the bottom of this page to keep in mind when reading my work.

Amor Milagre Colette & Pipette Won't Use the Toilet New Ethically Handmade Children's Book bells ask for help
Save your energy and ring a sweet light bell for help.

Sustainable, ethical, non-toxic, handmade, organic books.  A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You!

Amor Milagre Bookshop Loving Ethically Handmade Children's Book and Novels for all ages!

My loving stories are positive messages that encourage the imagination to take the words and inspire new nursery games, playing new chapters, invented by your Dear Little Ones.Amor Milagre Colette & Pipette Won't Use the Toilet New Ethically Handmade Children's Book reading

Give the Gift of Love & Peace by being Purely You! ~ Amor Milagre


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*A Note to New Viewers:  I am always happy to inspire, but all of this is my unique work, perspective, and energy, so please read my disclaimer, ask permission to reference, credit, and link my work when spreading & learning from my messages.

Spread the light, be the light, but don’t cast shadows over others thinking you’ll be the brightest.  You certainly will have more ‘attention’ than my beloved site gets, but the light of love doesn’t work that way, and that is not why I teach these lessons.  I designed my site to be simple, clear of ads, natural, humble, and all about the messages.  We each keep shining brightly, even if others think they can thieve light, which is not possible.  The soul is eternal and of light energy.  We are Love.  A voice is not always an audible one, but it transcends messages of truth and wellness from the universe.  I send mine out here.  To understand my meaning, you must live the messages, and not just repeat them for ‘likes’ and fleeting exterior approval.  Approve internally of who you are, and then this is what inspires others to be loving and healthy.  My greatest hope is someone truly senses what I’m meant to teach about.  This is why I am here.  I am a universal teacher.  To be loving is to be Your Self.  Listen to the universe to hear your messages.  What lessons are you facing and overcoming?  What messages do you have to share?  Thank you for reading, XO Amor Milagre, a universal Earth Angel, earning a living for my darling sensitive human family.

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