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Planting Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds in Autumn, Soil Health

Amor Milagre Home & Garden Renovation Design Diaries & Tips Planting Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds in Autumn Trees Soil Health Organic Garden Ethical Gift Shop

After long rains, we ventured out into puddly soil and fresh morning air in wellies and our ‘Monty Don blues’ (a favourite before we knew of him and that he adores blues for gardening, too.)  Dear little plants nestled into their newly raked flower beds.  Many deep roots and overgrown misplaced plants were moved and removed from beds near the house to allow for lower evergreen perennial gardens.  This design plan helps the house look grander, cozier, visible, and darling.  It also allows for more plants, wildlife, and pollinators.  A symphony of beautiful plants, timed to the rhythms of the seasons.  Whites, creams, apricots, plums, and pinks are on the planting menu this month.  Tulips, alliums, and daffodils of varying textures and hues pair well with an old bulb digger shovel.  A faerie garden for white and apricot foxglove and other English cottage garden flowers is carefully being planted, each wonderfully beautiful seed at a time, in between delicate moss and mushrooms and under a carpet of golden leaves.  We’re careful not to tread on anyone sleeping under leaf tents while planting magic for Spring.

Amor Milagre Home & Garden Renovation Design Diaries & Tips Planting Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds in Autumn Trees Leaves Ethical Gift Shop

For a natural planting, think of the wind and soil!  How does the wind carry crisp Autumn flower seeds to new homes?  How do bulbs expand their homes naturally under the soil and how do animals help?  How does a magical underground world of fungi reduce the world’s pollution?  It is truly inspiring!  Plant in small groups, here and there.  Not lined up, but in cozy organic clusters, with the recommended spacing and planting depth.  Think of how plants look in Nature, huddled in little families by a river bank or dotted and spread across a field of infinite plant species.  Think of the heights of each plant, the colours, the textures, bloom times, sun exposure, wind, temperature, soil, and drainage.  For many bulbs and seeds, Winter’s cold temperatures activate the plant to grow in the Spring & Summer.  It’s important to learn which ones needs this and which need immediate planting in warm soil, like tomato seeds in early Summer.  After lots of planting, stretching the legs with a walk about the garden is good before washing up.  How simply luxurious it feels to get your hands ‘dirty’ while planting exciting colours for Spring!  

Have fun, too!  If you’re upset or rushed when planting, it may show when time comes for blooms.  Singing or humming to your plants is positive energy that will help them grow and please yourself as you plant.  Researching your plants and taking pleasure in learning about them will help create an ease before planting time.  No need to mark everything while mixing your bulbs and seeds, as the whole garden would be covered in markers.  Developing a memory of plants is a good practice, and a journal helps keep track of plants between seasons (Coming Soon to My Shop!), as well as video diaries and pictures.  Add in other perennials amongst them.  How beautiful it is to have a mixture of unique beings all together in one garden bed!  What a joy it is to express through the living medium of gardening.  No painting is as delicate and breath-giving as a shimmering velvety translucent flower petal, thought of by the ever impressive Mamma Nature.  An idea, first mapped out through paints on paper, then come to life in the Earth, breathing fresh air and swaying in the wind!

Amor Milagre Home & Garden Renovation Design Diaries & Tips Planting Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds in Autumn Trees Soil Health Stop Pollution Grow Organic Foods Garden Ethical Gift Shop

Remember the magic from centuries and eons ago.  It’s in the soil!  Everything grows from the soil.  Once upon a time, soil health was at the forefront of all minds because, as it still is today, it is vital for our existence and daily life.  It is also the source of great imagination!  Stop pollution and take great care of our past, present, and future.  (Paving is a type of pollution).  Healthy soil decreases pollution.  Organic composting and caring for our garden soil is of great importance for all.  Soil health is a big resource, priority, and responsibility.  Think of all who live in the soil.  Worms are a great resource, as are all wildlife.  Grow your own organic foods for optimal health and great enjoyment.  Gardening is helpful exercise for body, mind, heart, and soul.  Growing plants from seeds and bulbs encourages strength and hardiness for the plants.  It aids in a positive personal character and growing lasting patience for the gardener.  It teaches us which plants like to grow where.  There is a relationship there, if gardeners listen to the Earth.  So many answers speak to us.  What colours, textures, shapes, scents, and senses would you like to encourage to grow in your garden?  Think long term.  Take care and time.  A garden can grow in any size space from pot to field.  Everyone is a gardener.

More gardening posts are coming up, and stay tuned to see these darlings bloom next Spring & Summer.  Little voices whisper to each bulb and seed as they’re planted, “Sleep well in your Winter bed, see you soon, sweet dreams, I love you!”  Happy Autumn Gardening!  XOXO ~Amor MilagreAmor Milagre Home & Garden Renovation Design Diaries & Tips Planting Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds in Autumn Trees Golden Leaves Ethical Gift Shop

Many of our beautiful garden plants and this text will appear in my upcoming children’s books, artwork, and stationery collections.

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