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Ethical Stationery Collection: ‘Tis the Season for Letter Writing

Amor Milagre Ethical Stationery Collection 'Tis the Season for Writing Letters Ethical Gift Shop

A pen on paper, scrolling letters, a soul unwinding.  Evening at a desk or morning in bed.  A note from a park bench or a postcard from a mountain peak.  A story, a song, a dream, a wish!  How lovely to write a letter to old and new Dear Ones!  Where will the lines take you?  What kind of letter will it be at the last “Love, your friend…?”

There are so many fun things to do with a letter.  Frame it, keep it in a favourite box to reread later on cozy fireplace holiday nights, scrapbook it, share good news with friends, and reply to it.  Adorn the envelope in mail art:  children’s masterpieces, funny & beautiful postage stamps, love notes, doodles & comics, riddles & jokes, hearts & holiday symbols.  Will your letters give enjoyment to the mail delivery people?  How can we share joy with everyone we encounter?  What kind of energy are we sending out? 

Enjoy designing your own personalized address stamps and stickers with themes that reflect your passions and interests.  Not only is sending a letter a beautiful experience and practice, but gifting stationery sets for friends, tailored for their unique everything, is fun to ponder and peruse.  What feels like them?  What do they like?  Stamp sets are fun to play with each time you write to someone Dear to you, letting them know of your week.  You can celebrate your life and the changing seasons with snowflakes in the corner and funny anecdotes dancing down the page, in your current handwriting style.  All ages can write, draw, and share.  There are infinite ways to communicate.  Everyone is included and can keep in touch.  Send audio-letters or video-letters, braille books, and music to express your emotions and stories.  It doesn’t take much time to say “Hello!”  See?  Think creatively.  Care packages are fun to make and receive.  Look for sustainable materials when shopping for stationery.  Reuse what is going to be recycled or was recycled.  There is enough material out there to reuse without needing new materials.  What are you celebrating this year?  Big or small, it all counts as something to Love.

So much can be expressed in a letter.  Let someone know you.  Speak out, and be purely you!  Be safe.  Love being purely you, and Live in the Light!  Get out, walk to the mailbox, breathe in the fresh air, and see the leaves change.  You’re alive and can do so many wonderful things!  Write for positive change, write for Love, write for Peace!  Write to help.  Everyone loves to get mail, feel loved, and give Love out into the Universe.

Natural light on the page, a note held in your hand, feels good.  Energy was given here.  So much adored, so much forgiven, so much loved, so much shared, so much sensed, and so many laughs and smiles prompted upon opening.  What would you like to write in a letter…to your friends, family, and Self?  Who you are pours onto the page.  This is a good way to get to know someone, no matter their age or relationship to you.  My favourite penpal was my grandmother.  Always loving and fascinating, and all in beautiful cursive penmanship.  Subtle advice, but mostly updates on ‘goings on’.  We both preferred letters to the phone.  It’s much easier to hear one another in a letter.  There is time to hear and re-hear.  What words come through that are not specifically written on the page?

Letters are a way to support, gently, even when far from home.  Letters connect you.  Keep them in your pocket and in your heart!  You can even write one for the person in the next room.  Leave a love note in a coat pocket or at the breakfast table, no postage needed for these very local ones.  The excitement of giving & receiving mail is lovely.  What Autumnal treasures and events would you like to explore and share stories about this season?  Let someone know when you’re thinking of them, any day of the year.  Happy Letter Writing & Happy Holidays!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

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