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10 Helpful Healthy Energy Tips For Calm Meditation

Amor Milagre 10 Helpful Tips For Calm Meditation Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Organic Baby & Child Books

When you feel like you’ve done too much, it’s not time to do more.  Pause, Stop. Rest…  Unwind with meditation to remember how to truly rest all of you.  Here are 10 helpful tips for calm meditation for all ages.  Take gentle care of you. xoxo ~Amor Milagre

  1.   Eat fresh plant foods and hydrate.  Stretch slowly to circulate any trapped chemicals in your body.  Drink water to improve the flow.
  2.   Routines that build energy help you.  Matching low energy with unhealthy foods and negative habits harms you.  What is helpful?  What grows positive habits?  What gives you energy?
  3.   Breathe fresh air.  See the leaves and seasons change.  Harmonize with Nature’s rhythms.
  4.   A calm space where you feel safe and are able to sit or lay still and quietly is helpful to unwind into meditation.  With practice, you can meditate in any place.
  5.   Open and unwind.  If you’re unsure how to begin, try resting quietly, without added layers of sound.  If you have trouble with this, a guided meditation can help you build a meditation routine into your memory to use any time you need to let go and refocus.  Use something as low-tech as possible.  You can even write your own guide and read aloud before beginning.  Natural sounds are helpful for connecting to Nature, so open a window or visit a garden.  A comfortable position, balanced for your spine and posture, and able to breathe in your best way, is helpful for grounding down into the Earth.  If you can, go outside, remove shoes, and ground your energy down, energizing from the Earth’s core.
  6.   Keep a small and large perspective for a balance of calm reflection and revitalization.
  7.   A healthy skincare and Self care routine helps before meditation so you feel settled and fresh, ready to explore knowing your Higher and Inner Self.  Unplug electronics for a quiet space.  Low lighting is soothing.  A soft eye mask or a cloth over your eyes can help block light, and with lavender or other favourite scented plants, you can ease into feeling your senses and awareness more naturally.
  8. An hour to let go, explore, and open helps you to not rush or dwell too long.  Release any pressure for specific goals or expectations.  What will come will surface.  Listen with your heart, open.
  9. Maintaining a healthy meditation routine helps you to keep your energy, so you don’t dip too low, lacking energy.  Humans’ ways and routines are often energy zappers for others, so be mindful to create your own unique routines for your unique needs.
  10.   You can heal your Self with breathing, processing, and letting go.  Trust your Self to take care of you, and you can take care of your whole Self, your Soul, and the Universe.

[This text is from my A Gentle Life Book Collection.]

Breathe into your soft Light, and feel Love.


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