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Lettuce Topiary

Amor Milagre Lettuce Topiary Easter Egg Organic Garden Spring 2018 Organic Vegan, Art & Design

A topiary of lettuce seedlings makes a delicious fresh salad and a beautiful window garden to enjoy all year.  Growing plants from seeds is especially rewarding when you share your new friends with someone.  Seeds make lovely gifts, and they can be easily slipped into an envelope with a letter to a friend.  (Look for organic non-GMO seeds).  Children and babies love to nurture their toys and their baby plants.  Gently caring for plants shows you how to gently care for yourself.  Gardening is beneficial and healing for children of all ages from 0-1000.  Plants improve air quality, and freshen up your life.  Fresh food feels good in the soul and body.  The practice of topiary is old and loving.  Create, inspire, enjoy!

Amor Milagre Lettuce Topiary 1 Easter Egg Organic Garden Spring 2018 Organic Vegan, Art & Design

Shape the lettuce topiary by following the shape of your desired dish.  Trim the leaves lightly, not too low/short, allowing to regrow.  Place the leaves into a bowl for a fresh green salad.  This dish is egg-shaped, just in time for Spring and Easter.  Enjoy eating your tender salad greens.  Set the planting dish back on a sunny windowsill.  Water as needed so the plants regrow to provide another salad.

More Spring and Easter inspiration for you and your dear ones is coming up!  (Try to either reuse a container or if buying a new one, look for ceramic or non-toxic, sturdy materials.  Avoid flimsy plastic  when possible.  Think longevity, renewable, natural materials.) . You can use/make 3-D wire topiary frames in the shape of bunnies or baby chicks for a very Springy, Easter feeling, too.  The possibilities are endless!  We also grew rainbow Swiss chard, seen above.  Our newest plantings include cherry tomato seeds, spinach, garlic, and some teddy bear sunflower seeds, that will live in the garden later.  More organic salad recipe inspiration coming soon!



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