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Synesthesia: Painting & Music

Atelier Amor Milagre Oil Painting Studio
Atelier Amor Milagre Oil Painting Studio, 2nd layer on Part I of the Library Triptych (Painting In Progress) Non-toxic Paints and FSC Certified Supplies.


Painting and music…my cloud of peace…

Synesthesia often feels painful due to our polluted world.  When there is a rare, open, quiet moment I can add some low music to the air and paint the sound energy.  This is a truly beautiful release of expression!  Let go….. and smile…

The homeschool portfolio has been sent in.  The kitchen renovation is wrapping up.  This coming year allows for more painting time.  New artwork and prints will flow into my shop in the coming seasons.  Many new books feature fresh pastel and oil painting illustrations.  The oil originals need some drying time before they ship.  There are many new ideas and sensations to blend, scrape, and brush onto the patient blank canvases.  I’ve been dreaming up stacks of paintings for decades…and now I have my little seasonal painting studio!

How do you love to enjoy your minutes?

*Health Tip for Painters:  Don’t just stretch your canvas…stretch yourself!  Music also helps to remind you to stretch before and after painting.  Dance-painting is needed to reach the span of my larger canvases…and it’s fun!  Sing, release, and have a blast connecting with your soul.

Grateful for these few rainy June days to help clear the wild, smokey air.  Love to all who are affected by the wildfires.

Love, ~Amor Milagre