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Home Renovation Design Diaries & Tips: Yoga Painting

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 Flocks of W’s and V’s wrap up the walls of our new home at Rose Cottage.  Patch, sand, prime, paint, repeat.  Stretch and bend, over, under, on tiptoes, and balanced on ladders.  How tall are you, what is your reach, and how tall are the ceilings?  Which tools could help you ergonomically paint your darling home? 

I’ve received some questions about renovating.  Here are some painting tips.  Your best friend is practice, nothing fancy, but your home will look fancy!

  • Rollers & Extenders:  I find an extender useful with a roller for the middle to top in one position, then stretch to bend for the bottom.  With so much to do, the body needs care and caution.  For high ceilings, steady ladders and a good extender help your back.  This also helps to finish the job much faster and smoother.
  • Angled paint brushes are great for striking out ceilings, woodwork, and corners.  Go slow and steady.  You can always touch up ceilings later if a bristle flecks paint.
  • Use No VOC paint and open windows.  Towels under closed doors help other rooms stay unscented.
  • Tiny art brushes are great for narrow window grid trim.  Painting tape keeps trim and window glass clean.  Use the tape like a straight edge.  Pull it to bend, and press to seal.  This reminded me of my 2D foundation design class for colour theory.  We taped boards to layer shapes and colours with paint and matte medium.  Once you get the trick of it, by practicing, you’ll never scrape paint off glass again.
  • Stretch like in yoga.  Bend, balance, strengthen, but don’t breathe in the paint. 🙂
  • Reuse rollers and brushes by keeping in airtight bag during a project.  Wash when done with a colour, and let dry.  If painting many areas, a rotating routine helps by having several brushes and rollers to use.  Label colours on each bag and set with matching paint can.
  • *Don’t spray the paint as it’s unhealthy for your breathing air.
  • Playing music, for whichever mood you’re ready for, helps you sway with the brushstrokes.  Take your time to save time.
  • I like to paint the trim and doors the same as the wall for a serene aesthetic.
  • Taking breaks is good for muscles, drying times, and an energy boost.  Eating well and sleeping early helps complete renovations faster with less frustrating accidents.  I like to map out a painting routine for the week with room goals.  It helps keep track of what is done, and what is ready to do next.
  • Supportive shoes, ones you don’t mind getting a bit painty, lend strength and longevity to painting sessions.
  • Tarps help keep splatters off floors and walls.  Burlap ones rattle less than plastic ones when windows are open.
  • Temperature is important.  Is the humidity right?  Is it warm enough to paint?  Stir paint before using.
  • Check and clean up as you go.  Check for drips, and smooth out overlap marks.
  • Remove hardware when possible and reattached later.  Tape and cover permanent hardware to keep it unpainted and useful.
  • Use the right paint for each surface.  All your work is worth the energy if the paint stays nice and doesn’t chip due to the wrong paint choice.  Look at the labels.  Trim paint for wood trim.  Wall paint and often paint/primer all in one for walls.  Anything metal, plastic, or other, find the matching paint type.  Ask the shop for advice.
  • Check the paint colour on the chip to see if it was mixed properly before leaving the store.  Check the colour with a sample before ordering large gallon quantities.  Paint a spot on each wall to check how light and shadow change your colour.
  • Surface preparation is key for smooth walls.  Fill in cracks, holes, and dents.  Sand smooth and prime.  Check before painting.

When choosing paint colours, the natural light and room purpose are important to consider.  Look for healthy no-VOC paint options.  Find the family of colours you like, then choose one with enough earthiness for a soothing countenance.  Try it on every wall to see the shadows at all times of day.  What feels comforting to you?

Any more reno questions, I’ll be here painting, and I’ll get back to you once I wash my painty hands.  Happy Colours!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

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