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Pleasures for the Weekend: Spring Cleaning 2019

Amor Milagre Spring Cleaning 2019 Pink red ranunculus girls room Pleasures for the Weekend, Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Design Art Apparel Organic Vegan Baby & Child home interior design
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We freshen the house each week during the year, but in the Autumn and Spring, it feels especially healthy to reorganize, sort, and reset plans for good, useful household routines.  Each item has a home and a purpose.  I always adore the last part of my favourite show, Gardener’s World, when they give “Jobs for the Weekend.”  You can apply this list idea not only for gardening, but for housekeeping, business, and outtings!  Instead of Jobs for the Weekend, we call it Pleasures or Ideas for the Weekend.  Set up pleasures for yourself.  Like Mary Poppins says, “In every task that must be done, there is an element of fun!”  Here are a few ideas that we’re doing this season.  Happy Spring!  Please visit my Shop for fresh inspiration for your home and a healthy lifestyle.  I’ll share a few ‘Pleasures for the Weekend’ each season, and you can read more in A Gentle Life Book Collection. What kind of pleasures will you plan for this weekend?  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Spring Cleaning 2019 Pleasures for the Weekend, Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Design Art Apparel Organic Vegan Baby & Child home interior design

~Sort and review items.  Keep the useful for the every day, used lately, and useful for this season.  Organize one area a day/week so you take your time mindfully.  Sell, donate, gift, recycle, or reuse unwanted items in another way.  Gently and lovingly organize useful items with tidy, beautiful aesthetics.  Repair any items that need mending.  Crack the windows and clean your home with non-toxic cleaners.  (We use vinegar for most things.  It works wonderfully for organic beauty routines, too!  A post for this is coming up.)

~Wash windows, inside and out, for a clear view and mindful perspective.

~Go on outtings to seasonal local places that are now open for Spring.  We enjoy strolling plant nurseries for fresh inspiration.  (Remember to look for sustainable packaging when plant shopping.  Bring reusable shopping bags with you when doing any kind of shopping!  A post about this is coming up.)

~Cook with seasonal, farm-ready vegetables and fruits.  Revel in the beautiful shapes, flavours, and colours of Mamma Nature!

~Browse your library and request specific books.  Read stories and poems about the current time of year.  (A favourite book list post is coming up!)  Notice in your daily surroundings what is revealed in the book illustrations.  What wonders are around you that you may have overlooked?  How refreshing it is to be aware of life regrowing this month!


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