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“Wednesday, play with your food.” Organic Baby, Toddler, & Me Snacks

Amor Milagre Autumn Play with Your Food Baby & Toddler Snacks Art Design Organic Vegan natural children child club art class 2018 Collection

Ever since I was very small, I’ve seen faces everywhere.  It was a way to entertain myself as I walked along the swirling lines of houses.  When I would prepare snacks for younger kids, I made a face with the food, so they’d have fun eating it.  And so, I’ve been doing this.  It’s funny to eat a raisin eye and crunch a nutty nose, when seen with an innocent, vegan soul who doesn’t take it literally, it’s a fun moment together.  Eating clouds and trees and octopus beret hats.  It’s nice to see a smiling face on your plate each day and a smiling family to match.  Children think the silliest things are hilarious, and it can help them eat well.  Little Angels here make their own faces at snack time.  This lightens the tiring task of eating before naps.  A green smoothie, (recipe coming up shortly), and a snack of nuts and fruit ensures a good rest for all.  Empty plates every time.  All is eaten, down to the last ‘jacket button’.  Perhaps, hospital meals, school lunches, and food everywhere would be better received when served with a smile?  Fun Halloween faces are coming up!  Happy Halloween and Happy Parenting!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Autumn The Crayon Club Art Design Organic Vegan natural children baby child club art class 2018 Collection
“Three Girls Singing” by a sweet toddler in our club.

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