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Happy Mother’s Day

Amor Milagre Happy Mother's Day Nature Spring Garden Rose Cottage 2020 Ethical Organic Gift Shop

The light of love is everywhere.  Of all my experiences, motherhood comes the closest to this pure, wonderful, and everlasting love.  It is light!  It is Nature.  It is universal love that connects us all.  Open to love.  Preserve Nature to preserve all of us.  Be kind because we all struggle, and we all love to laugh.  We all love living in the light!  Happy be-extra-kind-to Mothers Day!  Happy Everyone Day, because we all come from Mamma Nature.  XO ~ Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Compassionate Spring Garden Rose Cottage 2020 Ethical Organic Gift Shop
Photography collections are coming up!


Amor Milagre designs original collections for mothers, and all, everywhere to connect to their unique Soul Self, their family, friends, and Nature.  Stay your beautiful Self!  You are the light the world needs to remember peace.  Shine your light!  You are love.  Protect your babies, no matter their age.

Love and Peace, XO ~Amor Milagre 


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