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New Loving Novel Series, A Gentle Life Book Collection

Amor Milagre New Loving Novel Series! peaceful 2020 Ethical Organic Gift Shop fiction books

Last night, I finished the fourth loving novel for my new series.  I want to live in these books!  They are so sweet and fun.  I hope the universe is inspired to laugh along and to bring the words to life in their daily rounds and holiday celebrations.  I strive to create this world for us, and I let it spill out of my pockets wherever we go.  Return to view the release for this New Book Collection.  Happy Snowy Days of Musing!  I wish you a peaceful holiday!

Amor Milagre New Loving Novel Series! 2020 Ethical Organic Gift Shop fiction books

There is something to finding the right fit for a journal.  The line spacing, ample area for your hand to rest as you write, the paper texture.  Does it feel good?  It is steady to allow quick flashes of imagery to glide and dance swiftly before overlapped with new scenes and conversations?  Will the spine look lovely on a bookshelf when the pages are filled and happy?  I really enjoy journals and sketchbooks for all purposes.  My new Journal Series will be flying over to the shop in 2020!  Just like my handmade books, the paper is FSC Certified.  When buying journals, I look for FSC Certified paper, too.

I’m very pleased about 2020.  It’s taken a long time to get here, but it surely didn’t need to.  My focus was always there, working, but so much energy had to be used to survive an insensitive world.  It could have been used to develop wonderful ideas to help all and keep good health for this empath and our family.  My books show how easy it is for the world to boost good health and compassion for all, every moment.  And…how fun it is to live positive moments!  I think it will be a very productive and peaceful year to build a lovely new foundation for all the years to come.  When the dust settles on our New House Renovation, many new items will be shared!  What kind of positive projects are you planning for next year?  Design it for you!  I hope you enjoy your 2019 tales and 2020 ahead!

Amor Milagre New Loving Novel Series! peaceful silver bells 2020 Ethical Organic Gift Shop fiction books

Coming Up:

The Bookshop:  A New Novel Series for All Ages!  This is the first post about this series.  In 2020, I’ll release at least four new novels to fall in Love with!  These are wonderful library additions and gifts for all ages to enjoy and revisit.  Older children-Adult will probably be the audience age group who enjoys this ‘something sweet’ the most, and little ones can enjoy a chapter at a time.  Everyone is included, and this series will keep growing every season.  It takes time to get to know someone, right? 🙂

The Crayon Club:  This week, I’ll share some fun winter children’s crafts to do anytime and for homeschool.


Encouraging the Imagination & Celebrating Individuality for Children of All Ages!

Live in the Light!

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