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Days Ahead

Art Collections Spring Summer 23 Collection Amor Milagre

I wish you a safe, healthy spring of refreshing energy.

Going forward, I am going backward to my original ways.  I will be adding more content on my journal page.  I deleted my instagram account as I found it to be a waste of my energy and time.  It was also too much screen time which causes/increases illness.  I never liked the idea of social media.  I chose not to participate in it for years.  I only tried it recently so that my company could be more easily found on this endless sea of websites.  It’s not worth it, and I have many real things to do.  That formula doesn’t match up with my company’s message of living a unique and authentic life.  The endless cycle of posting is simultaneously too personal and impersonal.  There is so much spam, bullying, and harassment.  It requires too much attention and distracts from real work.  Social media is another preventable form of pollution.  We don’t want that static in our life.  I am going back to my old, natural process.

Privacy is peaceful.  Stay safe.

You are enough just being you.  Be real.  Life is not a commercial.  Live.

New loving artwork and books are coming up.

Get back to Nature.  Love to all, Amor Milagre