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Come Back to Nature: Grow Plants Everywhere

Amor Milagre Grow Plants Everywhere, Get Back to Nature

The Earth has been showing symptoms.  We cannot ignore it.  This affects everyone, every plant, every animal, and every drop of water.  We are connected.  What happens there…changes it here.  The land is burning.  She has a high fever.  She has been asking for help. The new smoke adds even more layers of air pollution.  We cannot breathe.  Fresh air?  Where?  There is nowhere left to escape to.  People are fleeing all kinds of danger.  Elsewhere, her cries flood.  More symptoms show.  This trauma reaches everyone.  The Earth is sick.  Humans inflicted this pain.  Let Earth heal, and all of us with her.  Get back to Nature.  Grow plants everywhere.  Green will burst out of the concrete cracks, if you let them.  This is not merely something to get through, but our world needs lasting, intensive healing.  Stop polluting.  Plants grow up by themselves, so let them be.  They are here for a vital reason.  We were never meant to live without Nature.  We need to live on her, with her, because we cannot live without her.  There are no weeds.  Lawns can easily be replaced with perennial flowers.  Let fields be wild and native, where trees can grow old, and they may be our steady guide.  Oxygen needs to be abundant, not a rare luxury when it’s too late.  Don’t cut nature down.  Encourage her to be herself and flourish.  She feeds us.  Plants grow all together.  They share a language.  We can learn this.  Plants need one another, just as we need them to live.

Redesign it all.  Design for green movement. Sway in the wind.  Plant healing seeds today.  They will grow.

Live Peace. Begin the Plant Era…once again.  Love, Amor Milagre