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Rose Cottage Home & Garden Renovation Design

Amor Milagre Rose Cottage Home and Garden Renovation Design

Rose Cottage

Home & Garden Renovation Design by Amor Milagre


Hello Darlings,

Just a a quick note to say that I recently began a new Instagram account for the Home & Garden Design side of my business.ย  My gift shop IG account is still @amormilagregiftshop which does show much of our home renovations so far.ย  Visit and follow @amormilagredesign for the various renovation project reveals and design tips that I share as we renovate our New England home.ย  My soulful designs are all about sustainability and a healthy sensitivity so that everyone can thrive.ย  The Amor Milagre design and lifestyle book is in the works!

Wishing you a lovely holiday winter season!

Love, Amor Milagre