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Oil Paintings: Of Earth & Air

Amor Milagre Original Oil Painting Collection, Inspired by Nature
A Gentle Life Original Oil Painting Collection, Inspired by Nature.  Triptych ‘Of Earth & Air’ Piece One by Amor Milagre.


I am of Earth and Air.  Trees and stars together.   Everything is on one plane, floating, flying…forever moving and evolving.  Threads of memory and wind connect all together for all times.  These colours are a part of a wide wall of three large paintings that I am making for our sparkling green library.  This is where our homeschool and atelier live.  Learning one thing opens you up to understand another.  Being aware of the endless sea of universes gives you peace, knowing you are a loving part of everything.  Respecting the Earth & Air means respecting your own soul.  You are a drop of water, you are a wisp of cloud, and you are everywhere.  Love to All, ~ Amor Milagre

Visit us again to view the next two pieces for this project, as well as the garden library renovation.

*Art prints for these oil paintings will soon be available to shop.

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