Positive Affirmations, Grow Love Seed Saver Envelopes


Growing a garden is a gift for the soul!  These positive affirmations help you to grow love in your garden and in your life!  Nature is a gift that keeps giving by way of seeds.  By saving seeds each season, one can sow new areas of the garden to encourage colourful blooms, wildlife, and a sustainable, healthy, wondrous world.  Beautiful to display or keep dear in a box in the potting shed.  Admire the uniqueness of each seed type and appreciate the inclusivity of Nature’s love.

Seeds make wonderful gifts for friends and party favours!  There are endless uses for these sweet little envelopes.

Gather the seasons’s seeds from your plants or save extras from bought packets or shared by friends.  Write the name of your plant and the date saved on the envelope, and tuck in instructions if you like.  (A clip is helpful for keeping the envelopes closed and tidy for reuse unless you’d like to seal).  Check off the names as you plant, and reuse for new seeds.  When the envelope is full of names of Nature’s beauties, front and back, attach the envelope inside a garden scrapbook or diary to remember your lovely garden’s growth and personal journey of wellness.  These little somethings are helpful for upcoming seasons and can grow into a long-term collection within your healthy lifestyle.  Live in the Light! ~ Amor Milagre

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Pack of 10 Envelopes  3″ X 4.5″ (closed) (3″ X 5.25″ open) Brown Kraft Recycled Paper.

Includes 1 of each of Amor Milagre’s original quotes in the form of positive affirmation text designs as shown.

Our products are perfect for unique gift giving for all ages and spaces!  


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Weight .9 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5.25 × .25 in

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