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Daily awareness of your feelings and emotions is key for healing and whole health.  Processing emotions is a practice that frees the Self to be in harmony and balance.  This chart was designed to help you validate, identify, and connect with your Self, your needs, and possible solutions for a beautiful life of wellness, self-acceptance, and love for all.  Read the cues, don’t stay too long in the extremes, and find your balance in the middle where peace lives.

This Emotions Chart is an important part of my young family’s daily routine to stay true to our loving Selves, share our joys, and ask for help if needed.  I originally designed it for us, and because it is so helpful, I’m adding it to my shop!  Children enjoy finding and expressing their feelings, as well as asking about your day!  Talking about mental and emotional health is a darling way to bond and get to know one another and the Self.  There is always a solution to your challenges, if you are creative and loving!

How to Use:  Frame to Reflect on, Use Reusable Stickers, Use on a Pinboard with pins next to the words that correspond with your emotions, or leave on the desk next to the matching journal mentioned below.  There is space for you to add any words you feel belong.  This chart is wonderful for everyone!  Share it by displaying it in your office, waiting room, school, homeschool, home office, bedroom, bathroom, and any other sacred or public space.  Using words to communicate your feelings and identify repeating patterns will help you to gently live your authentic life.  Live in the Light of Love! xo ~Amor Milagre  

Coming Soon:  A Matching Guided Self-Health Journal to Use With this Helpful Daily Chart


11″ X 17″ Art Print on Watercolor Fine Art Paper

Papers are FSC Certified and Recycled from 100% Post Consumer Materials.  Please visit the Ethical Materials Page for details for each product’s paper type.

Artwork Orientation:  Portrait

Amor Milagre collections are perfect for unique gift giving for all ages and spaces!  Especially helpful at home, in a school, or in a waiting room for a therapy, acupuncture, or massage office!


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Weight 1.5 oz
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