Custom Golden Illustrated Garden Alphabet Letter Art


Customizable and unique!  Order your personalized letter(s) today!  A beautifully illustrated garden letter, showing adoration for your favourite season, in delicate golden splendor!  Create an art gallery with letters and more of our artwork, display as an initial, two, or three, or spell an inspiring word or name (peace, love, happy, Esme, Bruno).  These mindfully crafted letters are the perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourself!  Gorgeous anywhere, especially in a nursery!

This piece bridges two beautiful collections:  Golden & Earthen  and Illustrated Garden Alphabet Letters

Which seasons do you adore?

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Order your own customized Original Painting on 9″ X 12″ Archival Watercolor Paper, Rich Quality Watercolor Paint, Non-Toxic Black Ink, and Non-Toxic Gold-Mica Powder (Recommended:  Frame piece so gold powder doesn’t smudge).  If you would like a different paper size, please message me, as well as for orders of matching stationery and art prints for your custom art piece.

Papers are FSC Certified and Recycled from 100% Post Consumer Materials.  Please visit the Ethical Materials Page for details for each product’s paper type.

*After you order this customized product, we’ll message you, so you can reply with your letter choice and season:  Choose from Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer.  The provided images show the beautifully delicate style of illustration for this custom product.

For more about our original story characters & books, visit our Book Page here!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × .1 in

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