Leona’s Homecoming, The Love Letter Diaries #1-4 Vol.I


The Love Letter Diaries, a Loving Novel Series

Unfold mysteries of past, present, and future lives and loves through the empathic souls of Leona’s town of friends as they invent and enjoy simple pleasures and Nature’s joy during the first year of seasonal festivals.

This ethically made book series allows the reader to explore the four seasons of Leona’s beautifully sensitive world.  The books are a delight and a chance for planting and growing seeds of positive change for all.  The festivals are full of delicious foods and exciting events where every person’s gifts are celebrated.

I have written these books in love and gratitude in the hope that these pages will blend peacefully into my readers’ lives.  These loving novels are wonderful gifts for the Self and Dear Ones to explore your own passions, while appreciating each season of nature’s gifts.  Read these books in order for a sense of how simple pleasures and small acts of kindness can add up to connective positive changes that benefit all for ages.

The audiobook is coming up soon!  Check back for the release of Vol.2!  xo ~Amor Milagre


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