Amor Milagre Film Series

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New films coming soon!

Updates:  Trailers for New Amor Milagre Original Product Series, Teasers & Previews for Art, Design, Stationery, Organic Recipes, Organic Gardening, Organic Apparel, Classes & Clubs, Limited Series Collections, and more!

Book Releases:  Amor Milagre Children’s Books and Self Health Lifestyle Books.

Spoken Word & Illustrated Paintings:  Poems & Sneak Peeks of our Original Book Chapters for newly released books.

Synesthetic Translation Textures:  Moods and nature, dance and music, expression and art translated by the senses of the Amor Milagre owner.

Online Art Classes & Clubs:  Coming 2018.  Purchase the class and receive the information.  Free demos and ideas will also be shared through film here.

Interviews & Music Videos:  Local Artists & Musicians of Freeport, Maine 04032, Surrounding Areas, & Visitors of the Area.  Message us to schedule your custom film.

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  1. Hey again! Can’t wait to see your new book. I’d like to order two custom films. One about my band’s new tour and one for my wife’s company. Let us know what time you have for scheduling the films. Thank you, Amor! P.S. The last film you did for me still gets rave reviews. I’d like a similar one, but this new song is a different style, so maybe a new theme? You’ll know what to do…you always have great ideas. Thanks! ~Matthew

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