Class FAQs

Q:  How many classes can I take?

A:  You may register for as many types of classes as you like.  You may register for classes for the next few seasons as well to create an ongoing class schedule for yourself.  See class descriptions for details.

Q:  Can I still take a class if I don’t live in Maine?

A:  Many people take the classes while staying here in the summer.  You can even take a single class if you’re here for the weekend.  Online classes will be available in 2019 for everyone.

Q:  Can I get a discount if I sign up 2 or more of my children?

A:  Yes, you can get a 10% discount off your total order of classes for 2 or more children.  Email us with your children’s information, which classes you are registering for, and we’ll email back with our promo code to use at check out.

Q:  Can I drop my child off at the class?

A:  No; all classes for babies/children require the parent(s) to attend.  Many of the classes are specifically designed for parent & baby/child to bond and create wonderful memories and healthy habits together.