Class FAQs

Q:  How many classes can I take?

A:  You may register for as many types of classes as you like.  You may register for classes for the next few seasons as well to create an ongoing class schedule for yourself.  See class descriptions for details.

Q:  Can I still take a class if I don’t live in Maine?

A:  Many people take the classes while staying here in the summer.  You can even take a single class if you’re here for the weekend.  Online classes will be available in 2018 for everyone.

Q:  Can I get a discount if I sign up 2 or more of my children?

A:  Yes, you can get a 10% discount off your total order for 2 or more children.  Email us with your children’s information and which classes you are registering for, and we’ll email back with our promo code to use at check out.

Q:  Can I drop my child off at the class?

A:  No; all classes for babies/children require the parent(s) to attend.  Many of the classes are specifically designed for parent & baby/child to bond and create wonderful memories and healthy habits together.

Q:  Do you need more teachers?  I need a job and am very interested in teaching your classes.

A:  To those who have contacted us with a pleasant inquiry, we thank you.  At this time, we are not looking for more teachers.  Amor Milagre thoughtfully & lovingly designed this original series of classes and clubs.  Because of our unique way of teaching and the unique being of the persons teaching, our classes & clubs cannot be replicated by others.  This is what we have to teach, ourselves.  If you admire our ideas, please register and experience the benefits.  The Amor Milagre company reserves all rights to all of our inventions and creations.  If you want to teach something someday but don’t know what or how to start, we encourage you to register for one of our classes & clubs.  We allow each student to not only learn the topic of the class, but how to learn to listen to their inner voice.  This allows students to grow and expand their ever-learning, ever-changing foundation for learning subjects they are passionate about.  This helps to equip them to later teach others and adds a positive chain reaction of good health into the universe.

In the future we’d like to assemble a group of specialized teachers to allow this community, for all ages, to grow in health, wellness, self-education, and self-love.  We want to make available a large range of classes and clubs, adding to our existing ones, all with positive subjects and teaching methods.  Teaching is the most important job, whether you are a parent or not, good training is vital for a healthy, peaceful world and helpful, inspiring professionals.