Class Benefits

People take our classes for many reasons such as:

  • Learning something new to rejuvenate a curious spirit
  • Helping further dreams and goals for life and career; even great for accomplished artists to explore new ideas.
  • Learning techniques and tools for art, design, health, and life!
  • Gaining confidence through public speaking and sharing stories
  • Feeling like a positive part of a friendly community
  • Bonding with your children with our Parent & Baby/Child classes & clubs.  Children love spending this time with their families.  Discovering new friends for babies and children is a fun adventure.
  • Experiencing the senses in new and amazing ways
  • Exploring your inner voice through art as therapy
  • Learning creative problem solving and applying that to life
  • Appreciating the divine details in nature and finding balance in a healthy, universal perspective
  • Learning how to see with the senses and translate subjects, ideas, emotions, and life onto the page
  • Learning how to “Live in the Light” mindfully as a foundation for learning new things
  • Appreciating oneself as Love and being yourself fully for an amazing life
  • Freeport is a popular tourist destination.  We often teach classes to visiting families in the summer.  They love to practice their new skills at local beaches and parks.
  • Children embrace their natural way of experiencing the world through art, using this as a building block to connect everything together and more easily learn other subjects later on.
  • Learning how to write stories, develop book characters, and create original illustrations is magical for any age student.