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Healthy Artist: Original Non-Toxic Paintings

Amor Milagre Original Paintings for Sale, Non-Toxic Ethically-Made Artwork
Amor Milagre Original Paintings for Sale, Non-Toxic Ethically-Made Artwork


The importance of making/choosing non-toxic & ethically responsible art materials/supplies means health for: the artist, the framer, the customer, those in the artwork’s new home, and the earth.

Today, I’m varnishing some oil paintings for my shop.  This is a lavender varnish.  No carcinogens!  My lungs don’t instantly collapse when using it, but it’s not as great as it could be.  I still wear a mask and gloves.  A while back, I happily switched over to FSC Certified non-toxic art supplies as the old ‘classic’ ones impaired my health. I also choose these healthy options for you! I do think that the makers of art supplies could do even more to help us all to be healthy art lovers.

Years ago, (before my decades-long non-voluntary social hibernation and severe illness due to the world’s pollution/abuse), my artwork would sell quickly.  This was way before the pandemic, so I’m used to the hermit life.  Most highly sensitive people, and those with chronic illness, have to be so until the world collectively chooses peace and non-pollutive lifestyles. Often, my pieces sold before I finished them, varnished any oils, or even got to take pictures.  This is the first time that I’ve varnished my oils, and I’m glad that there are better options now.  My watercolour paints have also been replaced with non-toxic options.  The oils and cleaners have been changed, too.  I am a lie detector for chemicals.  I can tell if something is harmful right away.  Chemicals are painful for everyone.  You just might not realize it instantly, but your health will deteriorate with exposure.   All of my papers and canvases are at minimum FSC Certified, including my stationery and art print papers.  There was a time when I had set up a silkscreening studio.  I was making my own recycled paper and using eco-safe inks and organic cotton tees (made in the USA).  I’ve always been choosing the healthiest, most local, most sustainable options.   When I cannot find what I need, I make my own.  This was before it was a trend, and when customers would complain about the slightly higher prices.  I try to keep prices low, despite the high costs of our modern world.  The standard needs to be health first and affordability.  I don’t believe in suffering for art or charging millions.

Note to Art Supply Companies:  please keep going in the green direction.  Artists need to be free to express…without our health/life being repressed.  All paints, pastels, clay, brushes, and papers need to be helpful, not harmful to us, the soil, the water, the air, and the trees.  We all deserve good health.  Where the wood of your pencil comes from matters.  Is it from a sustainably, responsibly managed forest?  Our hands and lungs need gentle materials, not damaging ones.  This is especially important for children’s art supplies.  Start us all out right.  We want to be making art…every day…for years and decades…and lifetimes.  It’s what we do.

Now, to paint up some new loves!

All of my artwork is featured in my various novels and children’s books.  I have some exciting new stories and art to release soon.  Happy Healthy Autumn!   Choose wellness.  Love, ~ Amor Milagre