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Awareness: Support Local Women’s Businesses

Amor Milagre Garden Design
Amor Milagre Garden Design

A reminder to be truly helpful.

Supporting: Women-owned businesses, local businesses, ethical businesses, family businesses, and all movements for positive change only works if we are supported in the reality of people’s daily choices. Our town claims to do this, but in reality…they don’t.  It’s not a sustainable, friendly place as it claims to be.  I’ve lived in Maine for over twelve years, and it hasn’t improved.  It’s tragic because the natural features, if unpolluted, would be glorious to be around.  The pollution and prejudice has increased.  Most places are like this now.  Why? Caring about our world feels good. Everyone can care. It’s easy. It’s a choice.

Words are a good place to start, but peaceful actions that show your true support make the ideas meaningful.

My work is rooted in the knowledge that if one person is helped, we all are helped because we are connected.  I build my company to be a sustaining, creative, safe haven for my family’s present and future.  Support us by shopping my ethically handmade original collections.

It’s beyond the time for making the ‘revolutions’ for peace actually mean something locally and globally. Make it easier for all of us who work endlessly to make positive changes for our world. Our children deserve a safe, healthy world. Girls and women need an immensely safer, equal world.

Peace is possible. Honesty is vital.  Do the world’s actions match their words?

Support peacemakers. Support women, equality, local, nature, and positive change. Mean what you claim to be for… Choose to live real positive change.  Choose peace.

Amor Milagre Peaceful Pond Oil Painting, Healing Waters, Art Prints, Cards
Amor Milagre Peaceful Pond Oil Painting Healing Waters, Original Art, Art Prints, & Stationery Cards.  This painting leaves out the sound/air pollution  that permeates this beautiful spot.  Pollution is preventable.  Preserve nature.


Making daily choices to support local women’s family businesses that encourage positive change helps the world to be a safer, healthier place for all.

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