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Dew Collection

Dew Collection, Drinking Water, Organic Garden Amor Milagre
Dew Collection, Drinking Water, Organic Garden Amor Milagre


Any water in the air can be collected and used for drinking, cleaning, and watering edible organic  plants.  New systems are being used to collect dew, fog, and rain.  Some systems use filters to clean the water, while others are ready to go.  Non-toxic systems need to be available so as to not add to micro-plastic, air, sound, and other types of pollution.  Drought and flood tolerant plants are needed to replace lawns.  Let fields be wild and native.  Grow organic foods and plants everywhere.  The need for off-grid water collection systems has been dire.  Cover the land in green using informed growing ideas, and let the Earth’s root systems deepen and connect.  Deserts can turn green and feed local communities, so why couldn’t the grey concrete cities and unused forgotten farmlands do the same?  Increase the Earth’s atmospheric health by absorbing toxins using plants.  Dew drops not only hold a world within each one, but each one adds up to a positive solution that grows goodness and hope for people all over the world.  When you are choosing seeds to scatter in your garden and fields, research ones for your changing climate, varieties that pollinators adore, and of course choose perennials that self-seed to ensure that next year’s garden thrives.  Happy water collecting and organic gardening!  Love, ~ Amor Milagre

Dew Collection, Drinking Water, Organic Garden Amor Milagre
Dew Collection, Drinking Water, Organic Garden Amor Milagre


Research which kinds of natural water collection systems you can use, or invent, for the area where you live.  Even rain barrels and DIY bushcraft set ups can water a garden.  *Be safe about your drinking water.  Test for toxins.  We all can get back to nature, and we need to, as our climate changes within each season.  Other factors, such as wildfire smoke, affects plant life cycles and air quality as well.  Pollution and poisoning our world must end.  Teach yourself, and your children, about how the water cycle works.  Every water drop matters. Today, this droplet is here.  Tomorrow, we hope, it ends up there…clean enough to drink.  Keep a balanced perspective so you don’t steal someone’s rain cloud.

Restore ecosystems, steady food sources, and hydration.


Here are a few videos about evolving water collection systems.

The off-grid hyropanels seem to need some work to be quiet enough for residential neighbourhoods, but some say they are ok for them.  Make sure to take sound pollution into consideration.  Affordability, durability, and easy install/maintenance matter as well.

What other kinds of water collection systems have you found helpful?


If you are in the US, you can check if the smoke from the Canadian wildfires is affecting your area here:

With the climate changes caused by pollution, wildfires will increase.  Protect your lungs and body.  There are hazards in the air.  Wish for rain, plant seeds everywhere, collect water, stop deforestation, be careful not to start fires, and redesign to end pollution.