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Tulips & Turnovers: Garden to Table, Vegan Organic Cooking Tips

Amor Milagre Cooking Class Quick Tips & Simply Delicious Vegan Organic Food 2020 Tulips & Turnovers

Happy Spring!  In the empathic spirit of covid kindness, I’ve been sharing tips for organic vegan gardening and cooking on my instagram and facebook pages.  I also share many ideas for imaginative playing, finding peace and healing, loving communication, helping our environment, and love for Nature.  Check them out for more details!  I’m teaching how to get a feel for the ingredients so you’re free to cook anything anytime…no recipes needed!  This enjoyable way to cook connects us with the earth and our bodies.  It is versatile for seasonal foods, fresh from the garden.  Simple is beautiful.  We learn and talk of nutrition and health benefits.  Our food is sugar-free, non-GMO, organic, peaceful, and plant-based.  This boosts the immune system and allows the body to use the energy gained for positive things, instead of having to fight extra illness caused by a poor diet.  We are like plants, we need water and fresh air, a little sunshine, grounding with the earth, and healthy nutrient rich plant foods.  Listen with the heart to learn what plants and our bodies need, and respond with gentle help.  I hope this helps others out there who are learning how to cook with what they have and how to grow their own ingredients!

As always, I’m working on many new helpful and loving books for all ages with matching artwork, stationery, and other new collections.  My seasonal cookbook collection is coming up!  Wander and enjoy my shop!  Each collection grows together in love and inspiration for my dear readers and customers.  The Love Letter Diaries #3 novel will release soon.  All of my book characters and towns inspire healthy routines, hearts, plant foods, and gardens.  Have a read to enter beautiful worlds that can translate lovingly into yours!

I send healing energy out to all every day.  I hope you find joy and grace in your simple pleasures.  I encourage all to find creative ways to communicate with Dear Ones near and far, and with those who feel alone.  I wish for everyone to come to a new healthy level of awareness of our choices, so we may come together to redesign our world to heal and move gently forward…protecting and learning from dear Nature.

A Gentle Life:  New tips for cooking & gardening are coming up as we grow in health this Spring.  XO ~Amor Milagre 

Amor Milagre Cooking Class Quick Tips & Simply Delicious Vegan Organic Food 2020 Turnovers
Healthy Cooking Tip:  Fresh plants are the best, but you can also explore different organic plant flours and powders for baking and smoothies that keep well in the pantry (during these trying times for shopping) and still provide good health….chickpea…almond, coconut, tapioca, amla, goji berry, spirulina…


Nature guides us to stay light, warm, and nurturing.  Stay well, friends.

Take the greatest care of one another.  Love, Amor Milagre


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