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A Vegan World Heals All: Let Animals Be Wild & Free

Amor Milagre A Vegan World: Let Animals Be Wild & Free Atelier Design Art Mountain View

“Wild and free as one likes to be!” is one of the reoccurring quotes in my loving novels and helpful children’s books.  I say this to inspire all people to let all animals be wild in Nature, to not hurt, torture, kill, or eat animals, and to encourage all to grow and eat organic plant foods.  Veganism is the way for our world to heal peacefully.  It inspires more nurturing changes in every direction of living and being.  Loving language heals all who are:  struggling, suffering, unaware of the issues, and those who are made ill by their environment and the harmful choices of others.  Where is the planet for peaceful, loving, vegan, positive people to live?  We all need to make positive changes now, in order for all people to be healthy.  We need our children to have positive futures of good health, equality, and a safe feeling for their daily lives.  Long-term effects on each person’s heart, mind, body, senses, and soul need to be carefully planned for in peaceful, positive ways.  Let’s get creative!  Let’s be natural!  Let’s change things for the better!  What can each of us do today?  Here are just a few things:

  1.  Stop using, harming, containing, killing, and eating animals.  Free all animals from farms to pets.  Don’t pollute your body with violence.  Allow animals to live their natural lives in Nature as they were born to do.  Replace feelings of control with feelings of letting go, a peaceful release, with space for real natural love to enter your life and nourish your soul.
  2.  Plant seeds of positivity in your mind.  Plant seeds in your soil everywhere for your family and your local community to build a plant library and seed bank of sustainable food.  Eat and grow organic, non-GMO plant foods.  Gardening is a joy for the soul!  Nature whispers sage advice in every breath of the wind.  Fresh air heals and prevents illness.
  3.  Stop pollution of every kind and come back to A Gentle Life.  Relieve the world’s senses from harmful machines, and rest in Nature’s calming rhythms.
  4. Remove your ego, and become aware of what is real and true around you.  Companies need to redesign all systems to accommodate each person’s unique and optimal health.
  5. Make educated choices, beginning with the practice of educating yourself every day throughout your entire lifetime.  What are you stubborn about?  Who are you harming?  How can you replace harmful practices with helpful ones?  It’s easy if you try.  Give it a try today, tomorrow, and the next day!
  6. When you choose anything:  a product, a relationship, a lunch….what is it all about?  Be aware of your Self.  Before you begin something, remember how everything connects, and choose, aware of your choice, knowing that the effects of your choice are healthy for the world.
  7. Know your Self:  Journal, Meditate, ask your Self questions, listen with the heart, and give your Self what you need to thrive, while being peaceful and not harming anything or anyone else.  Listen to your family and friends.  What do they need?  Help all heal and live a beautiful, loving life together as one kind, compassionate world of friends.

Remember, if at any point you were not given what you needed, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t give your needs to your Self now.  It also doesn’t mean you can deprive others of their needs.  Begin loving chain reactions.  World:  Let’s change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts that lead to healing actions.  Covid-19 is one of the many serious and harmful problems that is literally plaguing and polluting our world.  Climate change needs to be addressed by every person’s choices.  It is all preventable through positive choices, made by each of us, and encouraged by peaceful community leaders.  Step up to help!  Use your beautiful unique voice to make positive changes with creative and natural solutions.  Feel and think of the life cycles in all you do and explore how the world feels your choices.


Companies:  Now, today, how can we make sure everyone has a paycheck while we self-isolate to prevent even more people from spreading the coronavirus?  Some jobs lend well to a work-from-home routine, but many people have to be physically there.  There is always something to do.  Give all workers work-from-home projects.  Perhaps, research and development about positive changes could be a good thing to pay your workers for!

News Reporters:  Today, remember:  It’s not about reporting first, it’s about reporting honestly and providing help for people.  We have enough stress in our own lives.  How can you help dissolve the world’s fears and give positive ideas and aid?  For every negative article, report 10 positive ones to outweigh the world’s attraction to negativity.  Reset the current state of energy vibration to feel good.

All People:  Always be mindful to be positive to your Self and All around you, especially during these challenging times.  DO NOT HARM ANYONE.  Keep children safe!!!  Help all who need it.

*If anyone is isolated with an abusive person, please ask for help.  I know this one is very tricky…too many unknowns, but it’s not ok for anyone to harm you.  Sending love and strength!

“Leaders”:  We need you to be peaceful, inventive, and positive for the world.  You can help your country, state, community, or company BEFORE waiting until it is suffering without help.  Don’t ignore issues.  Stop competing, copying, stealing, neglecting, and lying for it does nothing but add anger, confusion, and fear to all.  We need you to change.  We need leaders who love people no matter what.  We need leaders who love themselves.  We need peace, helpful programs, community building systems, and sustainable replacements for broken rules, regulations, and routines.  We need honesty, clarity, prevention, and protection.  We need safety and peace in our own lives.  We need constant, gapless healthcare.  We need positive change now and going forward.

THANK YOU: To all of the brave, loving people who are helping the world!


Choose positivity for your Self and All!  XO ~Amor Milagre


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