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Quote your Self, Sing Out Universal Messages of Love with Your Unique Voice, Reference Inspiration, & Akashic Record Keeping

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Yes, the Universe sends all of us loving messages, and if we listen with our hearts, we can feel that we are a Light of Love to shine our light for inner health and to inspire universal love and good health & wellness for all!  Sometimes, humans will be open to these loving messages at the same time, and inventions and messages will be recorded in history, releasing at the same time in vastly different locations without prior knowledge of one another.  Whether or not anyone experiences their awareness is a different story, but for those who listen, it makes their world a more loving place.

*Humans do have trouble listening.  They have trouble listening to universal messages of love and peace…but also, humans have trouble listening to their Self and one another.  They purposely cloud their awareness in things like denial, ego, and hectic overwhelming routines.  But, to be truly loving is to be purely You!  To be inspired is to cite the sources of your inspiration, because quoting someone else or copying others’ words and saying they are your own makes no sense.  You do not have the back story of senses to understand their words as your own.  What does your unique voice have to express and share?  It is more empowering to cite your sources of inspiration because you are valuing the life, knowledge, and experiences that led to a specific Soul’s expressions and messages.  Their words are their solutions to their lessons.  Being respectful of others shows self respect, and in turn, others will respect you more for being honest and real.

In this world of fast-paced fleeting ads and imagery, humans feel their actions can do whatever they like, positive or negative.  It is too easy to try stealing, but the akashic records hold the truth of the universe.  Get to know your Self and be your Self every moment.  You will know what choices you are making, and your choices create reality.  Always allow children to express their voices.  No matter what age you are, Listen to Your Self, and help heal anything that you need.  Our collective actions create our world, and our thoughts affect everyone.  Let’s make positive choices, no matter how small each decision is…from the food we choose to our words, to the character of our businesses, and the materials for products…we can choose positivity for all!

Mostly, each of us needs to soften into an open, loving, listening state…to allow loving universal messages to guide us through resolutions for our unique lessons.

This journal is comprised of my unique messages from the Universe and my Akashic Record Meditations.  (Sometimes, I’ll share some current favourite children’s or family items, credited to the maker with links so you can find them easily, but this is a place for my messages.)  I’ve always felt a constant downloading of messages from the timeless spaceless loving universe.  I share them with you here, through my work, and through loving energy sent out in each breath.  It takes a lot of energy, much of our day, and it is important for my lives to do so, but it has been too common for others to absorb ideas and act unaware of or deny their origins.  It is a classic story of human history, but it can change to be a positive awareness story now.  No longer shall my childhood catchphrase-thought be, “I just said that…but what I said was more connected and meaningful…”  When soft spoken or without an audible voice, people somehow think they are allowed to echo loudly, but this teaches the sensitive aware people to hide their strong voices, which the universe needs desperately in order to resolve very connected issues and to heal.  When others do this to a person, it has a negative effect on all and especially on that person.  Oftentimes, people will stop sharing their positive ideas, stop speaking, or worse.  Work places need to allow people of all “levels”, and time of experience, to have an idea, credited to them.  Where there is one helpful idea, there are more!  It is hurtful when others water down my work, summarize, and act as if it is their own, so please link when inspired, here, and when spreading the Light of Love.  Then, others can find more pieces of the puzzle they seek, here, and in their own soulful hearts and personal Akashic Records.  This very old soul is very tired…but I will continue to forever spread the Light of Love for All.  Be open to awareness and Love.  Allow All to Be their Own Unique Voice, and Sing Out Love.  Follow the path that is true for you.  Quote your Self, Quote your Soul.  Respect All to Heal the World, XO ~ Amor Milagre

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