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Colour Mood: Black Mulberry, Personal Style Tips

Amor Milagre Black Mulberry Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Winter Spring 2020 Atelier Art Apparel Ethical Brands Apparel Outfit

To be ‘impeccably dressed’, comfortably in harmony with the Self, and feel effortlessly chic are one in the same.  I love well-tailored, good quality, ethically made apparel.  I have a few pieces and wear them often.  I make much of my wardrobe to fit the whole ‘me’.  Dresses are my go-to.  I root down, here in our new home at Christmas Rose Cottage, and I’m getting back to my origins…which include soft ballet wrap sweaters and trousers…my painting clothes, but with extra attention to quality tailoring and cozy, responsible fabrics. 

Once we love that ‘perfection’ does not exist, except in the harmony of Nature’s designs, we are free to explore our soul connections and today’s choices.  Here is today’s colour mood of Black Mulberry for your berrylicious moody reading day pleasure.  Self care means staying true to the inside of you, and expressing that outwardly, too!  Wisely choosing clothing to last is a pleasure, even though it takes time to research and find items, it can be a positive strategy like choosing your food, environment, or interior design.  It is there for a long time, so let’s choose what we love, what coordinates with the rest of the wardrobe, and what helps us have a…. Good Morning:  Washed, skin-cared, dressed for the day, and ready for new inventions and adventures! 

The word ‘impeccable’ can be a positive word, to mean mindful and trying to be done well.  Nothing about the idea of perfection, but rather it could be about a feeling of ‘put together’, ‘ready’, and ‘gently confident’…one can look chic while feeling comfortable!  If your body is healthy and at ease, your soul, heart, and positive light are the focus.  Comfort is not only a physical texture, but an aesthetic.  No need for fussy things, especially when you work from home, but setting a good example for the Self, family, children, and friends is a love-booster for all.  Care and respect for your Self shows others you care for them, and shows them how to care for their Self.  Children are impressionable and learning their ‘norm’.  So…pajamas all day?…or…day time clothes, a time saver, all ready to go to town or for a stroll in the garden?  This sets the mind for ‘doing something’ instead of ‘laying around’.  One mindful action inspires another positive thought.  If you’re ill, try getting dressed, and see if it changes anything.  Lightening a mood changes chemicals in the body, and fresh air heals and aids in sleep improvement…and sleep is…very healing.

I like to dress in the colours of my favourite foods…berries!  This personal amusement and magnetic connection to colour inspires me to eat more berries, which as we know, prevent and heal so much illness.  And…berries are beautiful to sense.

PS My new novel series, The Love Letter Diaries, features Leona and a loving town…including beloved tailors!  I believe this is a field of skill that needs to come back to every town as a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe for clothes that fit and last.  This would allow for creative, custom organic non-toxic designs to more aptly suit skin tones and silhouettes, sensitive for skin and body, while boosting community spirit by supporting local businesses.  This would greatly reduce waste and toxic materials being used in the fashion industry, and help lower the cost of things.  Too much is overpriced right now, especially poor quality items.  Sustainable design of positive, healthy products and systems can heal the world.  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Black Mulberry Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Winter Spring 2020 Atelier Art Apparel Ethical Brands Apparel Outfit 2
Everlane Trousers and Cashmere Wrap Cardigan, Ethically Made.  A weekly part of my long-term wardrobe.

Traditional European Style Tip:  A neck scarf keeps us warm while allowing different moods

to change an otherwise neutral outfit into something new to view!


Coming Up:  More from The Colour Mood Series.


Music of the Moment:  Spooky, Dusty Springfield

(love melody, but wish for more positive lyrics, like most songs)


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Magic in berry tones, appearing in shadows as a soft black. 

Black is none and all of the colours…depending on perceiving or mixing…

…so an outfit, room, or painting of many deep shades can read as a neutral…a beautifully rich and romantic neutral…layer it up, but keep it simple…