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Q & A Miniview: Let Busy Hands Rest, Just ‘Be’ with Higher Self in Meditation

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Thank you for all your lovely questions, comments, shares, and stories this past year.  In this Miniview (Mini Q & A Interview Series), I’ll answer one question at a time.

Q:  Many of you have asked about ways of meditating.  I was recently reminded of a way to explain it another way.  Here is a starter:

A:  Every day, each of us experience many things.  Meditating, even for ten minutes, can help sort out these experiences and the feelings and energy that connect with them.  Many people think they have to go, go go or do, do do in order to reach this ‘place’.  But, luckily, we have the ability to BE there at any time.  It is within us.  So, rest your body and rest your busy hands, because the quickest, most efficient, and healthiest way to connect with your Inner/Higher Self, your True Self, is this:  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe.  Let go and let your feelings, thoughts, and messages from the Universe wash over you.  This will help any issues you struggle with untangle and process without the ‘pressure of solving it’.  You don’t have to build something physical in order to build an understanding of your Self and the world around you.  Practice often, every day, with fresh air, and you can enter this health-boosting state more easily and openly in Real Love for your Self and All!  This is also a wonderful, natural way to relieve pain.  More soon…

I have included this in a new book, releasing in 2020. More Q & A’s are coming up!  Please message your questions here.  Happy Inner Connecting!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Say to your Self, “I am listening with a loving heart.”

Music of the Moment:  (Sing to Self) In My Life (I Love you More), The Beatles