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The Favourite Series: Ethical Brands for Beloved New Baby & Child, Holiday Gift Guide

Amor Milagre Favourite Ethical Brands Beloved Baby & Child, Holiday Gift Guide Dusty Rose Blush Pink Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Handmade Gift Shop Children's Books 4

Our children are precious gifts!  They are miracles and absolute truth and beauty!  They deserve sensitive items for their sensitive everything.  For our family, we research and strive to find the healthiest brands before buying children’s apparel & items, from sweaters to spoons, and from books to bath soap.

There have not been many brands we love yet, or feel confident to share as responsible, ethical collections.  How could we really know?  Here are some that we have used for a few years, and whose company information seems to be nicely transparent.  What are your favourite ethical brands? 

We like certain items from these companies:

  • Jamie Kay:  The organic cotton items are now on our shopping list each growing season.  Beautifully designed and made, adorable to look at, cozy to wear in soft colours, easy to dress in, and timelessly photogenic for beautiful childhood photo albums and daily life.  This brand fits in with our Gentle Life of natural beauty and allowing the child’s essence to be the focus.  Easy shipping from New Zealand, and last for years +.
  • Babyganics:  Bath Time Soap
  • Under the Nile:  Lovey doll, wash cloths, toys, hats, bathrobes, swaddling blankets, sleep gowns, sunhat
  • DorDor & GorGor:  Infant onesies, tops, footed pants, scratch guard mittens, sleepsacks, sweaters
  • Natursutten:  Natural Rubber Pacifiers
  • Nook:  Nursing Pillow
  • Pure Baby:  Organic Cotton Coat
  • ErgoBaby:  Organic Carrier
  • Hape:  Wooden 1st Toys
  • HALO:  Sleepsacks
  • Niteo:  Overalls & Apparel
  • Naturapura: Tights & Apparel
  • Garden of Life:  mykind Organic Non-GMO Vitamins for Whole Family
  • Zoog Organic:  Bathrobe with Natural Dyes
  • Coyuchi:  Bedding
  • Seventh Generation:  Soaps, cleaners, laundry detergent, bath tissue, wipes, diapers
  • Caaocho:  Natural rubber bath toys
  • EcoLunchbox:  Stainless steel lunch tray dish
  • Green Sprouts:  Non-toxic Glass Cups/Bottles
  • Little Spruce Organics:  Various brands sell organic winter apparel and accessories.  We like choosing matching hats, mittens, coat, and scarves.  A great source for organic cloth diapers, inserts, and diaper covers.
  • Stonz:  Natural Rubber Boots
  • Handmade Organic Apparel & Accessories by Mindful Artists, Craftspeople, and Family Knitters (Local, and Online such as on Etsy)
  • Children’s Books that use FSC Certified Paper and non-toxic coatings, such as my Amor Milagre Bookshop.

Amor Milagre:  A Gentle Life Collections, including items and organic apparel we make here first for our family, and soon will add to the Shop.  New Organic Cotton Apparel Collections are Coming Up in 2020!  Shop my Growing Collections for Baby & Child!

There were more brands, but we sold or donated the items, and I lost track of the names in the busy first years of babyland.  I left out the others that we did try, but didn’t use, didn’t work well, or sadly are not now in business.  That pile was bigger than this list.  Everyone needs different things, but it took a while to find brands that are gentle for our sensitive skin, eyes, body, senses, budget, and lifestyle.  We often buy apparel a size bigger so the items are worn for a few years.  We buy quality items over cheap fast fashion, as they last longer, and in the end this saves money when well taken care of.  Well made items don’t have to be expensive, and with sales, very often cost less than the fast fashion/trendy items.  This post is not sponsored; I’m just sharing things we’ve found so far.  I hope this saves you some time.  I wish this list was given to me years ago.  It takes so much research to find healthy things we need.  As babies grow older, less items are needed, and fewer brands required, so finding our favourites becomes an annual pleasure to explore and way of expression.

Amor Milagre Favourite Ethical Brands Beloved Baby & Child, Holiday Gift Guide Dusty Rose Blush Pink Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Handmade Gift Shop Children's Books 5

I made this list for you and the people in town who ask us where we get our clothes and other useful things.  We are drawn to well-made items using natural fibers that can be worn for many years, even during a big growth spurt.  We are old souls who connect with timeless, old fashioned, vintage styles in soft natural colours, using materials that are loving for highly sensitive skin and the senses.  Like the universe, the internet is a endless sea of connections and links, and I’m glad, Dear Ones, you found me here.  It’s not easy to shop in this time period in certain ways, but when we do find something we love, we wear it every day with confidence and appreciation for the maker.

Amor Milagre Favourite Ethical Brands Beloved Baby & Child, Holiday Gift Guide Dusty Rose Blush Pink Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Handmade Gift Shop Children's Books 7

Except for my own company, Amor Milagre, I don’t know for sure how ethical and responsible these other companies truly are in practice, so feel free to research on your own, ask the companies questions, and message us if you find any unhealthy issues!  🙂 I inspire all companies to become responsible, so shopping may be effortlessly enjoyable.

And, for clothing, a general size standard could be redone, right parents?  It’s difficult to shop for baby & child when the materials and sizes are not what you need.  Custom tailored apparel can be a very good practice again for big and small companies, so the items fit and last many childhoods and lifetimes.  I may add a ‘lightly worn’ section to my shop soon for the beautiful organic items outgrown by little ones.  We buy quality and wear lightly so these heirloom pieces would be ‘like new’ for new little ones. 

Tip:  Read laundry labels for how each garment wants to be cared for.  Items last longer when not worn out or shrunk in the wash.  Take your time, listen to music, and fold with Love.  Little Ones love to put their things away, learning and contributing something, too.  We have a curious pattern here of having to patch only one knee in all pants.  *Learning to sew and care for clothing is a great gift to teach to children.

This gift guide list is a part of my new ‘Favourite Series’ which I’ll add to each season.  Happy Growing, New Babies, & Gift-Giving!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Colour Mood: Dusty Rose

This is our favourite apparel colour.  It suits rosy cheeks in soft natural dyed tones.

Coming Up:  More from The Colour Mood Series.

Amor Milagre Favourite Ethical Brands Beloved Baby & Child, Holiday Gift Guide Dusty Rose Blush Pink Colour Mood Fashion Personal Style Handmade Gift Shop Children's Books 6

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