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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale! Shop Ethical Loving Unique Holiday Gifts for All

Amor Milagre Black Friday Sale 25% off! Shop Golden Rejuvenating Rain Detail 1 Tree Golden & Earthen The Enchanted Tree New Children's Book & Art Collection Autumn 2019 blue gold crystal rock art

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale!

Our Biggest Sale Yet!  Save 25% Storewide on All Products with Checkout Code: HOLIDAY (Now through Dec. 2nd)

This is my favourite season!  Here is a helpful sale for you to find unique, personalized gifts for your Dear Ones.  All collections are ethically handmade with positive energy and the greatest care.  For books, message your inscription details.  For custom orders, message your ideas.  For you, I hope your Winter is dear and loving!  I love being a part of your gift giving surprises!  Before you shop this season, see what you already have!  Happy Holidays, XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Music of the Moment:  Happy Holiday, Bing Crosby