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The Favourite Series: Fun Winter Holiday Children’s Book Reading List, Gifts & Library

Amor Milagre The Favourite Series Fun Winter Holiday Children's Book Reading List 2019 Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Art Baby & Child Parent Family

As the first snow falls, reading books become even more of a sacred practice and pleasure.  We like to read books from the local library before we give them as gifts to ensure their values and dearness.  Here are a few fun ones to explore this holiday season!

This Children’s Book Reading List (View More Here) is a part of my new ‘Favourite Series’ which I’ll add to each season.  I can only recommend the books on this list in the means of imagination, and not always for how each book is made.  The only books on the lists that I know for sure are ethically made are my own handmade books.  All of my books feature the benefits of learning.  The books here are chosen by the young, and as a parent, I agree that these are helpful and beautiful.  This is the children’s list!  I won’t write our impressions, as it’s best to allow your first impression to be purely your own.  Many more children’s book reading lists are coming up!  Happy Reading! XOXO ~Amor Milagre


We connected dearly with these and read them many times over:

  • Mix It Up! – Hervé Tullet
  • When Santa Was A Baby – Linda Bailey, Genevieve Godbout
  • Dream Animals – Emily Winfield Martin
  • The Animal Book, A Visual Encyclopedia of Life on Earth – David Burnie
  • Paddington’s Day Off – Michael Bond
  • Made for Me – Zach Bush
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance – Giles Andreae
  • It’s Great to Keep Calm, Let’s Get Along Books – Make Believe Ideas Ltd, Stuart Lynch
  • Hug Machine – Scott Campbell
  • Five Minute Bedtime Stories – Sam Taplin, Ag Jatkowska
  • Dear Girl (and… Dear Boy) – Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal
  • Antonia’s Bakery – Amor Milagre

A most sincere Thank You! to all of the people who made the books above!

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