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Ethical Beauty: Favourite Brand for Healthy Skin: Derma E

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Once you find something that works for you, be it a style of hat or a health-boosting favourite food, you enjoy repeating it, and folding it into your daily routines.  The same goes for skincare brands, which given the many different skin types, seasonal and hormonal changes, and exterior stressors, this is very important for taking care of the body.  I found this brand of products at a local organic food shop.  I was trying out a few other ethical brands, but this one really worked in a very gentle and natural way.  It’s been around a long time, but was not readily available in shops here before, so…a new joy for me!  The varied products work well together as a collection and routine so you don’t have to mix many brands or products.  It’s easy and simple.  As a parent, this is key.  As a sensitive person, unscented products are hard to find, but these work very well to not be included in the expensive list of unusable, perfumed products.  This brand’s practices seem honestly ethical and eco-friendly, but I haven’t seen it first hand, so you can research for yourself before trying.  Gentle, soothing, and light…an enjoyable routine morning and night.  The texture of the products feels unique and calming, almost like kissing a baby’s cheek?  No makeup needed with this one, not that I do, but just in case you were wondering, yes it’s that lovely for improving skin health.  Thank you to this company for caring.  I hope you find what works for you!

I don’t promote other brands, but since using this one, I’ve really loved their products and wanted to share the info.  (My posts are not sponsored).  Here is my new favourite ethical skincare brand for you to explore if you don’t already know it:  Derma E

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