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A Tomato that Tastes like a Tomato

Amor Milagre Heirloom Tomatoes Organic Garden Farm Summer Harvest 2019 Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Gift Shop Art Baby & Child amormilagre.comTo grow a tomato that tastes like a tomato, the old ways are beautiful, flavourful, and healthy.  Let the bugs roam, let the sun shine, let the rain fall, and let plants be natural in Nature. 

We love to plant organic, non-GMO, heirloom tomato seeds, in a sunny spot each year, on a fresh layer of homemade organic plant compost, in our organic no-dig edible plant garden.  Clear other plants from the bottom layer for optimal air flow and remove lower leaves after they’ve grown strong and healthy.  (No sprays or chemicals.  No tools needed).  Enjoy the colours and taste of all kinds of lovely tomatoes!  Plant organic basil nearby for a delicious salad picnic in the garden.  Guiding the plants, watching the flowers and bees, and being a helper of Nature feels amazing.  We love to take a closer look and thank Mamma Nature for her beautiful designs, colours, textures, scents, sounds, and tastes.  We’re fascinated by her natural packaging, recycling, and life cycles.  We also save the tomato seeds for planting new plants and label with the date.

Heirloom tomatoes taste wonderful and have old origins.  The seeds were passed down from generations of gardeners.  They are heirlooms like a beautiful antique gift from your ancestors, but these gifts produce gorgeous food over and over again to sustain a healthy family of growers.

Remember to:  Support your local organic plant farmers and gardeners at local markets, restaurants, and shops.  Get your hands dirty.  It feels good to connect to the Earth and grow healthy food for yourself, Dear Ones, and your community.  Children love to grow and eat their own garden.  One handful of seeds grows an abundance of healthy food to be eaten that day and preserved for the year.  Grow flavours, colours, quality, and good health in your garden all year round.  Plants are best when eaten when in season, ripe, fresh, and kissed by the sun.  Happy Late Summer Foods!  Enjoy Nature: The Best Show on Earth!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre


Coming Up in 2020:  New Organic Edible Gardens


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